New York City – Video tour of DUMBO, Brooklyn (Part 1)

Hi I’m David Hill with New York Habitat. We are at the intersection of 23rd street and 6th ave in Manhattan Today we will be taking the F train Under the East River into Brooklyn where will we be showing you a great neighborhood called DUMBO. New York Habitat – Video with David Hill DUMBO – Part 1 – Brooklyn, NY So while we are on our way to Brooklyn I thought I would let you know that this will be the first of a two part series on DUMBO. So make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel so you wont miss part 2 which will be out in a few weeks. The name “DUMBO” is an acronym standing for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, and it’s tucked between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. You can walk or cycle across either to get to to Manhattan in as little as ten minutes. The F and C trains stop here and the 2/3 station, which will take you to Times Square, is just a little farther away at Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights. To cross the Brooklyn Bridge on foot to get to Manhattan from DUMBO, head to Washington Street. Here you’ll find this underpass that will lead you up a stairway and bring you up onto the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway You can’t beat views from DUMBO. Here on the Fulton Ferry Landing, you’re practically underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, and you can see downtown skyscrapers like the Woolworth Building as well as boats coming in and out of the harbor. For a special occasion, reserve a window-side table here at the River Café, it’s a Michelin-starred restaurant where the food is as fine as the view. In the 19th century, the Fulton Ferry Landing was the busiest spot in Brooklyn. It was named after the boat that shuttled residents to Manhattan, in fact it was the only way to get across the East River until the Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883. Next to the Fulton Ferry Landing is the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park. It opened in 2010, and is the first section of what will be an 85-acre waterfront park. These piers were all covered with abandoned warehouses just a few years ago. Now you’ll find lawns and paths that are as beautifully landscaped as any in the city. In the months of July and August, this park transforms into an outdoor cinema. Pull up on a blanket gaze out at the Statue of Liberty, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie while watching one. Of course the best way to feel like a local in Brooklyn, is to live like a local by renting a furnished apartment or vacation rental through New York Habitat. Whether you’re returning to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge Walkway, or you’re coming home from the outdoor cinema at the park, there’s no better way to finish a long day out than to relax in your home away from home. These landmarked buildings are the Tobacco Warehouse and Empire Stores. They were built in the 1870s to hold dry goods to be loaded onto ships. Imagine them buzzing with workers hauling down crates on pulleys, and you’ll get a sense of what the area was like in its heyday. It was a major hub of both shipping and manufacturing. All kinds of things were produced here in the 19th century. from beer, to boxes, to soap. In fact, DUMBO played such an important role in New York City commerce that it was designated a historic district in 2007. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this first part of our 2-part series on DUMBO in Brooklyn. If you know of any places that we missed in the video, make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below. Be sure to visit our website at nyhabitat.com where you’ll find great furnished apartments and vacation rentals through out Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The only way to truly experience this amazing city is to live like a local in a furnished apartment. I’m David Hill with New York Habitat. we hope to see you soon in the Big Apple!

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  1. @videou2 Thanks you for your comment, we are very glad you like our first video of Brooklyn!
    Indeed, the Brooklyn Bridge Park has played a great role in the revitalization of DUMBO, one of our favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn!

  2. @gardini100 Thank you for your comment! We can only agree with you, there so many things to discover in New York, if we could, four weeks would be a minimum 😉

  3. @robertgalapagos Thanks for your comment. We weren’t able to shoot Galapagos, but it will be mentioned in Part 2 of our series on DUMBO. Stay tuned

  4. @robertgalapagos Thank you so much for your comment, and for sharing info about the Galapagos Art Space with us 😉

  5. @SpaceNTime77 Thanks a lot for your comment!
    Indeed, there are a lot of Spanish-speaking people in NYC, but English is the most spoken language in the city. Besides, most of the people speaking Spanish also speak English.
    Speaking Spanish in NYC certainly is an asset, but it is not mandatory when you move to New York! 🙂

  6. @MissCofia33 Thanks so much for your nice comment! We're really happy to see that our videos are useful 🙂 Hope you had a happy halloween!

  7. @8bobthebuilder The city had planned to transfer the Tobacco Warehouse to St. Ann's Warehouse, a theater company that planned to convert the property into a performance hall. But in December a New York State judge ruled that the city could not transfer and develop the historic Tobacco Warehouse in Brooklyn's DUMBO without changing state law.

  8. Hey there! Have you checked out our Central Park video tours ?

  9. Hey @NYHABITAT, uh I'm trying to convince my friend that Brooklyn is safe to rent an Apartment, what should I tell him!

  10. Hi, thanks for your comment!

    You are right, most of Brooklyn is as safe as Manhattan, and usually cheaper (a real plus)! Areas like DUMBO, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, Red Hook… even have amazing views of the city that you would never have in Manhattan! And with the subway running 24/7 you are never too far from Manhattan 😉

  11. what would you say is the nicest and at the same time cheapest place to live in brooklyn, for say, a studio apartment?

  12. Areas such as Park Slope, Carroll's Garden or Greenpoint are very nice areas, usually cheaper than Manhattan. If you are looking for even cheaper options check out areas like Greenwood or Bedford-Stuyvesant!

    The borough of Queens might also be an option to consider 🙂

    Let us know if you need more help, one of our agents can definitely help you!

  13. I am in new York city as we speak..is Brooklyn is as a safeas ur video says and shows, I want to be crystal clear

  14. Most of Brooklyn is safe (the whole city is actually pretty safe)!

    As in any other big city in the world you have remain vigilant, whether you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or any other borough of New York 😉

  15. Tour through one of #Brooklyn's most trendy and fashionable neighborhoods in this video tour of #DUMBO .

    Check it out here: http://bit.ly/1kQpQTS

  16. DUMBO is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn, I love living in NYC

  17. DUMBO is one of the most trendy neighborhoods in #Brooklyn ! Check it out in our video tour: www.nyhabitat.com/blog/2011/06/16/video-tour-dumbo-in-brooklyn-new-york-part-1/

  18. you forgot the vinegar hill neighbourhood on the map 🙂
    otherwise great video

  19. Could you show the Watchtower complexes around there please, it's amazing what J.Ws have done with all their buildings

  20. I could've bought a place in DUMBO before it was DUMBO for like $2 million….that same building today is worth $25 million….guess how I'm feeling? Dumbo….

  21. Grew up in this area. So many memories. I remember before Brooklyn Bridge Park was built, and the area was pretty desolate. The ice cream shop was there and the water taxi was just starting but the park area was all water. Furman street was scary but exciting to walk on as a teen. My friends and I used to walk on furman street all the time. Lol, good memories. I enjoy walking to BBP in the summer, sitting on the grass and just zoning out with my headphones. I love Brooklyn so much. I used to be obsessed with Manhattan, but now it's like, who cares!

  22. Thank you for your great videos
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  23. Why aren't more of these videos of the multiple parts of NYC shown instead of just Times Square or S. Bronx??

  24. That old beat up bulding was a tobacco factory he did not mention that allso mentioned the name as dumbo when refering to the past its only been dumbo for about 5 years and was one of the worst drug infested areas bur ya

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