Procida, Italy Walking Tour [4K|60fps]

Welcome to the island of Procida! Procida is a small volcanic island in the Bay of Naples in southern Italy. To reach Procida, you can either take a ferry from Naples or Pozzuoli. There is also a short water taxi available at the Porto di Acqumorta in Monte di Procida. The ferries all dock here at the Marina Granda, also known as the Marina di Sancio Cattolico. The mainland is only 3.4km away. The island was formed by the eruption of four different volcanoes, now dormant and submerged. There is only one town on the island, Procida, and it is divided up into nine districts. This district is known as Sent’co. This is the Church of Santa Maria della Pieta, built in 1760 on the ruins of an ancient chapel called the Church of the Sailors. While island is small, only 4.1sq.km. (1.6 sq mi) it is best seen while riding a scooter. The island derives its name from the Latin name Prochyta which means ‘poured out’ in Greek. It is also said that the name Prochyta, could have meant ‘near Cuma’ which was the original Greek settlement on the mainland just a few km away. The church, as it looks today, dates back to eighteenth century. This road leads to the districts of Terra Murato and the fishing village of Corricella. The population of Procida is around 10,500 residents but that number nearly doubles in the summer when Italians go here on holiday. Like Capri, ‘Procida’ is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable . Procida’s low-key charm has lead to it be the setting for several movies including The Talented Mr. Ripley with Matt Damon. At the end of this road is the Piazza Dei Martiri where several scenes of the movie were filmed. This is the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie, built in 1679. This road leads down to picturesque fishing village of Corricella. The only way to reach Corricella is by sea or by a few different series of stairways. For centuries, the economy of Procida has been dependent on fishing and other trades of sea. This small village is a peaceful and seductive refuge for those who prefer relaxing holidays. The Telegraph in 2017 listed Corricella as the 11th of Italy’s 19 most-beautiful villages. The name Corricella comes from the Greek “kora Cale” which means nice neighborhood. The local cuisine is clearly seafood and it is of the highest quality. If you ever come to the island, make sure to have lunch here in Corricella. My family and I rented a boat in Monte di Procida a while back. We came to this small harbor and the kids swam. The water is very shallow. During Roman times, the island had several small settlements and villas but there was no urban center. The island eventually became a renowned resort for Rome’s ruling class. After the fall or Rome, the island invaded by pirates and most of the villas were destroyed. To protect themselves from invaders, the inhabitants settled in a fortified village on the highest part of the island. This road leads up to the fortified center of Terra Murata. Here at the top there are two long-range cannons that date back to Neapolitan Republic of 1799. Here at the cliffs edge is the Santa Margherita Nuova which dates back to the end of the 16th-century. Currently the church is used for exhibitions and cultural events. To the left of this wall is the Palazzo d’Avalos, built by the d’Avalos family in the 16th century. In 1830, the palace was converted into a prison, which finally closed its doors in 1988.

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  1. love it! it´s like having holidays myself..:-) greetings from north germany!

  2. Gracias por compartir bello video de la hermosa italia, lo estoy compartiendo con mi esposa; gracias lo saludo desde Bogota colombia…

  3. As always fascinating! But are you planning, sometime in the summer, to go along the "path of the gods" from Bomerano to Positano? )

  4. Thanks so much for this walking!It is fascinating,still sea,sun and beautiful bright bildings among winter!Greetings from Russia.

  5. I am getting addicted to your videos. Thanks. Have you though of doing the Alps like Bellagio?

  6. As always is a real pleasure to watch your walks.Thanks a lot ¡¡¡

  7. These walks are some of the most soothing and interesting vids to watch on you tube. Ok so disagree, for me it is, Thank you

  8. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of your holiday with us, it's stunning, from Bedford U.K.


  10. We were there in September, but it was just too hot to really enjoy it. 35C! and humidity of about 90%. 😱 I’ve been to Ischia and liked it there better.

  11. Another great walk, another breathtaking moment….thank you so much my favourite walker.

  12. Procida . It just a such a movie scene!!! Gorgeous ocean. I can't stop watching.

  13. Finally a great photographer with no stupid 'narration' over-lay! So incredibly beautiful Italy makes me cry.

  14. Gorgeous views and loved the tour I felt like I was there. Thank you I will never get to visit in person but thanks to your walk I got to see one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

  15. Every time when I watch your walking tours, I feel delighted and tranquilized. Happy 2020 from Hong Kong!

  16. الايطالي هده الحرب و اللعبة الحقيرة لا تدخلها الرعاع دمروا كل شيء لن اسامحهم ابدا و نهاءيا .

  17. This town is beautiful. I love the colors of the buildings, the boats, the sky and water. It looks like a place only in dreams. Thank you.

  18. Wow! What a great scenery! Even from the sky, from the ground, it's so fantastic!😍

  19. Best place I walked (from home) so far, love the scenery, beaches, water and people.

  20. i absolutely love your videos, i chanced upon this a few days ago and i can't stop watching them. it's really relaxing, and it really feels like i am there myself. keep your videos coming!

    just want to know, was the natural environment audio recorded with your gopro itself or do you use an external one? as i notice the audio in your video is three dimensional. i know you have a list of equipments here, but just want to know if you did use the audio recorder for these videos.

    thanks in advance 🙂

  21. Hey i subscribed you since 2years ago, you are still love walking and i feel happiness with your walking places because part of them is where i visited, so i could remind memories….thank you so much

  22. Greetings from Tulsa Oklahoma USA. My first visit to your page. Heard about you through a comment via #POPtravel page, suggesting to check you out. Love your walk here. It's a bit "slow" for me, however beautiful. ESP at this location 55:38 The view is breathtaking. Skies are never this Beautiful turquoise blue color here in the USA. BTW: Yes, I know I can watch at faster speed, however I lose the true sounds via audio, if I speed it up. Thank you for this walk. #Brigittec7 #keetsville

  23. ProWalks is the best tour channel! i enjoy every video which is always best quality! Being Inspired by this channel, I also made my channel to shoot videos of my beautiful country Nepal. Hope you guys check my videos and do subscribe if ypu enjoy.Chao ! 🙂

  24. The plaster of the houses has fallen down, and the electric wires have been laid down in particular. Is there a completely organized city or village in Italy?

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