No Pants Subway Ride 2010

welcome everybody to the ninth annual No Pants Subway Ride (cheers) there are five other meeting points all throughout New York City, we have two teams in Queens two teams in Brooklyn and we have another team in Manhattan who will all be taking various subway lines and converging upon Union Square

Yvette Parker


  1. where did they come up with an army of disciplined dedicated volunteers like this? I have organized community events [not to this scale] before and theres always a big group of big talkers at the beginning then crap out or go AWOL near or on the day of the actual event… not to mention certain things leak from one group to another that adds confusion on top of logistical nightmares.

  2. imagine if we took this type of initiative and commitment and devoted it to changing out country and the world. We must unite. For the future of this country and world.

  3. if i did this i would get some kind of elmo pants or care bear pants (maybe barney…)

  4. that chinese dude with the bottle in between his legs was like damn i got to hide the boner! 😛

  5. Wouldn't it be more fucked up if a girl with no pants saw a guy with no pants and got a huge fucking boner.

  6. Wish we had it in the uae i reaaly hope i must see i only watch animated naked vids but real is whole new story

  7. Who needs dignity it's just holding you back from this fun stuff !!!!!

  8. God damn do I wish they had subways in Central Florida!

  9. I would make sure to do some serious squats before joining in this.

  10. What if a girl with no pants was another girl with no pants, and both of them got fucking boners

  11. so sick of hearing this crap. really gross for putting it peoples minds when they dont want to read it while reading the comments…seriously…

  12. the five love languages that woman was reading at 1:09 is a MUST or couples 🙂 best useful information ever!

  13. 1. yeah i'm TOTALLY the SMARTEST five year old ever and learned how to use the computer's keyboard and communicate with people over the internet.
    2. I'm 21. There was nothing wrong with what I said. that book helped me in relationships even if they ended badly; because I learned something out of it. I realised to actually think logically with guys when all my life I reacted by emotions. I learned what love actually meant instead of just liking them. Now I am proudly in love with a wonderful guy.

  14. if i were with no pants..doing this..i wouldn't be able to stop laughing..they have this straight serious faces..i just couldn't do that.

  15. Every fucking video i put from improveverywhere i always see this quote wat th f

  16. God please don't let there be a big black horny guy named Tank that just got out of prison on a 20 year sentence.

  17. Seeing how low pants are getting now, the annual no pants subway ride might become an everyday thing. =/

  18. Wouldn't it be MORE fucked up if a girl with no pants saw another girl with no pants and got a motherf*cking boner

  19. 0:55 Asian guy is funny as hell. He's acting like all innocent after that girl caught him looking at the legs of that woman. Haha

  20. Do these people have children? And do they wish their children do such disturbing action before others. If this is where US is heading and nobody cares, then there will be no more US in the future. Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes shame: but with the lowly is wisdom. It's one of the signs to show how the Americans are abusing their freedom and development in pride. If freedom becomes an excuse for obscenity, then it's no longer freedom but a bondage. After this, it will be public sexual affairs. God have mercy. If humans begin to behave like dogs, then the world is about to end.

  21. The problem is that too many men’s underwear look like pants and too many girls pants look like underwear. So it’s not easy to surprise people.

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