Motorcycle Trip Australia – Amazing Rain Forest in Gippsland, Victoria

hello everyone listen now can you hear that you hear nothing exactly this is the point because it's absolutely silence having this pitch for a rainforest I can feel the damp from everywhere it's amazing I am only 30 minutes away from Tarawa and in the last 30 minutes we write in a beautiful Osiris and it's just unbelievable it's amazing it's just amazing how creative the nature is and how different austere is how not even start my motorcycle I just want to enjoy this see how cool it is oh I cannot believe how every two or three hundred kilometers we have like a different country series like a topic reef topic and I'm still in Victoria man unbelievable country for each one of you who asked me what I'm gonna do here there is nothing in Australia this is what I want to show you now yeah much more to see than you ever expected actually to see properly Australia you need to spend here – three years – three years and you wouldn't be able to see anything which is such a wonderful country we are not this Cobra km is huge trees what a great experience oh crap no traffic just me and million million is somewhere ahead of me probably stop and wait for me because I was talking all the time making pictures and talking on the camera I had caused so many different video clips wonderful but I want to show this I just wanted to show you how you run decided that I will upload videos every two or three days not every day just because I don't want you to push you to watch the videos all the time but then when I see something like this man I want to share it as quick as possible yes I will have this detailed video serious yeah everything will be very well described and stage by stage day by day everything I have experienced on my tip but his short updates just I cannot resist tattwa uploading videos every day because every time when I see something like this I said man this is the best on the next day I can see something even better not cool is everything here man I love Australia ladies you don't even need to start the engine Oh wonderful just wonderful I don't know how many kilometers it is probably around 10th I lost million when I get down there but this is hmm I hope the camera will be able to project it exactly what it is because it is like low-light conditions but what my I see is amazing who you go I just told me talk because he's great my friend thank you very much it was wonderful experience to him alright so we're gonna walk a little bit yeah all right I don't know the engine back there it was wonderful alright let's walk to see what is inside all right you know my size front it's not so stable I hope it will not go going down for a while not many people let's walk around did you take your stuff all right all right I'll take the helmet because I need the camera unfortunately my GoPro totally that I don't know why I suppose to recharge it last night but now I turn it on and I saw batteries one percent let me check it again maybe I have more body maybe not but yeah it is what it is they're all GoPro you've got good quality but that's it only the quality nothing kills functionality is terrible hah miracle now I have 99% oh lucky absolutely wonderful so guys this is just a quick video to show you what it is where I was and thanks to Milan I was able to to visit this place so let me show you his GS and here say hello to your friends so again guys if you want to say thank you to someone say thank you two million not to me all right cool see you next time don't forget to subscribe

Yvette Parker


  1. That is beautiful. It is much like the place I am now living in southern China.

  2. It’s great to have a reminder of what we have here I think we take it for granted sometimes.

  3. Wait till you see northern New South Wales and south east Queensland! Like you said, so much to see so little time.

  4. Pavilin my friend no doubt you are really very lucky and for your luck i am lucky too because i am looking these beautiful scenes. Say hello to millan and thanks

  5. Lovely video thanks for showing us. Electric bikes will be nice and quiet too . Ha ha 😁😁👍

  6. Yes nothing like that place …its goes quiet when they are hunting you!! And dont leave the tarmac coz the snakes will get you ! .
    Mad place Victoria init

  7. Aus is a hole continent!! it`s got everything!!! and as I can see, and let me tell you that aout loud, MAAAN YOU GONNA LOVE BRAZIL!!!! when you start planning to come to south america, I can point to you some places I already visit, and others I`d like to go, in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and some here in Uruguay to. BTW, you gopro is creazy!! lolEnjoy!!

  8. Sweet video man, thanks so much for sharing this, it is beautiful, words can not describe it. Thank your friend from me too, this place looks amazing, like a a movie in a far away world, are you in avatar the movie? hehe, lovely, thank you so much for posting this.

  9. Interested for your review on the KLR, thinking of getting something to explore the tracks. Glad you are loving Oz, not bad is it lol

  10. Hey Pavlin, if you're heading up the coast next couple days I recommend heading up the coast past the Victorian border via Tathra and Bermagui it's a really nice stretch of road rather than via the highway. Tathra is my hometown. Quite a few scenic offroad rides around the area too

  11. Hello Pavlin, yes you are lucky to see those places and have so nice people with you. But you dreamed of it and you plan it ! Have a great trip 😄

  12. Jetzt müsste man diese Vielfalt nur noch Richen können.
    Ein Traum, dieses Australien. Weiterhin gute Fahrt. LG aus Österreich

  13. You need to ride northern nsw and qld all the way to the cape york

  14. It takes a person that in new to this experience sumtimes to really bring it home we that have the chance to do this as a day trip can forget this side ride safe

  15. This is awesome thankyou for sharing ❤ i may not be able to go to australia in my lifetime but still i am very much inspired with your trip. 😀 thankyou

  16. Heg Pavlin! You are absolutely right about Australia. I did a 3 month road trip around W. Australia and every day I saw something new and incredible. Your enthusiasm is contagious 🤟
    I have now retired to N.Thailand and bought a CRF 250. I'm loving it here. You should give Thailand a try. Thank you.

  17. Pavlin I've lived here for more than 50years and have only scratch the surface – every day something new and exciting

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