‘Proud and Speechless’ – The story of Mercedes-Benz victory in New York

Getting everything correct in these events
is very, very difficult. I’ll let him have the rest of this lap, then
I’ll go for it. A lot of people trying to get the result that
we got. They win the Manufacturer Series Grand Final here in New York. Mercedes-Benz are on top for the first time in 2019. It’s just an accomplishment itself, just
being here and live the whole experience, but then to win the actual event is … I’m quite speechless at the moment and very satisfied as well and very grateful and honoured to be sharing with such a great team as with these two guys. It’s so tight between the Manufacturers that we ended up having a Manufacturer battle with Toyota last time, now with Aston-Martin. I think that everyone is pushing quite hard
to get a good result here. Adam’s a really fast driver. We haven’t really faced each other off before but maybe a new rivalry, maybe a rivalry with Aston Martin. We saw it earlier taking different lines,
just trying to get Lexus in the mix. Let’s see if we can try and get them here. Just don’t have the grip. Mercedes attacking once again. Mercedes trying to go the long way round and he does it! What a move! Come on! What an absolutely inspired performance. Ah, he was going for that. Yeah… Oh, he wide! Adam Suswillo makes a mistake!
He goes wide at Turn 10. Yeah, the pressure from Cody was quite relentless, so it was a tough race but I enjoyed it. Now, I wanna see how this gap will change between Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin. Coming down towards Turn 4 we are, 0.6 seconds, you can see them just clawing in the hundredths of a second. Down in towards turn number 4, that gap again sitting at half a second. It’s very important to keep that little constant, as Jimmy said, it’s gonna be hugely, hugely important. Another factor of course to bear in mind … fuel consumption. How are these drivers going to tackle that? We did a lot of race management and much better this time than last time. We managed not only to put on a great strategy in the final race, regarding fuel saving and regarding the whole strategy itself. Putting the right compound on at the right time. Even though it’s an individual job, what each of us is doing in there, we definitely need the help of our team-mates to understand better the whole situation, the whole surroundings, when to push, when not to push, when to attack and I think that played a very big part this time. I think it’s definitely a team-result where
we got here and this is why I’m so grateful for this. Mercedes with Anthony Felix on the 2nd row of the grid in the Mercedes SLS AMG. Well, I myself, I’m pretty satisfied because
last two events I wasn’t able to compete because I opted out from being sick. So being able to come back here today, proving I’m capable of doing, had a solid team next to me and being able to complete the job and get the win. This is kind of the only thing that I really
wanted to do in these FIAGTC Championships, being able to participate with two great team-mates for Mercedes-Benz and get the win and it finally happened. I mean, I’m really satisfied, I’m very proud of what we’ve done here but now our goal is to just keep doing this over and over. So, yeah, I’m looking forward to Austria and Tokyo. Hopefully we’ll even win there, maybe even in the world final too.

Yvette Parker


  1. i was thinking yesterday….. what if racing ebattles were held in vr???

    if gt sport does that, there the First game wich held a official racing e-battle in vr!!

  2. Mercedes-Benz usually doesnt make a safe car, comparing to BMW but, in another hand, Mercedes haves better engines…
    Good prodution on this video, i love to play gran turismo sport more each day.

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