NomadCities – Seoul

My name is Johannes
and this is NomadCities! In this episode
I’ll be meeting Christine a mother and a lifestyle blogger
from Germany that moved all the way to the capital
of Seoul in South Korea together with her husband. I grew up on the countryside where
everyone knows each other and now living in a world metropolis like Seoul with a 10 million population is
the complete opposite. I moved to Seoul from Germany because of my husband’s job. We thought that it would be
a great life experience to live in South Korea so we
decided to accept this challenge and to try it! On the one hand you have
these huge modern skyscrapers and this high tech subway but on the other hand you have
these very traditional old fashioned street markets and you find Buddhist temples
and palaces here. So you have combination of
modern and traditional culture and that is so great! Seoul is the safest city
ever been to. Crime levels are very low here and even as a female you can
go wherever you want at night and you will always feel safe. My morning starts with having a coffee in my favorite coffee shop next door and then I take the subway and go to an unknown place where
I haven’t been before where I can work a bit. Korean cuisine is amazing. They have lots of veggies and rice and if you like meat we’re in heaven here. So we’re finally sitting here in a Korean restaurant together with Christine. Can you tell me what we’re eating today, what is this? We are eating a traditional chicken spicy dish, it is very good. It’s called chicken galbi. Coffee is a strong element in
Korean culture. Actually Starbucks has the
most branches here than anywhere else in the world but there are also so many options they have theme cafes with animals or
Hello Kitty cafes or something like that. Totally crazy stuff! Seoul has one of the fastest
internets in the world so people are on their phones all the time and taking pictures of themselves in public
and they are not shy to do it. You won’t see a lot of people
showing affection in public. You won’t see them kissing,
but you can definitely tell that they are a couple because
of their matching outfits! Getting to know people here is super easy. The local people are very open minded
to get to know foreigners. They would talk to you right away. And the expat community here is huge. It’s super easy to have fun here whether it’s karaoke, gaming, hanging
out with friends in the park seeing a movie in a futuristic cinema or visiting one of the many themed cafes opportunities are endless here. It is always a challenge when
you go abroad to a different country and a different culture. When you come back you’ll see
the country where you are from with different eyes also. My biggest concern was about my baby and his adaption to Asia’s food and climate situation. but for now he is doing great so far,
so I’m very happy about it. I’m really looking forward to explore the country more and learn the Korean language and travel around Asia more and I’m really looking forward to
new things to discover. Seoul, thank you so much! An incredible and huge city with everybody
walking around with a phone in their hand. Next stop – Miami!

Yvette Parker

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