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we'd like to do some sightseeing the village is very pretty I will show you okay I'll just change out of these wet clothes I don't look like a tourist do I do you look perfect is everybody ready this is Gabriella's village goldfish maybe yes water drums carpets garden gnomes who buys all this rubbish tourists Oh maรฑana mummy pig is buying lots of things to take home mummy pig we haven't got room for this in a suitcase don't worry daddy pig they sell suitcases too this is the village calf a little bit of tomato little bit of cheese into the oven maybe we let them cook first no okay let's write the postcard to your goldfish yes I miss her very much to Goldie wish you were here laughing kisses you can pause the card here good bye postcards fly him quickly Pizza Pizza Pizza mmm yummy Peppa loves pizza everybody loves pizza I'm just going for one last walk one going for one last swim mr. pig yes one last swim before I go home holidays are nice but they don't last forever pepper think of all your friends waiting for you back home yes I miss my friends and I miss Goldie the fish can I telephone ballsy okay pepper granny and Grandpa pig looking after Goldie the fish while pepper is on holiday hello um she's eating well I think postcards do she like tips the postcard hasn't arrived yet pepper but I'm sure it will be here soon we're coming home today see you later Suzy sheep has come to play with Peppa I know Suzy oh not yet Suzy but she's coming back today Suzy is missing Peppa this suitcase is heavy are you sure we need all this stuff mummy pig these are important souvenirs from our holiday okay is everybody ready yes then let's go oh oh look oh dear Peppa has forgotten teddy it's a funny magic mirror spoon I know where there are some big funny mirrors really wobbly mirrors in a tent where are these wobbly mirrors at the fair the parents have brought the children into the fair roll roller see my amazing wobbly mirrors it's very simple illusions of optical differentials by convex and concave surfaces generate patterns yes it's magic this mirror looks normal to me daddy where's your big tummy God what tummy it is mummy rabbit with her baby twins Rosie and Robbie hello sister how are you today very good sister mustn't chat for long though I've got customers inside the tents on the mirror is amazing daddy pig Wow I can see two of you what do you mean I can see you in the mirror but there's no mirror is it magic oh I suppose we do look a bit the same well we are it isn't quite what I was expecting how many tickets two adults and two children please miss rabbit's busy isn't it busy no this is quiet the potato 6e have a lovely day Peppa's friends have come to potato City – and this is mr. potato himself welcome to potato city where the magical vegetables never end see how vegetables grow learn how they keep us fit and healthy and get back into space by the potato rocket pepper and her friends are going to ride on the potato rocket George wants to ride on the potato rocket – are you sure George it looks a bit high daddy pig doesn't like Heights no I'm not getting on George is too small to go on this out oh okay make it quick oh it's very quick George has changed his mind oh dear George come to mummy maybe I'll just get off too yes I do need water for my garden so a will will be useful but that is not a well it's made of plastic and there's no hole what's the point of a well without water it's a wishing well you throw a coin into it and make a wish can I make a wish granny of course pepper here's a little coin I wish I wish I wish don't tell us what you're wishing for okay finished very good granny doodle she's always come true yes oh goody but now it's time for grandpa to take you home bye-bye goodbye my little ones wishing well in your garden do you think so what did you wish for pepper my god oh well I think we can do that pepper and George have arrived really what did you wish for pepper Oh grandpa pig I don't think we have enough room nonsense you've got plenty of room yes I suppose so heparin George loves gnomes and dishing wells everybody loves noggin wishing wells I can't see him there you are you cheeky little sprout now we can sing our Christmas song would you like to hear it boys and girls very important person has come to see you all have you all been good have you all been cleaning your teeth have you kept your bedrooms tidy jolly good Oh Merry Christmas now let's all sing our Christmas song no more playgroup Madame gazelle is going away I suppose she has been teaching a long time Madame gazelle taught all the mummies and daddies when they were children Madame gazelle taught me everything I know who can count to three one two three thinking about it Madame gazelle must be very old which is probably why she's decided to stop teaching I know we should give Madame gazelle a leaving party it is the day of Madame