Philippine Airlines A350 BUSINESS CLASS 16+ Hours – Manila to New York

Hello fellow Travellers! I’m Jeb Brooks from GreenerGrass.com. Right now I’m in Manila. It’s time to head back to the States. I polled the subscribers to this channel fairly
recently and I asked for suggestions on the best way to get back from Guam. The overwhelming majority of you said I should
try Philippine Airlines’ new service to JFK. I think it’s like the eighth or ninth longest
flight in the world. Although I’m sure it won’t hold that status
for long the way long-haul travel is working out these days! But the service is on an A350. I can’t wait! I’m super fortunate because I’m flying in
Business Class and if the hospitality is half as nice in the air as it’s been here on the
ground in Manila, this is going to be an epic journey. It’s about time to head to the airport. I hope you’ll join me for what promises to
be a pretty special flight. Let’s head over there! My brief time in Manila left me with warm
feelings for the people of the Philippines. Everyone I encountered was kind, friendly,
and genuinely made me feel welcomed. This terminal was massively crowded. Fortunately, there was a separate check-in
for Business Class. Everybody’s so nice! Everybody’s just so nice here! I had access to the PAGSS lounge, which to
be honest left a lot to be desired. It was crowded, not very clean, and did not
offer much in the way of food. There were great views of the ramp! Albeit through dirty windows. The lounge had a very nice collection of models
from airlines that serve Manila. If you like travel and airplanes, please click
the subscribe button and ring that bell so you can be among the first to see when I post
a new video. Boarding was a bit chaotic and confusing. We were sent to one gate only to be shuffled
along to another. It was crowded and disorganized. But all of that melted away at the site of
this beautiful bird. I’m a tremendous fan of the Airbus A350
having flown with Delta and Malaysia and Singapore in theirs and I’m excited to add a new carrier
to my list! And here’s my seat 8K. It’s incredibly well designed. Passengers arrive to find a pillow and a very
nice blanket. There’s plenty of storage — an essential
component of any ultra long haul seat. And if you’re traveling solo, I’d recommend
trying to get an odd numbered window seat because they’re a bit more private. Unfortunately, I had to make a last-minute
change to head home earlier than I’d planned, so all of those seats were taken. Anyway, there’s easy access to a universal
plug, headphone jack and a remote control for the Inflight Entertainment that’s really
unnecessary because the screen is so responsive. There’s also a light and sufficient seat
adjustments. You’ll find even more controls down here,
easily accessible from the lay flat position. The seat even has a coat hook! We’ll take a look at that massive screen
in just a bit. Here’s the reason those odd numbered seats
are better. Being this close to the aisle makes you feel
a bit exposed – especially when laying flat. But legroom sure isn’t a problem here! Philippine Airlines really takes advantage
of the great mood lighting from Airbus. Philippine Airlines’ Inflight Entertainment
is fantastic. And it really has to be given the fact they’re
flying one of the ten longest flights on the planet. There are plenty of choices to suit all tastes
and – crucially – there are some great moving map features. We’ll see some more throughout the flight. The tray table is large enough to eat on or
work, but not both at the same time. Subscribers will not find it surprising to
learn I preferred my own Bose noise cancelling headphones to the ones provided by the airline. They’re just not of the greatest quality. Slippers are provided, but unlike Garuda’s
First Class, there was no “Slipper Service.” I had to “slum it” by putting them on
myself! I’m only kidding! But that was a special flight. Have you seen that video? I’ll link it here. The amenity kit includes the basic amenities
for a flight like this. It’s worth highlighting, thanks to a movable
armrest, the seat also allows you to get out even while you’re eating. The food was, for the most part, really good. Absolutely no complaints from me about this
menu! A little more than two hours after take-off,
it was time for me try out the fully flat bed. I never forget how unbelievably fortunate
I am to get to have experiences like this. Not only do I have the chance to see so much
of the world and meet so many wonderful people, I sometimes get to travel in the lap of luxury. I’m incredibly grateful. Now, I had a great nap thanks in large part
to the A350’s innovative design. The cabin is pressurized to 6,000 feet, as
much as 2,000 feet lower than other airplanes. And the humidity is 5% higher. These two factors mean a great sleep! And what better to wake up than with Burger? I also figured it was a good time to take
a walk around the aircraft. According to Seat Guru, Philippine Airlines
offers 241 Economy Seats laid out in a three, three, three configuration. There are 24 Premium Economy Seats in a two,
four, two configuration. And 30 flat bed Business Class seats in a
one, two, one configuration. If you’re traveling as a couple in Business
Class, I’d recommend the middle seats, which are easy to get in and out of and feel extremely
private. This crew is incredible. Honestly, some of the best service I’ve ever
experienced on any airline. They’re awesome! I can’t wait to – they’ve inspired me to want
to fly Philippine Airlines again very soon. I don’t ordinarily film the bathrooms on
planes. Instead, I just want to get in and out as
quickly as possible. But this one’s worth highlighting for two
reasons. First, it was clean throughout this long flight
thanks – again – to the crew. Second, the light dimmed as the door opened,
minimizing the annoyance to passengers seated nearby. A very nice, simple feature. There was time for one more meal before beginning
our approach and sharing my “JebScore” for this flight. Anchovies? Just not quite my “thing!” So, how did Philippine Airlines do? I rate my airline experiences in an admittedly
subjective way. I base it on five factors. So, let’s take a look. First, the lounge? Well, it was pretty bad. Not a great way to start the flight. Perhaps if we’d left from the newer terminal,
the experience would have been better. But, alas, it just wasn’t great. That’s two out of five stars. Second, the seat? It’s well-designed with great storage and,
if you can get an odd numbered window seat or you’re a couple in the middle, you’re
really in a cocoon of your own. This earns four out of five stars. The Inflight entertainment is simple, responsive,
and offers great choices. While it’s not as good as Emirates, it’s
still good and earns a solid four out of five stars. The food was flavorful and interesting. This was well-executed business class food. Five stars here. Finally, the crew. Wow! I’m not sure I’ve ever had a better one! Five stars all day long! So that earns Philippines Airlines a solid
twenty stars. Putting them alongside Lufthansa’s business
class and Delta’s older International business class cabin. But, what do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts about Philippine! I can’t wait to hear! If you liked this video, please click the
thumbs up button, leave a comment, let me know what you think. But, between now and the next time, See You
In The Sky!

