Octopath Traveler Gameplay Pt. 1 – Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2018

I welcome back to Nintendo treehouse live at e3 2018 in this segment we'll be going over octopus traveler I'm Chico from treehouse I'm also here with hello Otis from Square Enix mr. takahashi the producer of this day and also an arts treehouse member Ryan he's here for translator a job sorry not the not the pretend translator so we're here to talk today about the well we're here to talk about a couple of new characters that we haven't seen before but we're talking a little bit about the demo that's going to be released tomorrow Thursday what is that June 14th is that what we're looking at and for this demo we're looking at the character haunted the hunter I wanted to demonstrate a little bit of her path action right here provoke and while I'm demonstrating the path action I was hoping that mr. takahashi could speak a little bit about what's new in this brand-new octa path traveller prologue demo while I punish my Townsville a note I can bond a Itachi koto GA Palestine as a soap opera Mesa Ito a star high since our era a non-pro go demo unknown thank I note I came on to see God say Athenians Tibetan Akira or Arabic photo that the Hamas sorry thought Satan – a with a doubt get to that Akira – in an hour oki tokio listen so the big points about the demo that's going to be coming out tomorrow or that you'll be able to choose between any of the eight character suppliers and also that your save data from the demo tomorrow will carry in to the full version of the game when it's released nice so what I'm doing right here engaged in the path action on its path action is provoked that allows me to fight various villagers that I encounter anyone who's played the previous demo you saw over expansion of challenge hunnits is different in that it's not haunted who's doing the fighting it's rather her animal allies that are doing the fighting for her haunted is a hunter and so she acquires animals that she traps in combat and she can use them to fight so I'm gonna jump into another battle to show you a little bit more what I did in the last battle this villager I have now discovered that the villagers were vulnerable to swords because I mean I think a lot of villagers are probably vulnerable to swords Lind is always with me so I will always be able to attack with Lyn Lind has a sword like attack that puts my puts this villager into a break state by breaking its via his or her shield I also every turn earn Boost points up in the top right corner you can see I have two because I've got two turns without spending them I can press the hour button to increase the boost on my attacks and that will either do more attacks in some cases or will do stronger attacks right now with my various animal allies more than enough to teach this villager a little lesson what is great about Hana is that hon it can get into these battles and can level up very quickly because of these early fights that you can have with with the villagers I'll do one more here just I want to fight this fledgling hunter so that you can see what it looks like when I don't know any of the vulnerabilities but I do know one of the vulnerabilities here still I'm gonna try a different creature one of my trapped animals a forest fox that also has a sword like attack you see it breaks the shield now you're starting to see kind of how this battle plays out and then I'm gonna boost lane and go in for another strike I have a limited number of uses of the other animals that I have trapped so every time I summon them in battle they're gonna you know you're gonna deplete that by one use before you release the animal back into the wild so I'm just gonna stock up for battle right here pick up some items while I'm doing this mr. Takashi why don't you speak a little bit about what your role is on the game so that people have a sense of what you did here I came along solution each of the tasks on doin okay pastor I don't know for me only as a solitary – you guys so much stuck on a sheep nasty bastard oh hi 8'o so listen I'm so funny to you more my producers of stairs and tiny karate and Escrima or me and the hi in film scenario a new McCarty muster see I'm a gaming system is mpany got fit muster so I don't know if like it should be said like where I was actually involved but I was involved in the creation of Han its scenario and also let the creation of all the scenarios and the game to do so he goes over seeing everything fresh so one thing that I want to point out about this game is again if you've played the previous demo and if you pick up the prologue demo that we're releasing tomorrow you'll see that every character has his or her own storyline and what I like about this is it feels like a very personal story line related to that specific character right now I'm going into the forest to figure out what it is that has been attacking some of the local animals along the way I'm getting into random battles in this case I have a monster that I'm fighting I don't know its vulnerabilities now that it's a regular battle I can use both I can use on its own attacks as well as the animal allies that I've captured in battle so I'm gonna start by cycling between her two weapons or a bow and arrow and her axe and I'm gonna attack with the axe so that you can see this animal is not vulnerable to ax attack so I haven't broken its shield yet I'm gonna switch over to my bow attack it is vulnerable to bows so I put it into that break say it again now it's a good chance for me to look at my beast lore abilities that are unique to hunt it as a hunter she can summon any of the beasts that I've previously trapped or she can capture another B's I have a pretty low chance of success right now but I can increase that by boosting and by boosting again to 100% when I capture this one I'm going to have the skill slash which is another sword based attack oink and now that creature is going to show up in my captured animals list for summoning in the battle which was mentioning