Octopath Traveler – Let's Play – 05 – Ophilia the Ai Kayano

hello everyone welcome back to octopus traveler and today we're gonna be going what's the place called flames grace we're gonna go get the oh the cleric lophelia and flames grace level 12 danger now I think to get to flames grace or at least at flames grace level 11 in here we finally have a full party which is pretty exciting as well the whistle would OH I'll remember that I'll come back to that I don't know if the game will actually send me here at some point I don't remember that having Syrus along it's really helpful by the way just free free weakness check look who you missed you no not gonna come back ah sure who do you choose Hey look I found one of the frog's weaknesses oh man that 48 come on Oh barek you got this damn it old barrack okay never mind he wasted his turn doing something really dumb hit him with your stick good job yes how do I get up there all right here oh man that's a lot of frogs there all week – all week – almost ice though so I don't suppose a week – both like everyone else nope spear nope how about really powerful dark magic damn that really hurt I was not expecting that hold on one second I should have tried to sort I don't know what I was thinking nope oh dang all right saiyr it's time for revenge that didn't even kill him all right Cyrus please level up I mean it's not like grape so that expected but you know of course not all right let me see where's my grapes I get it lightning and dark magic huh they really like attacking him don't they I'll take the money go there we go Syrus is your level up noble court flame brace Oh what it's fenced off it's one of those kitty cats let me go first please what you missed what No Oh Barrett why I trusted you what is wrong with you man I can't believe you missed I can't I can't believe you missed can't believe it so this this elderly lady man I like how it just instantly turns to snow like it's all greenery here and then it's like yep we're it's just gonna snow now I'll come on no we were caught by surprise but not that's so surprised that Cyrus couldn't figure out one of their weaknesses huh kawaii not gonna become later cordial yeah hit him with the stick mothers took vehicle northern flame race wilds ooh I kind of like the beam in here it's nice also it looks really pretty despite images snow okay Redemption time please please okay Primrose don't let me down dip Primrose Primrose you two I thought if I couldn't at least trust all Marik I could trust you but come on man okay the weak to boast that a squirrel it's a snow Marmot okay you know you'd figure these things would be weak to fire rights they live in a snowy climate and they have fur yeah there you go logic doesn't usually translate well into RPG weaknesses though so that is actually a surprise you should probably check out my job points for Cyrus I be able to take a new skill or something I can learn a new skill right here physical defense la speed curious effect that sounds nice but 25 SP you know what I'll try it I for an eye I don't know when I'd ever use insight like maybe on a boss fight I'll just learn this more general usefulness I should probably get these first Oh graphs firestorm and I just a little the rest will have to wait but I did learn 50% chance of counter attacking after being targeted by a physical attack alright again that not particularly great but I'll take it what flank braces to the right Oh ready here look at that I say that we're gonna get attacked one more time watch because this is the longest freaking steps ever Coco go home Bunga of course now gonna become my god ha 22 SP holy crap that was totally worth it though oh come on looks like I need a sleep at the end a free money scrutinised I forgot I could do this oh there's a chance sure why not it's 90% today what at least I get five chances before I totally mess things up like what were you like just like staring at him just like you know your finger on your chin just like huh yeah this old man mm-hmm yeah he's probably this this and that I'd probably really annoyed to someone just came up to me and tried doing that how about I beat you up you know let's teach you some manners old man you get mad at my companion for just looking at you I'm gonna teach you some manners I'm gonna beat your ass up there you go yeah how's that for my reputation I had to do that based on but based on principle yeah there you go now you can sleep on the cold floor get mad at me 96 worth it i guess i say 96 have like 23,000 right now it's like doesn't matter what game i'm always trying to save my money well you know except for the game called reality no then I can't spend it enough merchants who journey from the south to get his hands on the frost lands pristine snow water we were to grant the drinker eternal youth the water demands a higher price among aristocrat II the source of the rumor however is none other than this clever merchant himself what little all right I mean there's snow everywhere