Yvette Parker


  1. Why was this crew so great? They anticipated passengers' needs and called us all by name. It's the little things that go a long way in my book! What do you look for in a great crew?

  2. Why Manila Airport is called one of the worst
    Its sooooooooo disorganized

  3. Filipino Hospitality: If the visitor is leaving you still insist them to stay, and gives the visitor too much food while your family is starving 🤣

  4. I'm a Filipino and yes it's super good we Filipino are best at caring people

  5. Hey Jeb, loving the videos what video editing software do you use ?

  6. By the way Jeb, could you do a Turkish airline's first-class video?

  7. Like the look on your face when you ate the anchovies, Jeb. I bet you wanted to spit it out right away.

  8. Try London Heathrow to manila on Philippines airlines

    They also use A350-900XWB
    I tried it before (in economy) and i was living in paradise…very good!

    #more fun in the Philippines!

  9. The lounge in NAIA terminal 1 doesnt justify the PAL lounge in Terminal 2. Unfortunately their MNL-NYC flights are assigned in Terminal 1.

    PAL should definitely have all their international flights in Terminal 2.

  10. perhaps you should not include lounges in your final evaluation and just focus on the flight experience. lounges are now independent entities in some airports; you then can evaluate lounges independently of the flight experience.

  11. I’m on Guam also and taking the same Philippines air back also… love the Philippines but been living on Guam for 3 1/2 Years and hate everything about this place.. Back home to Florida I come to Real America!!!

  12. I’m going to the Philippines in May 2020 on the 22nd on Philippine Airlines 🇵🇭

  13. Your report is the first positive review I have heard of Philippine Airlines. The quality of your food might have been great but the quantity seems lacking and I am don't eat that much….thanks!