gazelles leaving party everyone has come to help and tell us if Madame gazelles coming along why we don't want Madame gazelle catching us getting her party ready surprise I hope we've invited everyone what about Madame gazelles old friends wasn't she wants in a pop group that's right she played guitar with the walking gazelles hello Cangas s hello Madame gazelle is leaving the playgroup party what fun we would be there good everyone's coming now let's make the party food this is the playgroup kitchen everyone is helping with the party food Emily elephant and Wendy wolf are decorating cupcakes pepper and George are making jelly I'm building a new house no this is a model the real house will be much bigger ah and this is a drawing of what needs to be built Papa has drawn a swing to go outside the house perfect would you like to visit the new house yes daddy pig is taking pepero George to see the house he is building that's because the building work hasn't started yet here are mr. bull and his friends mr. bull has come to build the new house I've done the hard bit mr. bull just has to follow my instructions mr. pig push it to be car park swimming pool rocky station a house can you build it exactly like this please but bigger mr. pig what's a house is it going to be built of straw or stakes or bricks mr. pig bricks please good choice don't worry Peppa we won't George wants to help – okay George could you put a blob of water here water is a very special kind of mud that sticks bricks together would you like to lay the first brick don't worry the boys yeah Emily elephant is very good at reaching high with her trunk stop arguing you can all be in the same team the children all in one big team the parents have come to take the children home I know you can play the grown-ups but you've been taught basketball by daddy coach we're the grown-ups team oh I'm quite good at cricket yes well this is basketball you throw the ball through the hoop but you can only use your hands or your trunk but not your feet Ready Steady Go mr. elephant has the ball tackled by George passed to Zoe zebra to Richard rabbit Pepa children Peppa likes playing with twinkle toes perhaps you should play with the toy horse outside hmm it's a bit steep here maybe you should play at the bottom of the hill and the quickest way down the hill is to ride down I know what I'm doing pepper I'm a grown-up what was that big splash what big splash Oh daddy pig did you know you've got a duck on your head oh yes well I did fall in the pond George wants to ride on the toy horse George cannot make the horse go if only there was someone big and strong to push George along I began so I can push George what's a good idea Peppa Twinkle Toes oh I know because the present is for both of us well call her horsey twinkle turn and George loved playing together with 4c Twinkle Toes is it comfortable these mustn't sit on its antique chairs or not for sitting on look at them that's not much fun even for a grown up buying a present for granny and Grandpa is hard work or don't understand my shop sells everything there must be something you like and I think granny and Grandpa would like it let's buy their teddy they're a very good choice who's going to play one penny and two buttons here's your change one button Thank You mr. Fox pepper and her family have come to give granny and Grandpa pig their presents hello my little ones happy anniversary Oh another glass vars it's a grown-up present that's why it's a bit boring it's lovely we'll put it without other glass vases Georgia me bought you a present too I hope you like it I tell you bear for grandpa and me thank you pepper and George he is very good at cuddling does he have a name um he's could Eddie the teddy and what does Eddie like to eat chocolate I broccoli that's the best present we've ever had Oh but if Eddie is going to live here he'll need children to play with we can play with him granny and every time you visit us he'll be here for you to play with Oh hmmm how do you get tortoises out of trees yes the tree down okay I'll climb up instead oh I seem to be stuck dogs are not very good at climbing trees no we'll have to call the highest rescue service in the land okay I'm on my way it is miss rabbit in her rescue helicopter hello everyone let's rescue this tortoise helicopter Oh silly me I'll just put the old two pilots on autopilot on have a nice day water pilots fly helicopters on their own got you you little rascal miss rabbit has rescued Tibbles thank you for saving my petals no problem mom just do my job goodbye and haven't you forgotten something what oh yes my helicopter what a naughty tart ice you are oh good you're sleepy now back in your box sleep well toodles Tiddles has gone to sleep for the winter he will wake again in the springtime you can't walk away from your shadow you need to run away from it Peppa is trying to run away from her shadow hello everyone