so why would you have to pay for it in the first place this okay well look at all these weapons though I like it okay never mind there's not as many weapons as I thought there's just some swords some bows and some staves there's a little bit of the hour let me check out the tavern go for work I don't think there's anything really in here oh one of the shoulders who brought down the Frostwolf a beast which once terrorized the frost lands the battle was won with the help of a hunter and his direwolf and the duo are still lauded for their aid to this day is that the UM the Huntress maybe I think the Huntress has a wolf so that might actually be dead no that's interesting and you're just a bartender 60% no thanks man why do you have the fireplace going on if no one's in the house I can't challenge this person what are you guarding 50% chance oh come on Cyrus you're supposed to be the ladies man I prefer the like get a poor reputation because Cyrus is just being an idiot and trying to scrutinize people like of all the things to ruin my reputation it's because of Cyrus alright let's just go get ol philia and and do the story her name is Ophelia and she is a cleric in her home aflame race the great cathedral towers above all within sheltering walls she spends her days in service to the flame she has been helping Liana her dears friend and sister prepare for the kindling a holy pilgrimage carried out once every twenty years there on the eve of the oddest departure tragedy strikes and Ophelia steals herself to set out on the pilgrimage breaking the traditions of her faith in hopes of keeping her adopted family together she only brave allies on the past year shows it this has given me I am says Sunna feels like the pilgrimage better not be like yeah I'm supposed to die on this pilgrimage like no no thanks oh yeah I forgot Wow who's gonna sit this one out you cannot replace your party leader at this time oh well well there I should probably keep Syrus since he's a lower level I mean Tressa isn't that useful in battle but she gives me more money I'll replace all barek sure hi there's a hike there I know that voice I think yogini sake I know me to be naughty messy honey oh god cleric talk yeah that's that's totally that's AI kayano isn't it that's totally I cry oh no this game just got like see I'm just like 10 times better already I should have picked her if I knew our auto was voicing somebody in the game they not mentioned this plenty of times while playing Final Fantasy 14 but she is like probably my favorite voice actress just like she voices so many great characters to try just like uh what she has leading roles in a lot of mana me doesn't she let's see uh Menma from on Ohana which man I should watch that haven't watched it since like I first watched it I mean it's it's not exactly the happiest story but you know I've only watched it once but you know I've watched Clannad like how many times or something so see Guilty Crown Chakra so no game to life well she had said a lot of stuff I'm actually having a hard time thinking of all the stuff she said Final Fantasy 14 obviously yesh stola she she does like that weird throaty thing to make her voice deeper when she plays – dollar but a lot of her characters are kind of like those weird like aloof characters that are really soft-spoken don't speak very much except for except for kono subarashii she plays darkness in that one which is like very against typecasting there I'd say like I'm nerding out about a voice actress whilst playing this game right now this is totally what needs to happen I was too distracted by IKEA know that I totally missed what they were saying something about churches and flames story Jerry pinatas Auto stainless so naked on I mean a No karate so nah nah Yolo fearian arsenic on Metacritic our next Ekadashi another nuts Karenina salaphi do they hide Anita Messer I really like the the flame grace theme music theme I'm getting it the 13 God's create the land I'm very surprised it wasn't the eight gods but okay the shape the mountains filled the seas gave life to the mighty trees and myriad beasts and then they created men we've become masters of land and yet one God y'all Dara was too greedy to part with his creations huh how much you want to bet we're gonna fight caldera at some point throughout the game it's like JRPG 101 right there there's an evil God we're gonna kill them a divine flame to chase the shadows this is the sacred flame by shouts down on the land of horse tara bring you warp and guidance to its people you'd figure that with all this talk of flames the clerics would be able to use flame magic but how much you want to bet they just use light magic so I'm guessing Ophelia is adopted because she said earlier that Liana was the only like true daughter and then she's speaking very formally to supposedly her father so he can you send a query sonomama with romeo so sue me now say kocchi starry Tomo Oh Trina Donna atheria kim eana watashi no kokoro Nicola muginami mary matha