MSC Seaside Caribbean Cruise Vlog – Spa Day

Today’s video is brought to you by CruiseLine.com and Shipmate app did you know you can research and both your excursions right in the shipmate app click on explore choose your port and browse excursions by destination it’s super simple to read reviews from real cruisers and book your activities right in the app welcome to the thermal suite on MSC seaside we’re going to start with a look at the women’s locker room and these lockers operate with your key card or wristband to birth lock and unlock we’ll show you around the area as much as possible without disturbing people’s privacy the idea is to alternate between hot and cool treatments and you’ll see what I mean in just a few moments this is the dry sauna which is very dark so you can’t see much sorry about that and there’s also a soft sauna so remember when I mentioned alternating hot and cold experiences I am standing in a snow room right now you definitely want to bring a towel to sit on it in this room yesterday we had our toes in the sand and today it’s toes and snow I’m not sure how long I’ll make it in this room before I start shivering but I think this is one of the coolest spa features that I’ve ever seen at sea I’d be very curious to see a behind-the-scenes look at how they get the snow in here ok time to warm up in the scented steam room there are two of these rooms in the thermal area with different scent experiences and I love it them both here’s the whirlpool bath and one of several shower areas this one shoots cold refreshing water up from the floor and the ceiling the salt room is pretty popular today and there’s something about it that just fills ultra relaxing there are cozy loungers and the temperature in here is on the warmer side this is the warm breeze shower which quickly becomes the cold storm whoo when you push this button your cold rain shower is in the same space here so you can get daily passes or weekly passes for either a single person or for a couple here in the thermal spa if you’re sailing in the Aria experience this is an included experience in your cruise good morning it is our hmm our fifth day onboard and today is a wonderful sea day we have so much planned already my hair is wet because I just got back from the thermal suite I got up early decided not to do any logging first thing this morning which is why our entry is happening around midday today to go experience the thermal area before I got crowded and it was so incredible I did not want to leave and I want to tell you a little bit about the experience this is probably the most comprehensive thermal suite that I have ever seen at sea there is so much to offer from the salt room to the snow room to the different shower experiences to sensory rooms to different types of saunas and a saltwater spa like a kind of what we would normally call a philosophy repiy pool it was just incredible I think I was there for about two hours and I was able to totally relax and you guys know I’m not much of a relaxer I kind of messed up my back a little bit yesterday jumping off of those crazy Toys in cozumel and then the day before that when we were in Jamaica we were jumping off a waterfall so my whole body is just crying out for a little bit of R&R so I want to tell you a little bit about the thermal spa experience I do have my phone with me because things have special names and I took little pictures of all of the different individual areas in the spa and I really feel like it’s worth spending a few minutes sharing this with you if you are coming on MSc seaside I strongly suggest that you visit the spa either for a day or for the entire week they do have day passes and then they do have passes for the whole week you can even get couples discounts if you get them for two people or if you book into the Aria experience I know for a fact that you do get the thermal passes there I’m not sure exactly about the other experiences like the Yacht Club and the wellness experience but if you have the chance do not miss the thermal spa it’s beautiful so the the spot itself is designed to be kind of a hot-cold hot-cold experience so what you do is you go into the locker room and I have taken some footage of the locker room area where you you actually just use your wristband to open up the locker so you find one that’s open you open the locker you put your things in and then you lock it with your wristband that’s simple they give you a towel you go in you change and then you start with one of the many shower areas and then after you go into one of the many shower areas there’s tons of them there’s hot there’s cold there’s just so many then you can kind of do whatever you’d like to do you can go and order or you can just kind of pick and choose so the way that I did it is I went into one of the shower areas first and the one that I went into was called the cold storm and I had no idea what to expect so you turn on the shower and it’s hot water pouring down on you then you press the cold storm button and this halo of cold water surrounds the hot water and just pours down on you so if you allow it to kind of go over your your head you’ll have hot water in the center and a cold refreshing halo with some kind of a scent in it it is unbelievable the sensory experiences of they’re unbelievable so I did that took the shower and then I went into the dry sauna so they have two saunas they have this soft sauna and they have a finish song their book dry saunas once it’s a little bit cooler than the others and of course you have the water you can pour on the rocks and then I went into the amazing snow room so there’s snow sort of piled all over the floor and on half of the bench and then you’ve got a little tiny bit of bench area where you can actually sit and not be in the snow but you definitely want to take your towel in to that area and then after that I was shivering cold freezing sighs staged as long as I possibly could you might want to take flip-flops in there by the way because your feet will get cold and then after that I went into two of the different sensory area so I’m trying to remember what they’re called let me look at my notes here for just a moment I know that there was um there was a light sensory area and a dark sensory area but those are both steam rooms and they both have different fragrances so the light room is definitely that distinctive eucalyptus smell and then the darker room has just kind of an exotic smell that I couldn’t quite put my finger on and then after that I went back in the snow room cooled off and