each character have very deep story element to this game in this game usually when you play that RPG there's an overarching very epic big story that that you have to save the world or something but in this one of course there is a storyline but there's also individual challenge for the background story you can learn about the character's personality and in their history and stuff like that while rich is playing everyone wondering if mr. sacrifice you can tell us like which which for the eight characters is your favorite song needs such character watching that happen Ichiban ischemia character 30 discard so they need Satan wanna see the wreck of a spell so let's narrow story chimera not optimistic a she not omoimasu call to narrow it down to just a one person a motor on hano hano dies irae scared oh no oh no my note I can bond a motivator no Casey no – very good but oh no it's pants irony hats character Nadia got the character nah no they go home with a guy you must but I do like hunted and you're playing as now and I also like oberek the swordsman who appeared in the first demo that was released for this game since he was the first of the eight characters that we were where we created for this game so he means a lot to me a lot of good memories around him one thing to mention about oberek and the difference between his path action and han 'it's Albirex path action if you remember was challenged he could challenge people to combat and hunnits is provoked there are two different types of paths action in this game there's a rogue path action and then there's a noble path action would you take a moment to speak about the difference between Road path actions and noble path actions as I skipped this story scene and don't spoil the story brain ivona okay notice a Portuguese okay so there's net a no Vicki no no see I – you commando ah ah no Deborah gah are tato got a night of Dec 9th Pottawattamie scared Omo Omo curry analyst Kevin animal night to you commander danger for any part Expo no cash kakarotto Inoue hon Oh Deborah Nick antonetti de reina de moda killin a credo cheapest aki-nee soprano toby todo con que esta casa better to discover who you know in advance so with over x challenge ability you're able to challenge any townsperson you want as long as your level is high enough and so like you only have a chance of losing and that's the only risk that you take but on the other hand with Han its provoke ability there's you can challenge anyone you like but if you lose your you have a chance that your reputation when the town will decrease so there is something to lose in that case so rogue paths actions have something at risk if you fail but you can always do them against different characters if they permit that path action whereas noble path actions sometimes have a level cap about whether you can actually challenge a person or do another path action to them but there's no risk associated with it like you gotta know each stance ago today I got your son on the Booker gun anymore you but the more I've been watching rich play from before and you're really good at this so there's really nothing for me to say here go home Winnie from one lesson No yeah they game also depends that you can you keep they've done all this and I was told that when I came here today that I should approach tree house live this you know playing games as a fun at home with friends so I'm just sitting here relaxed watching you go at it like I can do a lot worse I can be way worse see I've got a status effect now I can't see so let's talk about status effect right o status coca this weekend I've seen you okay I'm a shocker I know Vincent on domestic the graphic just keep playing just keep playing okay well let's see this is gonna affect my ability to a hit it affects my accuracy you can see I'm blind for a couple more turns basically in the top right corner I have a count of two up there that tells me how many turns remain until I get my vision back fortunately I was able to hit and put the enemy into a break state so even though I can't see I can still shoot and and it got through that successfully I'm gonna try to level up because I want to show one more oh I can't leave a treasure chest behind what am I thinking that's money money counts I'm gonna try to level up a little bit more so that I can show off a bit of the progression system in this game as you earn job points that you can spend to get skills that you can employ in deploy in battle I have these hundred skills right here on my mic just drop now I'm cool um I have these hunter skills that I can deploy right here okay this guy is vulnerable against arrows and I have a rain of arrows which is going to be pretty nice this attacks random foes five to eight times with a bow there's only one KO so it won't be that random but this costs the skill points for me to use I can spend job points to get more skills and there are different kinds of skills there are active ones that I choose to use in combat and then there are passive ones that are sort of you know running in the background all the time I'm gonna see if I can capture him and really add to my number of number of animal allies that I can deploy in battle so the reason that I'm doing all of this is it's great that I have an axe and a bow that I can use that gives me two types of weapons I can use to attack different vulnerabilities but haunt it by picking up animals along the way that have different weapon types to their attack I can hit different vulnerabilities by using those animals to attack instead of attacking myself so she is great for finding and breaking different enemies with different vulnerabilities I don't know what is going to be worthwhile against this guy have used the bow it's not doing a whole lot I'm going to switch to my axe okay he's vulnerable against an axe that's great to know I'm also going to summon the forest fox again to see if he's vulnerable against swords now but I did put a status effect on him that helps me out here monster or animal well it let's see