attempt sure Cesar adapted according to the search today so the thickness the monotony consciousness a lotta Mauricio na gori mo say no no he no michibiki de Oh Helia Nesmith awesome mo another puzzle as a cosmetic enemy council tsunami Casa de su so this someone something's gonna happen somebody's gonna die watch what's done in isolation periquito he end up with an annoying Domino where's the mother she passed away I was gonna say kakuka no that's just a memoir missing in an idyllic Adonis Disney my Takeda such a Dianna geisha no dr. a coup junior todo not gonna hi modulus dr. no sigh union game show no woman so no Honoka acids keratin a notice I cocked you kinda need skinning vocal disk interesting much SCADA episode Tony did a BA so cool you are kikuchi no Kyoukai yo Megara tobira tomonaga monotone Naruto Donna Oh My another yari Tony nodded phenom oh oh my next heist Arizona so no Dinoco died a communist miji anemone dos amigas Conejo candy CRE Donita daijoubu desu ka' best awesome hmm so that's what's gonna happen today over rocks are you know this guy Saudis dosam ovarian oh you thought it is Joey what's the me oh yes and you could eat I to decide Yokosuka niba where does the scrolls dystopia mascara Myra toshio-kun a high no junior Bacchus a tie oh hi best customer yeah but the tsuba do somehow here hi vienna kudasai I know they lost their parents laughs where all these people come from okay so it's just like oh it's you is this really your mom just like right here I'd be really really upset okay it's not so my prediction how this story's gonna go basically the father's gonna get sick and then Leon is gonna be like oh no my father's sick someone has to take care of him so I'll feel there's gonna be like you stay and take care of him I'll do it instead it's totally how it's gonna go down 100% wow that was fast arigato mosy where did all the people go again hi Hajime Master I know Oh od the togas anus yeah yeah hi Pepe he's sick yeah yeah I have a good feeling about this guy I feel like he's he's up to something he's too nice I don't trust anybody anymore Sarojini not on are you squawk oh Sacko did he just die go and sleep okay whenever any not attack it is Deanna janna dies of this car my pistol a days overdue sir scusi subhanaka Xenia she's uniformity Takeda ice storm and in a place where there's a bunch of ice just okay I can talk to somebody up here it must be level 15 or higher to guide this person restore health huh this way Diana died sober or philia Oh hitori Minister smack me no tsubasa city smoker skinny oginski are we gonna have two dead father's like we already have one dead father and we're gonna have two that's kind of that's really sad was this the war that um that involved a Hornburg I feel like all of this is just going to somehow just connect itself all together somehow towards the end vitia it smells inna oh so that's how you get up there – you know myself Nakata a beauty animal skin adapted hi obedia could I get it no I guess entrust a sudden okay hey okay gomen nasai Hey Yeti Missa heyyo philia joint the party let's go we got it it's got another full party actually we can go get another person right hold on let's spy some weapons actually for this man accuracy all right I'll buy another one of these eight thousand eight thousand I can't I can't do that we'll be okay with that what what kind of skills you got you should have some some healing in some light I'm much soui HP to all allies yeah holy light elemental defense oh yeah how promotes doesn't have that does she she only has physical defense huh light base damage to all foes start a large amount of HP to all allies grant a single allied the ability to reflect one elemental attack Oh revive and secret it's a secret no single target healing but I guess the AoE heal is cheap enough it's only eight SB all right you know I'll buy that it sounds kind of nice way even got a disc I didn't see how much it was cuz I kind of skipped fast it probably give it to you since I your oh I also I picked up this window tire at some point we're giving to you since you're most likely to die at this point I'll give this to you because more speed is nice this is the right way yeah it is okay also I should find someone else to take with me then we can have a six person boy I can't guide this person huh I guess I guess primroses thing is there's a percentage but you can essentially recruit anyone as long as they're lucky whereas with Ophelia it's based on level but it's always 100% so that's interesting also I find it I find it very amusing that the the two different ways of getting random people to join you is to seduce them or to use religion to guide them that's just I feel like there's some sort of underlying message there but we're just gonna kind of gloss over that for now what level do I have to be to take you with me I can't even take you with me never mind wisdom of the church sure why not we'll give this six person train choo-choo let's go to the cave of origin this actually