Potterwatch – Sam and Jody Florida Vlogs – Part Eight

It just doesn’t feel right. It is Universal
day today and potentially a soft opening for a Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure.
Erm, just a quick thank you to Universal who when they got in touch with us about the
complaint thing before, gave us the media email address who have hooked us up with
eight single-use Express passes. Which, wasn’t expecting at all, it’s very last
minute erm… So thank you very much for that. Erm… so yeah let’s go.
(Jody) It’s very bright. It is very bright… No… no. So we’re just waiting for an Uber, which for anyone who might be wondering is just under $17 from All Star Sports to Citywalk. Obviously that
varies roughly but that’s… that’s what it is today. We’ve got blue sky, thank God. Come on Hagrid’s, come on -oh why does that look so weird? Come on! We have our
Express packages, Owen is very helpful on Guest Services so thank you
for sorting those for us. And then we want to see if Hagrid’s is open but we’re gonna see
how long queue is for Hulk first. Right, Hulk is done… still no news on
Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure so we’re gonna make our way to the water rides and do
Popeye and Jurassic adventure. When someone tests my patience. So Popeye isn’t open till 10:00 so I think we’re gonna do Jurassic? Jurassic! *sings Jurassic Park theme* Five minute wait, woo! Oh, it looks wet. (Ride Narrator) Welcome to Jurassic Park. *Jurassic Park theme plays* Woah. (whispering) He’s right there. *Alarms sound* Oh no! Aaah! Wow. Oh no! Oh noooo! Aaaaaahh, oh my god! It’s distorted your nose cos of the water and it looks so funny. I’m alright.
(Jody) It wasn’t that bad. She says drenched… We did it. We’ve done Jurassic Park River adventure. We’re gonna come back for other water
rides later, but we’re gonna go see what Hagrid’s Motorbike looks like. (Jody) Cos the thing might be, like, clear now. The stuff in front of it, from the show last night. You’re giving some serious Leia/Padme sorta vibes. (Jody) In the wrong park but who cares? Shhh. (Jody) The snow is like sparkling. I’m loving the Jurassic Park theme during Hogsmeade. *music changes* That’s better. Look, it’s semi-open.
Before you couldn’t even see, like, inside but now we can see a sign with warnings.
So maybe today guys, maybe today. So it seems like soft opening isn’t gonna
happen but we will keep our ears out and our eyes out. And might get a butterbeer. (Team Member) There you are.
(Sam) Thank you very much, thank you. (Team Member) Have a good day guys.
(Sam) Cheers, you too. Oh, I’m so happy… I love this place. Recycle kids. Right, we’re now making our way over to Popeye. (Jody) I’m so ready, I’m so hot… I need water. She’s losing her shoes, come on Jody. Yay… bags are fine, bags got the poncho. I
think we’re going to do it again. (Jody) Yaaaaahhhh!
(Sam) Yeah! (Jody) Oh no, it keeps happening! (Jody) My feet are so wet that they keep on slipping out.
(Sam) Byyyeeee. Denim shorts was was not a wise…
(Jody) Not a good idea, I don’t know why… (Jody) I do have a change of clothes
but I don’t wanna put it on now. While Jody dries, just doing a bit of
laundry. So extra. So, we’ve dried off a little bit, not a lot
but a little bit. We’re now gonna head over to Hogsmeade and… cos apparently something is happening. It is busy in Hogsmeade today. Potterwatch is real. While Jody’s in the bathroom, let’s see what fun things we can find around Hogsmeade. This. This. Thiiiiis. This! Ooooh this. This. This! This. … this. Soon… SOON! So we’re gonna chance it. We’ve seen that there’s, like… staff member or team members whatever they call them previews from 12 to
some other time. So we’re gonna chance it and go get lunch now and then we might
just enjoy the parks a bit more, we’ll see. Because we’re here tomorrow as well, worst case. I love to Zuess Landing so much. We’ve
decided we’re doing Cat in the Hat. That was amazing and now we’re gonna go
eat some food cos we’re very hungry. We haven’t really eaten, can you even hear me? Can you even… can you hear what I’m saying? This is where we’re eating. Ah, this is so cool. So just very quickly before I inhale it.
I got a veggie pizza slice, oop. I got a veggie pizza slice which is
on its way, they gave me this thing while they cook a new one. Say, er… Caesar
side salad and a cookie in a brownie which as you can see ,I’ve already tried. It was delicious.
(Jody) Is it good? It’s really good, they’d be amazing if
they warmed it up as well Erm, but yeah. I’m gonna eat this while I wait for my pizza. Holy crap, it’s arrived. It’s the size of my
face, even including the forehead which is a rare find. I’m gonna cry… She’s in, she’s in. Food was very good but once again we are absolutely stuffed and we’re just walking
back towards the Hogwarts Express. We’re doing the nice… easy… Zeuss landing ride, while our food gets down. I love that so much.