  14. Have you try flight with Garuda Indonesia?thats the best customer service flight attendance

  15. Great vid, but I beg to differ on the food presented on Philippine Airlines. Considering you were traveling in business class, the dishes shown are not up to snuff, portions look small too.

    Compare the food presented in their competitors‘ business class such as Taiwan‘s EVA Air and China Airlines, Singapore, Thai Air, Cathay Pacific, and you can see Philippine Airlines still has a ways to go !

  16. I would prefer Emirates for Business and First class flights. Service is excellent too but you'll experience luxury in the sky. Both Emirates and Philippine Airlines have horrible services in Economy. So if I fly Economy, I'd choose Lufthansa.

  17. I just cameback here in toronto flying pal A350 and it was great specially the flight crew. Vietnamese also flying PAL A350 and layover to manila and 1 hour connecting to vietnam and they love the services being rendered.

  18. i always fly PAL business NY-MNL. the crew makes you feel important and they really do care about their passengers

  19. yeah, they’re the friendliest because you guys are white people, but if you are a fellow Filipino, these crews are very rude and wouldn’t even pay attention to your needs. tsk

  20. Thanks for reviewing our national airline carrier! In terms of Lounge they working on it already. Still many need to improve with Philippine Airlines even though they got the no.1 spot for Most improved Airline for 2019 according to Skytrax. We our aiming our Philippine Airlines would back when it was before that the airline always no.1 in Asia. Philippine Airlines is Asia’s 1st Airline! Mabuhay!

  21. Manila's Airport (NAIA) has been over capacity for YEARS now,so it is always crowded.

  22. I've flown Phlippine airlines a couple of times, both internationally and regional. Both times they offered outstanding service! Didn't know that the A350 also did long haul flights though 😀

  23. I have always flown PAL in my yearly vacay. Last 2010 We’ve flown JAL coz its C$100 cheaper each & I regretted it. First, we’ve only eaten once in a 9 hr flight & my dad was so hungry. Though we’re only flying economy but w/PAL, you don’t go hungry. Since then, only PAL fr YVR to MNL & back. Aside from the fact that its a straight flight.


  25. I agree, 100% better and cheaper than Delta… Deltaone from Manila to JFK is around 5 to 6000 USD… The service isn't good…

  26. You are so professional😱😊 I was amazed by your reaction and you uplift our country.

  27. fake. worst airline in the world. expensive and crappy service. many instances of arriving in my destination to only find out they had not loaded my luggage. WORST.

  28. Great video! Not surprised at the service you received. I've never flown PAL, but based on Filipinos that I have known, it could be nothing but exceptional. I like to tell people that I have never met a Filipino that I didn't like!! They are beautiful people, and I have no problem calling them friend!

  29. ive been fly with Philippine Airlines for the past 10 years and that is my fav airline! the safety, the food, the quality, the ambiance, the money, the services and most especially the staff are really great!!!

  30. thank you for the compliments, is it because of hospitality of a Filipino people

  31. It would've been better if you were able to depart from one of their newer terminals in Manila. The lounges aren't too good, but that's because the economy isn't as strong and can't afford really to go all out.

  32. The way his tone is and the way he describes things is like Patrick Bateman

  33. Philippine airlines sucks…flight stewardess only gives good service to foreigners but to locals they are not helpful esp. with older Filipinos.

  34. Burger and potato chips wow it had to be the worst cheapest meal i rate the for b, and first a 0.

    HATE YOU!!!!!!!!

  36. Awesome! I really loved it. Nice content featuring ( Philippine Airlines A350 BUSINESS CLASS 16+ Hours – Manila to New York). Thanks for sharing this video.

  37. Because either you are a foreigner or an actor, and that is why they're nice to you.

  38. were you sitting a little too close to the crew area? I mean were they noisy when you were trying to sleep?