looked kind of ridiculous just six people and look another healing grape we have like every type of magic now right because we have we have fire lightning and ice from Cyrus we have dark from Primrose light from Ophelia and we have wind from Tressa even though Tressa really sucks at magic I presume so that should be every element right just about actually there might be earth magic that's the thing too you're not sure let's see what this does oh nice Primrose yeah Oh aye Fran I I forgot I had that nope let's just kill these things okay 104 okay you know that's that's a bit overkill 600 maidens you Monsieur I don't suppose your week to winmagic are you nope it's just getting rid of these guys I forgot I don't have my double lightning attack which would have defeated the purpose all right Cyrus you got this does that thing up here well what is the point of this path okay like the you need assume there's like a treasure chest or something up there holy crap that's a bear please help me it's not with the fire you know you figure something called a frost fair would be weak to fire but I guess not oh thank goodness your week disappears at least oh and your week to wind it's interesting holy crap bear holy Sh what the hell happened this bear is really scary okay um holy crap tress is dead and she's the only one who can break the bear Wow okay thanks holy crap oh thanks I think all right um actually wait do I have a wind yes get out of here bear Wow fire does nothing that are just the town's person I brought with me really sucks all right I know I have olives doors Wow this thing is still very much alive by the way holy crap please die it did not die I'd run too if I were you huh oh crap thank goodness holy crap that bear that was scary I want to save you no I just like I feel like saving after that Hey well how about you come with me you have prayer I don't I don't know what that does you have repeated strike wisdom of the church yeah I'll take wisdom of the church it's insulin it's a single target buff it looks like which buffs a bunch of stuff so sure why not hey I forgot the Tris at this thing free gold please tell me there's no bears in here because that bear was scary and I don't want to fight another one all right should I look to see if Cyrus could get a new ability I only have one more summon on the elderly woman well that was a good guess oh come on 82% chance dress up you're gonna make me eat magic aren't you you give it away all right I don't need to use a plumbing Primrose she's gonna level up after the next paddle so and I just kept clomp too lovely yeah well then thanks iris you do that more often I just need more as long as I keep Syrus fed with SP he's probably like one of my hardest hitting characters right now what was I gonna look at skills that's right probably take that with me I probably don't need that right now I'll take a revive I guess I don't even know if I have 50 SP to use but when damaged all foes hired help I'll take the wind damage grows on trees still can't get anyone all status in hand meant you receive will last one additional turn okay gain additional money after battles heck yes please that's like the best one so far reduce the rate of random encounters ha I mean I don't know if I actually want that on right now cuz that's less exp but I mean I guess I could just take it off inform I really want to I'm definitely noticing it though I was assumed I would've gotten attacked by that I bet it's that mattias guy I think that was his name I I have a bad feeling about a man he's he's up to something Hey look it's a traveling merchant oh boy you always have the same stuff with you we're about to go into presumably a boss battle so I should be good those some nice statues right there the guardian of the first flame I like the music some good music right there all right give me some buffs or you can attack him with wind that works – is this fair Wow I don't suppose your weak to fire huh of course not a one second all right back I had a phone call what do I even want to do hit with a stick wow that actually works oh man Cyrus alright should start prepping for um you just no money for damage face not gonna come let's see donates not unison let's see if you're actually gonna weep delight you're not okay let's work the shot now we're to fire either whitening maybe well it's still my heart singing ability so didn't have time to buff Primrose unfortunately Wow for only a third way through can we break this yes we can this appeals hmm tell me see I did off Oh philia to break on her own after I do this oh yeah I wanted to buff myself but I'm gonna settle for buffing Cyrus Syrus to get another point sold from Rose so I should give it to you try ice yet I just realized oh there we go I still think that double fire probably does more damage than that but there we go at least i Trece and we're almost there actually if I do this and I miss okay we didn't miss but at least we know he's almost dead yes I just realized I don't actually