hello Suzy we're trying to run away from our shadows no one can run away from their shadow need to use a scooter Suzy is trying to ride away from her shadow see but your shadow is still there Oh hello everyone here is mr. elephant with Emily and Edmund we're trying to run away from our shadows you can never run away from your shadow I know we can't go fast enough no Suzy it's nothing to do with how fast you run you see my shadow is still underneath me even if I run faster my shadow keeps up with me it's not that Emily your shadow always stays with you it makes a shadow I have the biggest shadow because I'm the biggest and smallest shadows because we are the smallest very clever Edmund eye shadow it's not the Giants the shadow is being made by a cloud what's all this noise about Len hey they're trying to push us out of the Sam pits we know yes you are oh dear the countries of the world are not playing nicely together what is happening America Russia Spain and Greece won't share the sand pits the bossy one that is enough is this how you think the countries of the world behave don't they of course not all the parents have arrived how is it a national day going not too bad excellent lovely River nothing for you the song of harmony what a wonderful display of togetherness pepper and her friends love singing together in harmony all the countries of the world love singing together in harmony watch this I will put the duck here now you tell me where it is exactly daddy it won't always be so easy pepper who wants to go first because that's an easy game George can go first okay you all wait here daddy pig is putting the rubber duck somewhere for George to find the duck is somewhere in your bedroom George is looking for the rubber duck but it is quite difficult to find George you can see it just look with your eyes George is using his eyes to look for the rubber duck you're getting warmer colder war megumi George has found the rubber duck okay peppers turn I will do the hiding this time mummy peek is going to put the rubber duck somewhere for pepper to find ready the rubber duck is somewhere in the kitchen I've come to find you I know where you are you're in the sink the rubber duck is not in the sink the rubber duck is not under the table it's sitting with something else that's yellow something yellow that lives in the kitchen bananas Peppa has found the rubber duck I don't think so daddy rabbit the baby is coming right what a hospital quickly know what planet I've got it all pillows scented candles yoga music and enough food for three days what panic don't panic anyone in we are having Rapids hello sister what are you doing here I'm having a baby remember oh yes you better come inside then can I come too No you'll have to park the car first don't worry having a baby always takes a long time out of the way everyone my sisters having a baby I can't go in depth ours this lot would last us a good few days where shall we put all this stuff back in the car we don't need it now what the excitement how high is it a boy or a girl oh we've got baby twin wow it is the next day and mummy rabbit is home from hospital calls papa boys or girls they're both a boy and a girl back hood Rosie and Robbie so you did you space planes yes Rosie rabbit and Robbie rabbit they're the best names in the world and we sort of them welcome to my cowboy camp yeah it's a tent it's a cowboy camp where Cowboys sleep at nighttime are you going to sleep in the night um no that might be a bit scary but we can pretend it's nighttime but it's not nighttime just pretend the Sun is the moon okay Petro can we be Cowboys – yes you could be my partners it's my little cowboy hungry I sure AM MA that's how Cowboys speak would you cowboys and cowgirls like something to eat – the tabloids always come next to their mommy's kitchen no you have to pretend the house is not here this is the wild the Wild West is the Cowboys live cowboy stories beans on toast for everyone boys love beans on toast everybody loves beans on toast Oh shoo shoo naughty birds okay pepper all the birdies have gone to bed daddy pig can go inside now your plants have started to grow soon they'll have flowers on them little snail has come to take a look oh dear snails like eating plants grandpa pig can you chase barbra to your garden um okay I'll take care of Barbara it is one week later Peppa George and look at George's plant it's a bean store candy days all the way up to Giant's Castle oh no pepper but it does go quite high Georgia's flower is taller than our house Oh George has grown a sunflower well done George I love our flower garden now let's make you a vegetable garden but that's where I sit in my chair like tomatoes carrots and potatoes I do like a nice potato daddy pig loves potatoes everyone loves potatoes George loves aeroplanes oh I didn't know you had an airplane dr. hamster oh yes I'm the flying that thank goodness the vets there