Mike Webley, Young Tourism Leader

I work at Pinnacle Tourism Marketing. I’m
the Business Development Manager for North America domestic and online
markets. We work with a bunch of different clients in Queensland from
touring operators to accommodation and our job is to make sure that they get as
much business as possible from the domestic space, the online space, and the
international marketplace as well. I love working in tourism because I get to talk about my favourite place in the world to the world, you know every day I’m talking
to clients in North America the UK, Canada, about why they should send their
clients here we have an amazing destination and you know people coming
from all over the world to see it and our job is to make sure that they know
about it and visit it. What better job in the world could there be. So I started in
tourism five years ago at Townsville Enterprise which is the regional tourism
organisation promoting Townsville North Queensland. I realised that I was in the
right place because they kept sending me to Magnetic Island for work
nearly every second week and then after a couple years promoting Townsville North Queensland domestically and then I managed to get a job in Cairns with Pinnacle Tourism
Marketing, promoting Cairns and the region and the properties and products there
internationally. Yeah working in tourism has allowed me to travel extensively and
especially in North America off to the UK and Europe at the end of this year
travelled extensively through New Zealand. For someone looking for a career in
tourism my advice would be to put your hand up and go for it, there are so many
tourism businesses that are owned or operated small businesses in this state
and all of them looking for the next sales manager the next reservations
person they’re all looking for people that want to work experience that have
people skills my advice would be to put your hand up go on and talk to them see
if they can give you work experience because the best way to integrate
yourself with this industry is to get to know the people in it.

Yvette Parker

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