have any I'll have any SP to cast anything on Syrus there we go we did it and spiriting plump basket of basket of plums imagine just defeating a goal in some random cave and he offers you a gift basket of just plums how exactly are you supposed to carry this flame by the way oh there's a lantern on the little thing it oh I'm sorry the lanthorn is that it actually a thing is it like a different kind of a lantern know how tragic it would be if she went to go do that on her own and then died on the way there and then Leah Liana lost both her father and her adoptive sister I'm actually really surprised the guards outside the cave did try to stop her so my night I know none done there when did I guess no just like here's this like ancient lantern just like you go just hiding this behind my back oh yeah walking a king oh I see no yo Donny low Canadian Bemis has only doctor no darou my mucho she ot off idea oh my Hot Tuna yasashiku Donny Deutsch gossamer gain Sandow dogs Anita Noah hottest Oh Leanna no Tammy doll Oh Oh my eggnog is kyoko know you Nina taco – ha ha – Cara Kyoko say Connie or – taco so no kuruvamma a total lien on each CUNY Deacon was Canoga oh my daijoubu daro oh my no yes I saw a secon Oh yo da HD okay excuse olfi idea why – you are kamusta tortellini are you Mina Sako today at a yachty kurumada yog indya Noah antonio codex taboos Sumida dice que una mas Amedda a tiny quote a detector Madonna the Sonics TinyCo Toyota Mario's – Motorola given no karada no koto de dali or yoga cocktail excuse um Kurokawa dianna Daktari nakaoka nah oh hi Joshua no serum Oh wha – no demon no Musa better I do you got talk over yeah she's not gonna die like right here right because I would kind of defeat the purpose studies Arianna nickimja etherium cute kitten kill them throw some anagram oh you captain tank diva more video you couldn't attend topspin in this manner and I began to minister Oh feeding period disconnected Tosun in the southern need philia Colinas he's Megan well I suppose the populace dead monitor veridian assisting our yoga okay I'm about a Demonica I met them a color picker Rita Conan is equal to nine Oh faint ability goal desert decide who Dame agrees sorry sorry no max no say Connie so I'll give you a con una de skinny her biscuits me that's a really short pilgrimage that's only like two other towns you're making it's la is this grand journey across all the towns but it's only like two places and then back Bavarian kiyotaka Santo buddy too much nicholas ii or maturity value Monsieur say community visionary Messiah hmm I surprisingly like Ophelia story more than I thought I would mostly just because when it comes to like churches and religions in in JRPGs it's usually pretty straightforward what's gonna happen but I still enjoy it mostly because I just kind of liked the characters hey look it's another plum basket it's actually really expensive refreshing Jam holy crap never mind this is expensive that's like more than half of my money oh I guess if it's one hundred percent he just automatically does it not you consider leaving your home for some place better huh well how about coming with actually no I stuffed the elderly woman your new corn eats you up miles that's it that's all you're gonna give me that's not much to go off on at all Wow see when when you do quests like this where it's like you just get a very general description and then you just kind of figure out your own it's a double-edged sword some people will like it and then you'll like trying to figure out and other people will just be kind of annoyed by it you're like especially in this age where everything is usually pretty self-explanatory it's like here's all the information in case you missed all the information here's a big journal description and also here's a marker pointing exactly where you need to go but yeah that was not much to go off on at all apparently number somebody else in the tavern maybe yeah but the joltin research of a slumbering giant huh a passionate scholar who loves researching unfortunately the headmaster is yet to acknowledge his work leaving him next I bet you and Cyrus would get along very well this time I didn't actually have to leave town like all of you all the other times like oh yeah so make sure to leave town this time it just the chapter already ended so let's go ahead and save and then who's next on it I believe that's the Huntress and then we there's actually a lot of space between her and and darien over here all right making good headway I like that we haven't even gotten all the characters and we spent six and a half hours playing so far there's still three more characters to get wow that's a little that's a lot of game game play time time playing game all right but that's all the time I have for today I have to go get ready I'm gonna go watch a movie tonight so yeah I'm gonna go get ready for that and I guess I'll see you guys in the next video sayonara bye bye ikono is great

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