where is the sick lizard there it is oh poor little pickle what is wrong with the lizard it seems to be upside down I just flip it over yeah dr. hamster has made the lizard better Oh [Applause] emergency hello hello a grandpa pig here grandpa pig is out sailing his boat it's Polly she's a sick parent oh parrot I'll be right there look Polly it's not flying this is a seaplane we can man on the water we've come to make Polly better how long has Polly been sick since we came out on our boat trip uh-huh I know what's wrong with Polly she say Nick get Polly to dry land the sooner the better there's an island there we go better Polly Polly is not a sick parrot anymore well done Rebecca but that's not as good as my friends Kiley go on choose your jump I don't show off do it okay Kylie kangaroo is the best at jumping here is Pedro pony this is my friend Kylie kangaroo she's my friends she can jump higher than anyone no one can jump higher than me or my super space or paw shame Kylie but Pedro did very well do it okay Kylie kangaroo is the best at jumping I could jump higher but I'm a little bit tired Oh what was that it is raining like I said if you want it to rain start a barbecue I'm afraid we'll all have to go indoor what and miss the rain mr. kangaroo has got a big umbrella to shelter everyone from the rain birds ready who's hungry her likes corn on the cob everyone likes corn on the cob it stopped raining the rain makes everything so fresh and green and wet jumping up and down in muddy puddles no pepper you were babies you couldn't even walk what did we do you cried [Applause] baby Suzie baby soon after that you were toddlers he was a baby in my tummy yes you were in my tummy George no pepper this tummy is pure muscle and so George was born and granny and Grandpa gave George a very special present can you guess what it was the dinosaur that's right and you and Suzy were running and jumping around then one day you saw something amazing pepper if you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots you loved jumping up and down in muddy puddles let's take a photo now jumping up and down in muddy puddles has always loved jumping up and down in muddy puddles the hardest-working person in the country is Miss rabbit miss rabbit runs the ice-cream stall the recycling center the library she drives the Train the fire engine flies a rescue helicopter and works the supermarket checkout whew what a long day ah what are you not doing here this rabbit I have a very special letter for you miss rabbit please come to my palace to get a medal for all your hard work bring friends all the best the Queen miss rabbit has fainted I can't visit the Queen I've got too much work to do relax know where we'll be working that day the Queen has made it a holiday it is the day miss rabbit visits the Queen pepper and her friends are going to this is the queen's palace hello is anybody there all that fancy stuff don't touch anything oops what a big house lots of room for a queen to kick of all about where is the Queen hello have you seen the Queen today she's an old lady with a crown on her head I am The Queen miss rabbit has fainted again daddy dear mr. C well sometimes it is grandad dog grandpa pig and Grampy rabbit hello I can Captain dog come out to play what we are going on a fishing trip on a boat okay let's go you said you'd never get on the boats again oh yes so I did well there they go off on a boat without me what are you going to do now daddy oh I don't know maybe I'll clean the seaweed off the house you don't get seaweeds on houses no of course not we'll take my boat are you sure your boots safe Grampy rabbit boss it's safe I built it myself I love going fishing nitu and what do you need for a fishing trip fishing rods basket it's very good of you to steer the boat scrappy rabbits but I'm not steering the boat I told somebody else wolves oh dear no one is steering the boat we're lost at sea Grampy rabbits boat is sinking situations really no this is the worst we're just a sea of the sky for company and we haven't got any food this is mint and this is lavender perfume wow that's a strong smell of lavender ah granny pig you smell nice Thank You grandpa pig what is it oh yes it's lovely has George made some perfume too no granny he doesn't like the smell of anything there must be something you like the smell of George has found a muddy puddle ah George what have you got there have you made some perfume actually that smells quite nice it smells I say that is delightful what did you put in a George yes you should use perfume the muddy puddle more often Danny dog is in charge of the microphone Emily elephant is in charge of the bric-a-brac store break it back Emily he will be busy all day selling it here is mr. Fox mmm this all looks very interesting may I have that one how much is it how much have you got oh of course we are facing money for the school roof look Madame gazelle