Prague, Czech Republic Travel Guide – Must-See Tourism Attractions

Yvette Parker


  1. Truly is a magical city almost no muzlims…very beautiful

  2. Before you decide to visit Prague, you should also be aware of Czech people's opinion of tourists and foreigners in general. You should also be aware of their level of English and their attitude towards non Czech speakers. Apart from all that, it's indeed a beautiful city but Czech people's mentality is really disturbing. Tourists should be treated with respect because they leave money in their country. I'm a foreigner that lives in Prague. I work for an American company and I often hear the comment "Foreigners take our jobs". On the other hand, of course, Czech people do not deign to learn foreign languages, so, how the hell do they think that international companies won't hire foreigners for the job??? Very xenophobic nation!!

  3. Truly beautiful city,would a weeks visit be sufficient to explore its many sights?

  4. Prague always will be one of the more beautiful cities in Europe. Nice vídeo! Greetings from MundoXDescubrir!

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