(Jody) It’s cute. Cute! Might have been the longest wait, worth it. Right, let’s see if there’s an update
on Potterwatch. Oh no… no. Still no movement on Potterwatch so I think we’re just gonna go over to Studios for a bit. We’ve spoken to a few little informants and they say it’s definitely not happening today. We will be betrayed if it opens now that we go to Studios. But it looks amazing. (Jody) Remember his name. Like it was him who told us wrong, you lied! But no, we’re gonna do- oh… sweet hell. And it’s raining, yay… Don’t need this anymore. (Jody) Here we go. *rain intensifies*
There you go! Oh my god. So we’re like 95% sure that there’s
definitely no soft opening because it’s… because of this. So we are now post-rain, going to Studios where there’s more indoor rides. So the clouds are lightening but er… still not ideal. We’ve followed as many people as we can on Twitter that are doing Potterwatch at the minute as well so… We’re determined, we’re determined. I reckon if it’s gonna happen then it’s gonna be for the last couple of hours, if at all.
Probably not at all. Come on E.T. don’t be more than 20
minutes, please. Yeah! Fifteen. (Orbidon) Welcome home, you’ve arrived. (E.T.) Magdol. (Magdol) You have saved our planet, come celebrate with us. Scariest thing ever.
(Jody) So creepy. So probably an extreme case of TMI
but before E.T. I had quite a bad stomachache and now it’s gone and Jody went “It’s E.T.”
(Jody) E.T. healed you. He healed me. And I gasped. Very loudly.
(Jody) Very loud, it was very over the top. Rude, bit rude. (Jody) So Sam just heard his glasses break. Don’t expose me.
(Jody) Niiiiiice. My Thunder thighs broke them in my pocket.
(Jody) Same… Ha! And it’s very wet so let’s get into Gringotts. There is no need to cast Aguamenti, it is wet enough. Oh I’m so mad at me I didn’t even have them for one holiday before breaking them. This is why I can’t have nice things. 65 minute wait not today Satan, oh… just for the lockers instead. (Bill Weasley) The question is, what are you doing here? (Blordak) I was about to show our new clients to the vault, I was just getting the key first. (Bill Weasley) Well I moved them, all you have to do is ask. *saxophone plays* *Lady slaying R.E.S.P.E.C.T* (Jody) Suck it to me, suck it to me, suck it to me.
(Sam) Just a little bit. Just a little bit. *Audience roars* (Sax man) Are you ready for the Blues Brothers. how bout a oh yeah? (Audience and us) Oh yeah! (Sax man) Put your hands up like this. (Sax man) Everybody move in, plenty of room. (Sax man) Make some noise! Wooo! (Sax man) Here they come everybody, give them a round of applause. Put your hands together. (Jake) Alright everybody, get your hands up in the air like this. Get em up, everybody get your hands up like this Sir you’ve done this before somewhere haven’t ya! (Jake) Alright, this is a flip, a flop and a fly. Everybody get em up, in the back, get em up! Do a flip! Everybody do a flop? Everybody do a fly! Get it? Hit it! Photoshoot done, we also had a little party with the Blues Brothers, I’ll insert some clips. But now it’s time for… Mummy. That may have been the most intense
mummy experience I’ve ever had. (Jody) That was crazy. Usually I’m like “actually it’s not that much of a thrill ride really” (Jody) But then that time I was like, JESUS. Everything was coming out. Yeah like, you know the room where you like go in and all
that scarab beetles come out it just stopped and it went pitch black and you
could just hear like drips obviously it broke down I had a malfunction or whatever
and then there was no update or anything and then suddenly it just shot us back
like after a minute. And we were like oh my god oh my god and then it was. (Jody) But then it was like a really hard stop. Everytime we stopped it was like, proper hard that time. (Sam) It literally just threw us around.
(Jody) Usually it’s quite smooth. (Sam) My nips came out.
(Jody) I was like “uh, ow, uh ow” Nips were out, hair was a mess.
Nothing unsual really actually. (Jody) I don’t think there’s any hope for my hair on this ride. No, same. So excited what song you thinking of? (Jody) Ooh yeah, do we get it in Express? Oh yeah cos it’s on the ride. Er, yeah cos you pick on the ride.
(Jody) Er, ooh I don’t know! I’ll give you a minute I’m going for the Fergalici- no… Glamour by Fergie. Cos… (Jody) What do I usually have? I think I have… I have the Black Eyed Peas one. Pump it, yeah. That’s a good one.
(Jody) Yeah, Pump it, that’s a good one. (Jody) Pump it, woah! Too much, too much again.
(Jody) Sowwy. You just don’t learn do you?
(Jody) Sorryyy. No. (Jody) I’m just too much of a person. What does that even mean?
(Jody) I don’t know. (Jody) Supposed to be a video. (Jody) What?! Noooo! That sucks! Oh my god, I forgot how good that ride is.
