now in making our neuris the first
part is making our dough: here I have taken 2 cups of all-purpose flour or
maida then we require some salt about 1/2 a teaspoon this is some clarified
butter(ghee) it should be melted and some water so now we’re going to make the
dough for the neuris. I’m going to add about just a little bit of
salt half a teaspoon of salt then we’re going to add this is about 2 tablespoons
of clarified butter this makes the neuris very crunchy ,now
I’m going to give this a good mix now the Neuris which I’m going to be
showing you are made out of fresh coconut there is also another recipe in
which you can use desiccated coconut the recipe is the same only instead of fresh
coconut some people like to use the desiccated
dried coconut while at our home we all like the fresh coconuts ones. now this has started
resembling crumbs and now slowly by adding water we are going to make a
dough we don’t want to very hard to we don’t want a very soft dough to just be
semi soft so just massage the water into this if you find your dough has become too soft
you can always add a little bit of flour to make it into a semi soft now this is also called karanji which
is made during the Diwali, it’s the same recipe just massage your dough then so
here our dough is all ready we are going to cover this for about an hour and keep aside , we are now going to prepare the filling of the neuris, so here I have two cups of
fresh coconut you can also use the desiccated dry coconut you have to take
exactly half the quantity of regular sugar so whatever you are taking
whatever make sure of coconut you are taking just take half of that of sugar
then I’m going to be using one teaspoon of cardamom powder which is freshly
ground,I’ve got a recipe for this so I’ll leave a link in the
description box below and I’m only going to be adding finely
chopped cashew nuts you can even add any dry fruit you can add kismis ,almonds or
black currants whatever your choice now In my pan first is going
to go in our coconut and immediately we’re going to also add
in our sugar give this a mix
now we just mix this or stir this for about two minutes till everything comes
together the coconut has its own oil so this gets cooked with that coconut oil
so there’s no need of adding any butter or you will see in some time that the
entire consistency of this sugar and coconut is going to change now you will
see that the consistency has changed a bit the sugar has melted now we can add
in the cardamom powder or the elaichi powder and again give it a good mix now after about five to ten minutes you
will see that it has started to change colour into a darkish brown color now is
the time to add your dry fruits whatever of your choice I’m adding the cashew
nuts and again we are going to stir so this will actually take about 20 to 25
minutes for this filling of the neuris to get ready I’m going to keep this for
another five to ten minutes because I want a darker colour so this
is the colour & the consistency I required now I’m gonna switch off my gas
stop and we are going to let this cool for some time.Friends I have
just made small balls of the dough for the neuris and this is our stuffing and
I’ve just taken some butter paper and kept it on top of a plate this is my
rolling pin and we’re just going to roll out through these balls make the
stuffing and then do the designs and keep the Neuris aside so now we’re going
to take one ball and I’m going to put it on this board and roll it out now we’re going to take the
filling place it in the center and then just
take this edge put it down here press it down so as to seal it and then with this cutter or a pizza cutter just gently make a nice design and then with this side press it down so you get a
nice design on this new and plus the edges get sealed like this ,now one
design I learned from my grandmother I’ll show it to you what she used to do
is she used to first press the edges and then just keep on folding it in this
pattern just take the edge press it down so you get a very pretty pattern like
this now one more pattern is once you come to this step you just cut edges
like this leaving a gap and then you fold one we keep one open for one keep one open
alternating and then with this you just pick a
design on the one which is bigger so this too is another pattern so friends
I’ll make quite a few of them and then we will just have to fry them in some
clarified butter or ghee and here I have some clarified butter or ghee heating
up on a slow flame , I have made just a few just now just to show y’all
so I’m going to fry these and now that our oil is hot just put them in and fry till nice and golden brown we want a very light golden colour keep
your gas flame between low and medium not on a high flame The aroma is so amazing of the coconut
and the pastry and then I’m going to drain this on some kitchen napkin The most important thing is to see that
your neuris are properly sealed so that they don’t break open otherwise all the
filling will come out into the ghee .You can also fry this in oil so in this way we’ll fry all the neuris
and Here friends are THE NEURIS all ready, no Christmas tray in a goan home
is complete without these neuris so I hope you like this easy recipe I hope you
will try out this recipe please do give this video a big like please share my
video with family and friends and do not forget to subscribe to my channel by
pressing the big red subscribe button that you see just below this video
this is Akshata saying bye until another video take care

Yvette Parker


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