I've got rid of everything wonderful Emily how much money have you raised money did you not get some money for the bits and bobs I didn't need to mr. Fox took it away for nothing Susie sheep is in charge of the face paintings doll hello Susie can I be a mountain leopard please no I can only do fruits okay Peppa is in charge of the lucky dip okay what do I do mr. ball has won a dolly mrs. cat as one a digger mr. pool mrs. cat like they're lucky give prizes ten the seahorse be gold his friend one more room to go nothing it's just green slime look that green slime is algae there must be some sort of fishing line whoa better fish with big long ears it's a rabbit fish it is Miss rabbit wearing a diving costume oh she is cleaning the fish tank miss rabbit is saying hello it is difficult to talk underwater that was the last fish tank what's in the next room this is the aquarium cafe oh goody my favorite room hello Peppa did you find a friend for Goldy he's not that's just ginger my pet goldfish he loves the aquarium looks like goalies found a friend after all and Goldie can visit ginger anytime she wants don't worry Peppa you can be the chief mechanic you fix George's car if it goes wrong let's start the race three times round the garden one George is in the lead what's all this noise out here I'm trying to watch television a wheel has come off George's car where's the chief mechanic what do we do oh dear George is now and you've got the best chief mechanic in the whole world – yes ah it is mrs. duck and her friends hello mrs. duck if you've come for the picnic you'll have to wait for the little boat like me or you could just swim across like you're doing would you like some cheese grumpy rabbit well I should be getting back daddy we forgot daddy I've come to take you to the picnic oh we forgot you I saved you some jelly I saved you a sandwich and George saved you a strawberry nice of you all Thank You mrs. duck have you got some please I don't know what you're talking about it's just pretend we're playing a game oh I see you want pretend water yeah pretend snow we come out it's to get pretend water on your mountaintop that's a slide it's a pretend Mountain Oh what's the matter Pedro because it is a hot day the snow has melted can't we pretend it hasn't melted no it's melted good and Papa but look over there real water daddy pig is drinking from the water fountain daddy can we have some water in our bucket please we're making a late it is Freddy Fox hello everyone it's a desert island we are going to live here forever if I only had a flag I've got a flag in my van if you'd like it mr. Fox has got everything in his van come on mr. Chuck don't be scared I like hedgehogs they are very good at keeping slugs and snails off my lovely letters yes there are moths butterflies that come out at night they like the torchlight when it goes off they leave when the light goes on they come back and if we leave the torch off we can see another very tiny night animal look up at the sky a shooting star no that is a Firefly oh no Peppa it has a tummy that glows animals in your garden grandpa no granny P lovely but now it's time to say good night to them good night night animals and it's well past bedtime for you little piggies this is the x-ray machine it's a machine that looks inside things put your bags on here please [Applause] this is the aeroplane that will take pepper and her family on holiday George loves aeroplanes welcome aboard we hope you enjoy your flight with us today can I sit next to the window oh of course Peppa yes George you can sit next to a window too this is captain emergency speaking is everybody ready what can you see out of the window pepper that's because we're on top of the clouds the plane is flying higher and higher to the Sun no but we are going somewhere sunny pepper and her family are flying through the sky on their way to a sunny holiday but I think we're it maybe we don't need this sat-nav let's go this way remember daddy pig this is another country they may drive differently here Oh driving is driving mummy pig it can't be that different Strada bone core driving in Italy is very different to driving at home yes we're on holiday I expect they're saying hello of course we can what is so friendly here pepper and her family are on their way to their holiday house will Eve is there yes I can feel myself relaxing already oh dear it is a policeman hello officer I don't know what I was doing wrong but I promise I won't do it again good day I am returning this young bear he was left on the aeroplane oh thank you daddy have a lovely holiday oh yeah peppa and her family have arrived at their holiday house what have you got in this bag mummy pig it's all important stuff for our holiday a lovely plant our computer tinned food hot water bottles some winter clothes in case it gets a bit chilly the telephone

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