Our video wasn’t available though annoyingly. I was proper getting passionate with that camera. Erm… what we doing now Bahama Breeze? (Jody) Yes. Food. So it has been a lovely evening at
Universal. Massive thank you again to Universal for giving us those Express
passes, it’s appreciated. Made the world of difference on Gringotts and Rip-ride Rocket. We’ll pick up the rest of them for tomorrow probably and we’re gonna go get some food.
(Jody) And sleep, so we can get here for Hagrid’s. Yep… I forgot about that early start.
Oh, we should do a Potterwatch update! Right, so. New Update: We are now heading to Bahama Breeze for dinner and drinks and then we’re gonna go play some mini golf.
I’ve never done mini-golf so I’m excited. Jody’s done it before.
(Jody) So good. Erm, so we’re gonna go do that and then I think we’re just gonna chill in the resort and get an early one for.. For a 6:30 attendance at Universal tomorrow.
No soft opening but we power on. Oh my god, we’ve arrived. How cool! So we’ve just been sat down at Bahama Breeze and I’m gonna order a cocktail. I don’t know which one yet. Sweet… lord. So I’ve gone for the Hurricane chaser flight, so we’ve got Island Breeze, Tropical Storm, Bahama Blast. And then Jody went for a strawberry mojito? Yep. We’ve ready… gone drink, we gone eat. She’s doing her happy dance.
(Jody) Alcohol, alcohol! I’m overwhelmed… I’m overwhelmed. Right, so before we… before we talk about this. I got the Black Bean burger, just with a side salad because I’m not too hungry,
Jody got the jerk sandwich? Jerk chicken? (Jody) Jerk chicken sandwich.
(Sam) Yeah, with fries and some dipping sauces. In terms of drinks, this is my least favorite, they’re all amazing but this is my least favorite. Then this and then this one’s probably my favorite.
We gon’ consume. Oh yeah that is also nice. Fit. They’re all gone, I don’t know what happened. We have two more of these on the way but, like… BIG. Ahhhh, Charlie would love this. So we have finished at Bahama Breeze, we
had- can’t remember where I last finished but we had some extra cocktails, a few extra
cocktails. We have these glasses that we don’t really want but we’re too
British to have just gone “oh it’s okay you can keep them” so now we… now we have these. And now we’re gonna do tipsy golf. So we’ve just arrived at Blizzard
Beach for winter Summerland golf. Why do I keep doing this? I keep doing this. (Jody) Do, do, dudu-do, DO! The, the cocktails… have, have struck. So we’ve got our scorecards,
got my club Jody’s got her club. Do us a swing Jody, do us a swing. Look how cool this is!
I’ve never done this before, I’m living for this. Shocking. (Jody) Wow, as if! Very bizarre having Christmas music at this time. (Jody) Straight through the middle. (Jody) Ooh yes. (Jody) Not that one. Go on, walkthrough. *fish spits water* *Sam laughs* Oh I haven’t hit mine. *Banzai Pipeline by The Astronauts plays* I mean it’s June but I’m here for it. Update on the scores, I’m not doing great guys, I’m not doing great. (Jody) I am! (Jody) Just better than Sam. Ow. Oh it’s a bloodbath. (Jody) This is my fifth shot. *extremely evil laugh* I mean I did this in four, just throwing that out there… (Jody) Six, that wasn’t my best hole. So completely forgot to actually do a
tally of the scores for you guys at the end of golf. Er, Jody won. She was seven? Six under par? (Jody) Six under par.
(Sam) And I was seven above par. Erm, so don’t have any footage of that
but here’s the… here’s the winners photo. And just for good measure, here was what would have been my winners photo… (Jody) It was great lighting. Yep. But now we are back at the resort, gonna get some drinks refilled for our early start tomorrow, and maybe a snack. Jesus she is homing in on that. (Jody) What does Jody like? Jody likes cookies! (Jody) You know what, I’m a bit typsy, I kinda want two. But I’m just gonna get one cos I’m not a fat pig. Get two. So, it is the end of the day. We have
both done a lot and not a lot at the same time. The first half of the day was
a lot slower, while we were very much anticipating a soft opening for Hagrid’s
Motorbike Adventure. Didn’t happen. Second half the day, as soon as we abandoned that plan, we fit quite a lot in. We did a lot over at Universal Studios we did Bahama Breeze, which was amazing! The cocktails were incredible. And we did mini-golf which I’ve never done before. So it was a lot of new things and I was really happy and excited about it. Thanks for watching if you got this far, next week
we WILL be doing Hagrid’s coach… stir… coaster. We will be doing Hagrid’s coaster, erm…
whatever it takes. Er, it’s currently ten to nine, five to nine
and we’re planning to be a universal for like… early. Like 6:00 – 6:30 early. (Jody) No no. No no, so. (Jody) I’m comfort eating. So it is good night from me and good night from Jody.
(Jody) Niiiiiight. And I will see you at 6am tomorrow. But also not that time and actually next week, for you… so. Byyyyeeeee.
(Jody) Byyyeeeee. you

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