No Pants Subway Ride 2011

welcome everyone to the tenth annual No Pants Subway Ride we have ten thousand RSVP’s on Facebook today raise your hand if you think you’re the oldest person here can anybody beat seventy six? alright who’s the youngest? the youngest person here there are six teams in New York today they’re also the No Pants Subway Ride happening in fifty cities all around the entire world

Yvette Parker


  1. That awkward moment when you see that your boyfriend has been involved……

  2. How does this work? Do you take it off during the ride or do you take it off before??

  3. I saw some some women with awesome legs!!! OMG! what a great idea LOL!

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  6. People who are upset about this or are calling these people whores and sluts need to take into account that they are improperly using such words. It is a joke! Lighten up! #Idiots

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  8. This is stupid I don't see what point are they trying to get across with walking around with no pants

  9. Human ——-> Animals 
    If the situation continues as it is, we will live the life of animals.
    If nudity is the civilization. Congratulations for the animals they have the best civilization.

  10. my dick would get hard then i would really be embarrassed as if i wasn't enough already 

  11. at 2:13 i just saw the prettiest ass and thighs ive ever seen on a woman – the tall thick brunette with the green striped sweater

  12. Someone should totally go the day AFTER and be waiting on others to pants themselves and be like aaaah man I'm a day late

  13. Jennifer, not true! This isn't a Victorias Secret subway ride, there needs to be all ages, sizes, ect to make this as believable as possible! Just a bunch of average Joe's and Janes who just ….are pants less!

  14. Niggaz be like, "shit nigga, that's hot"
    Then see a guy and be like "yo man, you got a problem!"

  15. why I gotta be all negative comments why I can't be positive, as peoples we want to have Fun nd it an annual tradition

  16. "Thumbs up for the baby" :S wuargh. Not for the high quality production? Glad I don't see these kind of annotations in newer videos anymore. Really glad.

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