rag & bone elevates the catwalk with technology

[MUSIC]>>We are here to work on Rag &
Bone live fashion show event. There are two drummers, dance performance, 45 models, robot with an Azure Kinect DK, there are four screens, and the Kinect is going to
be live feeding it’s view and giving us this totally
different perspective of a fashion show that we
would not normally get.>>Four, three, two, one. [MUSIC]>>We actually have the form
of the model that’s walking. We have the movement of the fabric. Elie has connected a Xbox
controller to the 3D camera views.>>I’m using the open source
Kinect SDK and then the body tracking SDK to do
some head-tracking.>>We are using the Kinects to live body track the
dancers and building those organic human
movements into the robot. [MUSIC]>>I’ve been using
depth sensors a lot. With this sensor that just came out, everything is quadrupled basically so, this was a good
opportunity to see how far we can really push it. Because of the color camera
and the depth camera, you can actually mix both together
and get a really nice image. [MUSIC]>>What I hope people take
away from it is that, there is a tighter connection between technology and fashion that
they hadn’t considered. Marcus Wainwright,
founder of Rag & Bone, doesn’t even wanted to
do a fashion show for the past two years because
of his uncertainty about how much a fashion show
can really mean to him if all the fashion shows look
the same and feel the same. He really sees point Cloud as
a way to sort of break that and see things from a
different perspective and so, if the technology gets to give us a chance to
see that differently, then it’s only advancing what a fashion brand like Rag &
Bone really wants to do. [MUSIC]

Yvette Parker


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