Hello guys, welcome back to Panji Petualang Channel! I’ve been exploring this area before. Where there are many cave from the war Then I checked and monitored what’s inside the cave and I found few trace o f wild animals is it possible that it’s the tiger’s trace?. Don’t forget to like and subscribe this channel, guys. Yep, so I continue my journey on the first cave So, I roam around the river but I haven’t found any animals. That’s why I’m thinking to go to the higher land I found lots of the cave, which is a natural one here.
I met few animal here, One of em is frogs. So, I checked the other location. Where I found a bunker hole with a bigger size There are some barriers in this cave, But I don’t have enough courage to go further. There are lots of bats that I met in this cave Not just that, this cave is also terrifying. Well, I wonder, what will I see in the latest cave?. Cameraman: Are you sure you’re going to come inside, bro?. Panji: wait a sec. I’m calculating the risk level. Panji: This cave is obviously not too deep. Panji: it’s about 1-2 meters long through inside. This…This cave must be formed by water erosion. So, when the river is overflowed or flooding. It reached there- over the cave. It reach that height. I’m sure of it. I must have the gut to go in there. Because it is our content, bruh. Herping, and introducing the subscriber about The flora and fauna lives in the nature, bruh. Cameraman: Okay, then,
Panji: Are you ready?. Cameraman: Ready Ready Ready!! Panji: If you get bitten by the snake, you still ready?. Cameraman:…
um, not yet.
Please. Panji: Then stay behind me, bro. Panji: Come on.
Cameraman: Okay ~ Panji: There’s a Taro Tree, here. This is the forest taro, guys. Its’ sap could cause severe irritation to the skin. So I need to Separate them first, And also, I’m worried there will be viper snake popped out. The red viper snake really loves to stay around this place. AYY!! Ayy, Bro, BRUUH! It’s here,bro!! Cameraman: Where, Where?!! Back off a little, bro.
get back, get back!! get back a little, bro.
I swear it’s big.
It’s a king cobra. Cameraman: MmMyEah. Panji: Bro, get to that way a little, bro. Cameraman: Okay. Panji: It’s dangerous. it might go there. Panji: Daaang. ! The characteristic of the king cobra that’s well-cut or really raised by the nature is like this. They.. are, not usually-uhh Like the common King Cobra that can be dirrected. The one that usually tamed by The snake tamers. The King Cobra that is still… really wild. Fresh from the nature,
is like this. It can’t be tamed, and they.. have a highly aggressive traits. So, when they saw a human,
they’ll chase them Some of the reptiles have an ability to attack more or less for 20 minutes. Because they’re counting on- the warmth temperature from its’ body. and their warmth is coming from sunbathing. When they didn’t get enough warmth, They wont be able to hunt,
Because- They are cold-blooded.
It’s different with us, The warm-blooded. AwYeAh ! ~ aWyEaH!~
See, It’s like this, guys! It’s really fierce, heh? Well, usually, they not only stay in the cave, They also stay in the bamboo holes, To make it as their habitat, guys. Ayy, it’s attacking again! I need to be careful with this snake.
because, every bite- in one bite, they can produce- venom dose until about 100 milligrams, guys. 100 milligrams, guys.
So, there’s lots of the venom that they can produce from their body. Okay, I’m getting tired. (THERE IS NO ANTI-VENOM SERUM IN INDONESIA) i’m pretty exhausted to face this cobra
It’s really aggressive!
(DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!) So, I need to use the safer way. The Ultimate Way! Where I will make this king cobra calmer. Let’s try The Ultimate Way, guys! I’m tired.
🙁 being chased by the king cobra. 🙁 come on.
stay still. Ay !
AAAYYY!! are you calm now?. Stay still! S T A Y S T I L L !! *THE WILD KING COBRA JUST DID WHAAAT??* Its’ character is really… its hard to be tamed! So, the reflex of our body needs to- be really sprigthful to face this snake. not only the eyes part, but also the hand, leg, and body- need to move swiftly to avoid the attack. because the one that’s really dangerous is not the swift attack. but the sudden attack from this snake, guys.
like that. It’s really huge. It’s about 3 meters long.
and I’m sure that it’s a female. not a male. because a male isn’t this aggressive. the females are tend to be more territorial. or being protective of it’s territory than the males. The king cobra is the only snake that can make a nest. and take care of its’ children until the eggs are hatched. Oooh~
it’s so special, isn’t it?. A really loyal mother to her children. Okay I’m exhausted interacting with this one. My aim is to find a monstrous king cobra. and the age is still young, between 5-8 months old. and now, I made it to encounter a mature sized king cobra. The male can reach about 7 meters long. and hopefully, I can find the male one here. Okay,let’s release the female now. I hope She can live more feasibly okay?? whooah~ I’m really happy that I be able to met animals especially the snakes on its’ habitat. If you have any questions, such as this one,
(i found it) on the comments column. “Bro!. Was it a setting??. Why is it really easy to find a snake?? OYYY! let alone in the forest, the reptiles are existing right now ! Even the crocodiles goes to the capital city, Jakarta. To go picnic in Ancol!. moreover in its’ habitat! They must be exist there!
That’s why, sometimes, don’t just stay in your room. ‘The kids jaman now’ should do adventures to the nature! To know how it feel and how is the sensation to search and enjoy the animals life in the wild nature life. So you wont talk carelessly,
Okay?. I’m Panji Petualang
Salam Lestari !!
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there are still T-shirt, Bag, And Iguana as the main price!
Stay tune, okaay! Bye-bye, guuys!

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  1. saya tau ular emang bisa di temukan kalau benar benar di cari. saya pergi mancing aja hampir tiap pergi mancing ktmu ular. tapi selalu gwe lari hahah

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    Ati" ya ka, moga sllu dlm lindungan Allah. (Aamiin)

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    Masa iya panji pendatang ga tau menau soal gua itu trus masuk baru nyampai dpan langsung ada ular bisa di jinakin.
    Itu ular pasti di kluarin dari tas nya dia.

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