Not a perfect day in Goa | Heavy Rains | Crashed Drone | Wandering Minds VLOGS | Day 2

all of us are hungry but all we have is 300 bucks. *Drone Crash Lands* Good morning, guys. Actually, Good afternoon. It’s day 2 today. There is a power outage in Goa right now for some reason. We all were exhausted so we couldn’t wake up early. We have decided to skip breakfast because its already time for lunch. I will give you guys a room tour after coming back from lunch. After that, we will be heading to Colva beach, Utorda beach and betalbatim beach. Utorda beach is famous for sunset view and it’s also known as Sunset beach. Utorda, Colva and Betalbatim beaches are situated on a single stretch. We are heading to Colva beach for lunch. There are only Vegetarian hotels in this neighbourhood and everyone wants to eat Non vegetarian meal. We are in a restaurant called Sagar Kinara. It is an Udupi restaurant. It has a separate section catering to vegetarian food. We have ordered Chicken, they do not offer Chicken thaali or Fish thaali. Only Veg thaali is available. Whenever he is starving, the ghost of Nana patekar awakens inside him. Chicken is delicious. This one is Chicken handi and this one is chicken …… Its bit spicey and it would taste even better by garnishing it with Lemon juice. how do you like it? I am okay with any dish as long as it includes chicken. Its tasty. I was starving, Its good, Chicken is good. You shouldn’t have just put it all in your mouth altogether. you wanted to buy shades, right? Now we are going to visit first Colva beach. We are at Colva beach right now. There are fishermen selling fishes at the entrance of this beach. You could also see boats of fishermen here. The sand here is quite thick and while coming here it was quite sunny and hot. But here, at the beach, its cool and soothing. The beach isn’t clean and is littered by the visitors. The sky is overcast by the clouds. Seems as if sun and clouds are playing Pakda pakdi. It is amazing here. I wouldn’t be able to describe it in words neither this camera would be able to capture its beauty adequately. The sky is overcast by clouds completely and it might rain here any minute now or it might not. You wouldn’t be able to stretch your sight till horizon to capture the complete picture of it. Guys, It’s going to rain any minute now. Such cool breeze is passing by. It’s so much fun here. People should definitely come to Goa in monsoon The weather is fabulous here in monsoon. Its quiet and peaceful at this time of the year as its off season here in Monsoon. The trip would also be budget friendly in monsoon. I would personally suggest may end and june for ideal time to visit it. It is still drizzling right now but we are resuming shooting now and hoping for no more heavy rains the thing is that coconut trees behind are getting cut in the frame due to these boat. This is placed low and the boat is placed quite high. Not possible. Trying to switch to another angle, let’s just see what happens. Guys, now we are going to our second destination, which is Utorda beach a.k.a. Sunset beach. Colva beach was great but rains messed up our plans there. Now we are hoping to get nice footages in Utorda beach. We have decided to skip Betalbatim beach due to time constraint and as its already time for sunset we have come directly to Utorda. You will have to pay rent for the key. I think I should also ask for rent, for the car then. I am poor, a labourer. its quite calm and peaceful here. This beach is not for those who want to visit a happening, crowded beach. But for those looking for solitude, this is the place to be. It’s very clean too. Now we will fly drone here. And don’t forget to check our cinematic video. I will paste the link for cinematic video below in the description box. Let’s hope it won’t rain now. look at those clouds there! We visited Utorda. The drone took a flight too but we had to cut it short due to rains. Its heavily raining here and we are considering ideas for the shoot tomorrow. Our budget is 300 bucks and we are supposed to buy dinner for four in 300 bucks! She has given this budget. I am not hungry at all. I am going to skip dinner. Why don’t we eat rice? Its only for 40 bucks. Weather forecast for tomorrow – thunderstorm. Maximum temperature – 30 degree Celsius. Thunderstorm is different from downpour. Thunderstorm means thunderstorm. Pikachu’s thunderstorm. It’s definitely not downpour. Did you hear what he just said?
Thunderstorm means Pikachu’s thunderstorm. PIKA PIKA CHU. Where have you reached with copying of footages? I am only done with Go Pro yet. Go Pro 3? Yes. Drone bag is wet! What? Take out the drone from the bag. Keep it on table. Drone isn’t wet, right? No, It just needs to be wiped once. We are back to the room now after having dinner. It was a disappointing day It wasn’t raining when we weren’t shooting and it was, when we were shooting, which was quite frustrating. Hopefully tomorrow, the situation will improve and we get better footages. We are transferring today’s footages right now and making preparations for tomorrow. We need to wake up early tomorrow. Its going to be a long day tomorrow. We will try to capture Bogmalo’s sunrise. Guys, if you enjoyed and liked our today’s vlog then like it , share it and subscribe to the channel. You are welcome to give us feedback and suggestions by commenting below. And you will get the link for cinematic video in the description box below. Okay, bye.

Yvette Parker


  1. Kinjal k style mein.. Video "bohot he sahi lag raha hai" 😁😬 "definitely goa barish mein jaunga" aur wandering minds ko subscribe bhi karunga 👍

  2. Omg! The vlog was cool.. i saw all the videos of your channel it is superb.. you all have a bright future on youtube! Keep vlogging! 😊

  3. Who's that girl? she's so cute. btw, kya phatka Maara hai mast. 😀 once more. lovely vlog.

  4. सागर किनार होटल का खाना अच्छा हे
    पर सिर्फ वेज खाना
    नानवेज खाने मे दम नही हे मेने इस होटल मे 2 दिन खाना खाया हे कोलवा बीच के पास विलियम रिसोर्ट पर मे 4 दिन रुका था

  5. Mid july or end july me beaches open hote hai ??? Kya ham bech pe hangout kar sakte hai ? Plz tell

  6. You talk so sweetly love watching your videos as of now watched all the Goa videos waiting for your itinerary now please share with me

  7. शेवटी 827 ला कोणता कॅमेरा आहे, कृपया guide करा

  8. Hi. I have recently started following your channel, and found it amazing. The quality of your content is mind blowing, and the humbleness with which you people shoot your vlogs is appreciable. Wish you all the best for your upcoming videos. You all are going to grow higher and shine gracefully in future on YouTube. Hope to see you with 10M subscribers soon. Cheers!!!

  9. Could you please tell me the details of all your photography and videography equipment?

  10. Kinjal good to watch your videos again !
    You are interesting character . I told you know there is something in you . Let see , aage aage dekhte hai hota hai kya ? . There were nothing in this video but you take it to a different level. Keep it up .

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