I've got a hundred percent chance of capturing it so I think he's going to count as a soon to be animal Ally okay but I've got I've already maxed that so I have to release somebody that Forest Fox that I was using as I've almost used him so I might as well release him back into the wild and add this new guy to my party so I'll just take a quick moment to jump into the skill section here so that you can see a little bit of what I can do I've got 30 job points now and I can purchase a number of different job different skills that I will have immediate access to in battle to do lightning damage sounds really handy so I'm gonna pick up lightning damage and you'll see in my next battle that I have a lightning skill that I can use and that'll probably be my last battle because I do want to do I want to show a boss I can show a little bit of this boss maybe but we're gonna have to cut it out Oh oh gosh I hope this doesn't take too long because I want to have a little bit of time forth Arianna are you strong enough did at this point is probably not I ran straight into a boss battle I may not be properly ready for it that's okay what I am gonna do is I'm gonna see if he's vulnerable to arrows though yeah that's handy can you chop their Boy Scouts or dude no I'm not gonna be able to capture him I'm pretty sure he's not friendly enough for that see his untamable okay but I know that he's vulnerable to foes so I'm gonna boost to do two bow attacks to break him I wasn't actually expecting to show a boss battle here but I don't know quite how to get out of this we're in for a penny in for a pound I say so I'm gonna try to max my attacks right now I've got to boost I can do to boost this to like a level three attack and that's a much stronger arrow strike now and he comes out of his break state I'm gonna let him kill me so that I have enough time to switch saves yeah and not because I'm incapable to feeding him oh no I could definitely do that I'm sure it's fine well full die should I stop you're hurting him I can't stop fighting him you can't kick you just escape maybe Wow bitch is struggling should kill this lost characters we did maybe you know struggling to be killed by this boss character showcase different character and then while we're switching it maybe mr. Takashi can talk more about the game like what what's unique about this game's octopus tremolo Tokyo tequila – protein nan desuka so des neige on Osaka domo masa de la Orana Moranis to that Mustafa's Caqueta for Monday's Kodomo tachi Nino character gasps eraser a a no veto commando for you Mona want a a muchness to be Tony test a Matsui dakatoka victory a no mananas simcha Tova Dickstein Mata ki best photo Alex you right over us reporter a dictator Jana period Oh commander Colonel Tito Chavez I think a big thing that's special about this game is just as we were showing off before with rich in the town using provoked on the villagers for battles is the way that you can interact with villagers in battle I'm sorry in the town in this game each of the eight characters has their own way of interacting with the townspeople whether it's through provoking them to battle or gaining information from them these are the kinds of things that you can do in this game and that's something that's unique about it and that transitions us perfectly into therian who we've got loaded up now because I did successfully die in that last battle fair en is a thief so his path action is to steal we were talking about the rogue path actions a moment ago I can steal from anyone in this town with a hundred percent success rate because they they trust me they shouldn't trust me but here I am just taking all of their things so what therian has that's different from haunted is yes the ability to build up a real inventory of healing items and attacking items and even weapons that other characters will be able to use he also is the only person who can open up these purple chests that come with a lot of really amazing things that you won't be able to buy in stores when you steal from people you also get items that you may not be able to buy in stores in the game so his steal ability comes in really handy especially early on in the game when I am trying to get enough items together that I can survive some of the battles that I'm gonna show off in just a few minutes I've stolen from just about everybody on this table floor beside so my idea alone they took them assume yes cannot fit in this video more than–than game addresses and egg though i mean so the beginning area for theory on it's made so that all the townspeople are easy to rob from but as you progress through the game it does get more difficult to rob from all the people just so you know yes yeah they're just very trusting and i think outside of your home town outside of your starting town people get a bit more suspicious of a wandering feed the town the detail is very beautiful it's like to the HD is the new visual style for this game and then i can see all the details in the background it's amazing I really like the lighting effects as well now I'm just gonna hop in through the window here and break into this manner so that I can show you some of how therians battles play out and how they're different from the way hon its battles played out I could totally a beat in that boss I just didn't want to I didn't want to beat that boss uh-huh I had things to do of course so here we see therian going up against this soldier here I got an advantage on him but I have a sword and I have a dagger that I can use I'm pretty sure that this guy's gonna be vulnerable to my basic weapons since this is my very first set of encounters I can break this character with a single knife attack and then I'll be able to steal items from him my percentages are pretty low right now even if I fully boost so what I want to do right now probably I'm not gonna fully boost I'm gonna save some blues points for later but do a couple of big attacks on him to soften him up so that I can steal from him in a few second he's gonna get a