then I went into the the the the hot tub that we would normally call a thalassotherapy pool so I stepped down and to the thalassotherapy and enjoyed the salt water and just let the Jets rub up against my back because my back was so sore a and it was absolutely amazing I’m trying to think if there’s anything I am missing oh yes I am missing the salt room so the salt room is kind of a neutral temperature and you just go in there and enjoy the salt I’m gonna breathe it in enjoy the comfortable loungers and then after that I just kind of repeated some of my favorite areas and then came back to the room because I have a massage and a haircut and blow-dry how cool is that I’ve never done that on a ship in about one hour so we’re about to go step out on to the back into the spa deck and see what the Balinese massage and the haircut and style is all about I’m on deck 8 for my massage and my haircut and style – here we go there’s the gym okay I love you, be a good boy by daddy I’m off for my treatment thank you so this has turned into quite the pampering day look at my bouncy do I love it I love it I don’t think I’ve ever had it a proper official blow out before but it feels so soft and so good I even got a mini little haircut can’t speak highly enough about the spa and salon area here I really wish we had more time because I would do an entire day in the spa and probably spend four hours in the thermal area alone so now we’re gonna go see if we can get mr. CTTV a haircut because he likes mine so much French 75 has Bombay Sapphire each does that right and then lime juice just some little touch and lavender syrup and champagne cheers Cheers champagne bar cheers her subscribers this is my idea of heaven I can already tell you anything with lavender in it today has been all about pampering and wellness so we had hair cut for me and then honey went in for a haircut in style and I must say he looks very dapper of course he also hit the gym today and pumped a little bit of iron the gym here is absolutely gorgeous and it wasn’t very crowded for a sea day not too bad at all he was able to get in a few sets of weights before we moved on so it has been a wonderful relaxing sea day I can’t speak highly enough about the thermal spa here on MSC seaside if you’re coming board be sure to get a pass for at least a day if not book into the Aurea experience and experience of the whole entire week another great highlight today was meeting our first subscriber on board we were able to meet Magnus Hey Magnus, it was so great to meet you thank you so much for coming up and saying hello and now we’re off to get ready for our formal night our second formal night and then we’re going to see our first show on board which is called fly it is really excited about it so that is at 6:45 and then tomorrow is our big day in Nassau and we have a big treat for you guys we have been invited to go to Atlantis where one of our subscribers works and is going to be giving us a behind-the-scenes tour so naturally we are incredibly excited to meet her and have that experience for the first time at Atlantis so here we go off to get ready for a formal night 6:45 and we just got back from the show we went to see fly and it was great hello how are you hey though it was awesome a little bit of an international Flair but definitely catering towards the North American market so it’s a lot of show tunes and things like that and now we’re headed up to the Bridge of Sighs to experience the sunset so we’re right by the sides you can see a lot of cool come out here to take photographs in in front of the wake and all that good stuff it’s so beautiful right now we have a magic light and here we are on the Bridge of Sighs at sunset look at that wake you gorgeous right left right right left it’s about 8:30 and we’re back at the seashore restaurant the main dining room here for Aurea and wellness guests basically it’s like an anytime dining concept take this sure because it does get a little bit noisy in these big dining rooms as you may remember from our first night on board it was really super loud I got this little spot by the window so the show was awesome like I mentioned we had a great time at fly it was which I really appreciate on board these ships and now we’re just enjoying the epic night experience in the dining room the menu looks great I ordered it starters an arugula salad and accretion and for my main a risotto and maybe shrimp and hubby is having he’s having a duo shrimp and swordfish starters and baked salmon’s so we are going to enjoy dinner and hit the hay relatively early for our big day in Atlantis tomorrow so we skipped dessert in the main dining room in favor of going to one of our favorite spots in the ship which is Venki and Venchi was hoppin tonight there were a lot of people in there there was some dancing going on right outside and you can tell people are really living it up tonight on the second formal night we had a great time my son got some kind of fun little hot chocolate drink and hubby got a cappuccino with pralines and I tried the champagne with chocolate it’s the coolest thing these little bits of chocolate we’re like bubbling up as you saw already I know you already saw but chocolate rd bubbling up in the in the cup and it was really beautiful and it tasted wonderful too gotta hand it to MSC Seaside for their creativity on it the chocolate cocktails on board and really loving that so it is time for us to say good night tomorrow’s our big day in Nassau we are going to Atlantis for a behind-the-scenes tour and an experience at the aqua park as long as everything goes as planned that is what we were doing thank you so much for following along with us today and special thanks also to MSC seaside for partnering with us to share this awesome Caribbean adventure with you all until next time we’ll see you on the high seas good night

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  10. i love this i may have to book this ship , Just FYI, NCL escape and the Norwegian ships have the thermal spa,and snow room also but this looks very nice. I always get the weekly pass when i cruise,i love this on my cruise vacation, i only book ships that have this now.SO relaxing. enjoy your videos keep up the good work!!!

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    Meaning my wife and I like to do the spa stuff together. We have been on the larger NCL ships and the vast majority of the sauna rooms are co-ed and we like being able to sit in the sauna together.

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