  39. Philippine Airlines sucks all the time!!!! The worst airline in the industry

  40. Travelled several times on PAL and they always provide a great service. Plus their landings are real smooth.

  41. If they would build an impressive lounge, they could be world class: I wonder why they haven't yet?

  42. I like pal. They are really nice when I rode on their airline. I would give it 10 stars 🙂

  43. that’s nice to know that philippine air has a direct from MNL to JFK even though i would need a connector back to ATL maybe that’s better than Deltas connection from ATL-ICN-MNL, when i originally went to asia that was my root, in ATL there’s plenty of staff that speak most every language, not the case in ICN, the anxiety begins with a person speaking broken english telling you to go down to next level and take a train then ect ect, and all the signs i could see were in korean, so you start thinking if i screw this up i could end up in north korea !!! haha everything turned out ok i averted ending up in north korea but i think next trip i’ll try MNL-JFK-ATL i doubt the food will be as good as Delta but it’s worth a try… FYI: the food on Air Asia is really good to be an economy airline but the down side is there hub is Malaysia and be ready for about 8 hours of lay over

  44. Reminiscing those days that they are one of the largest operator of The Queen of the Skies BOEING 747-200 and still keeping up with their BOEING 747-400's. I hope with our country soon to make a larger plane hub… The NEW MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Philippine Airlines will soon acquire the BOEING 747-8 INTERCONTINENTAL & the BOEING 787 DREAMLINER.

  45. It has been awhile since I took PR, but decided to give them a try (TPE-MNL) and yeah, they did not disappoint. I know they have undergone some restructuring, with new aircraft purchases, cabin crew training and hiring, etc. But man, their friendly crew just makes it all worthwhile.

  46. 🇵🇭The Philippines is most Friendly people🇵🇭#iTsMoreFuninThePhilippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  47. I flew business class Manilla to New York. 2/19.
    Lounge was great. One of the better ones I've been in.
    Philippines Airlines closely rivals Emirates, losing to them by a hair.

  48. It's really part of our culture Jeb,, thats the way we are,, tnx for appreciation😉😉😉😉

  49. The Filipinos are among the friendliest people on the planet for sure. They just can't stop smiling!

  50. Reading those comments here makes me teary eyes. I was overwhelmed and proud to be a Filipino. I would like to thank you all for those good compliments that you said. Even I'm not the one who serve you during your flight, but to see others appreciate our little act of kindness and hospitality towards your journey, I feel so happy and my heart jump in joy because of those people who likes us Filipino. Thank you everyone for your comments. God bless you all.

  51. As a Filipino, it's our pleasure to see foreign individuals whom gave a good feedback in PAL though it's not the best airline and not as nice as the other bigger airlines in the world. PAL has the cabin crews that has a hospitality and kindness to serve every passenger on their flights and made them comfortable.😍💙

  52. I won't be surprised most foreigners have nice experiences with Philippine Airlines! Notice most guests here who had nice experiences are not Filipinos?! However, the sad thing is that there are many cases it's not the same level of treatment a fellow Filipino receives to 'their' own flag carrier. It happened to me travelling connecting flight from Italy (Milan) to Manila. First was Etihad to Abu Dhabi— good service then PAL from Abu Dhabi to Manila— the most uncaring and inconsiderate stewards and stewardes I ever have encountered in my life! First, we had an 8 month old baby. We were 3 adults and the baby. In Etihad they gave us 1 extra seat for her total of 4 seats. When we transfered to PAL we only got 3 seats with the baby seating on the lap of either one of us. There were many vacant seats at the back at that time and we are asking for a favor to the cabin crews if our group could just transfer and take a 4 seats from there so it would be easier for us due to the fact that my mother-in-law has a knee problem who was seating at the aisle side with me, my wife and the baby inside to the window. She just cannot stand up easily to let us pass going to the toilet once in a while. The staff just said 'they cannot let us use the vacant seat' which remained vacant until we reached Manila. What unfriendly cabin crews they were and very unaccommodating. There was no flight entertainment except the newspapers. The food wasn't great. I thought one of which was a chocolate mousse but it turned out to be a horrible tasting champorado. From there on I swear I will never ride a PAL again!

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