cheap shot on me and I'm going to attack him again put him back into that break stage and then I'm gonna steal that's a little better that's a lot better and isolus stole a spire soul stone that I'm going to use in a separate battle in a few minutes this allows me to start stockpiling items that these creatures are carrying themselves and use them against other creatures in the battles to come knock him out of the way and continue my wandering through the Ravis manner on chapter 1 of therians storyline just wandering not at all suspiciously through this manner I just want to showcase a few more of the battle battle types that you can get into so I'm gonna walk around and see if I can trigger some random battles these guys are a little bit tougher we have ice sentinels now one thing I want to point out about some of the deeper strategy of this game is you can kind of guess what vulnerabilities certain monster types are going to have I had to kind of work it out the hard way that this creature is vulnerable to swords but I noticed that it's a nice sentinel I have a pretty good feeling that it's gonna be vulnerable to fire as well so when I tried that it discovered that yes it does have a vulnerability to fire it's gonna come out of its break stage throw an ice create at me I am going to break it again and then I'm gonna try stealing from it with a pretty well maxed out yeah I'm gonna just max that out with these points and make my stealing as easy as possible that gives me a nice soul stone that I can use against other enemy types and in this part of the game I'll keep stealing from one type of enemy to use it against the different type of enemy but there's no reason to prolong this one so I'm just gonna max out my boost and incinerate him and move on to another fight so we're therian or we're hon it can be much more forceful and direct in her combat therian needs to be very careful about maintaining his hit points maintaining break states of the enemies and tracking when enemies are going to be attacking so that I know when to steal I know how much to soften them up and I know what items are gonna be most useful against enemies that I'm that I'm running into battles with I'm much more item dependent than van Han it was previously let's just go into some harder battles I should've healed up before that it's fine yeah this guy I already know pretty well so I am gonna do just the standard routine here and continue to demonstrate a little bit of the strategy here while we're what we're going through some of these fighting scenes I was gonna let Chico feel the question because I just I had one in the neck blanked on it I had a question right there and then it just slipped away in the midst of all the violence and now I've got nothing do you remember what my question first mr. Hoshi long which is doing more battles this of the path traveller have very unique battle system which is pretty similar to oh I'm sorry bravely default but kind of different from that how did you make these changes you know how did you come up with kind of a unique battle system most you know the boss problem or bravery city Moton say Bundoora system is nothing in this kingdom Oh what about bravery for Mata chica uh no system lean updated no Tony only proper to talk choice kick on this man's bravery focused on system in our family so that's Nana bravery no fakira uh no VP VP oxcart amo houghton okay Sofia's amulet and ska Domo Tonkawa booster system in command over stereo catonian de Makai Sofia's bottom on the Keirsey Yoko Akira bottom on dekiru koto de an Omaha so the bravely series had what were also called the VP but in that came the BP were simply used to increase the number of actions at each character to take but in this game they're called boost points will also be P but they functional a bit differently where they also they allow you to improve the power of attacks and also the number of attacks as well so I think that's that's one thing that we're the change in this game for any lubricant or system whatta yoked I'm also pack I'm not about to remove and also we've added in a brake system as well so we think that this system will the this turn-based system variety will feel a little bit fresher to players when they when they get their hands on this beaker as a big RPG fan I'm very interested in this game and I'm looking forward to getting that demo tomorrow I think this is it for this segment and another ending closing message so this nano atrocity Borobudur manga a no estaba siendo ii Dustin Rocho Gio Cano ASSA yawns I can do Turkish Giovanni Tino senior in high singing star a massive ito-san Gioconda so very tacky bananas grade amo say humanity Tamaki three masters she and all say him when they were a Noboru Kodo second grade main story Dakar Sunday more a top really must see Cebu story model photo subete o hadouken become great a very know they're closing they directly not only must so the demo releases tomorrow and it's tomorrow morning that's the 14th for North America and in Japan it will be the 15th in the middle of the night and the demo allows you to play as any of eight characters and you can play for up to three hours and that content that you play carries over your save data carries into the final version of the game the final version of the game if you just want to play through all eight characters stories that will give you 50 to 60 hours of play time but there are also sub stories as well and if you go through the sub stories – you're looking at 80 to 100 hours of play time so I'm really hoping that you guys not a lot of hours yeah you guys have a good time with this okay thank you so much that's where we go okay I did want to mention one last thing the way I don't think we've mentioned before the game will be available on Nintendo eShop for pre-purchase today at 3 o'clock so if you're interested in this you can go straight to Nintendo eShop and do a pre-purchase there yep thank you – octo expansion we'll be right back bye

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