Relient K – Sleigh Ride (Official Christmas Music Video HD) Lyrics, Subtitulado

Yvette Parker


  1. OMW RELIENT K IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESUM!!!!!! luv this album nd alllllllll their other albums!!!!!! <333333333333333 hehe


  3. you know your friends are true bros when they're willing to take on santa to help you woo a girl

  4. I love rabbits!!!! that woman for you , you steal from santa and she still won't give you the time of day.

  5. only a real man (or in this case, rabbit) would have the guts to jack Santa's sleigh just to get the girl.

  6. Dear Christmas, hurry up so I have a relevant reason to listen to this song. Sincerely, All of Society

  7. The Relient K Christmas album is like all i listen to around Christmas. It's amazing.

  8. I think this video would be more fitting for "I'm gettin nuttin for Christmas"

    Haha 😛

  9. I love how the rabbit chick didnt notice the huge snowballs until the sliegh gets hit blonde no offense

  10. yeah! my family has a rule that you can't listen to CHRISTmas music until after Thanksgiving!

  11. Best. Friends. Ever. And I love how they're all standing hands-in-pockets just chilling as Santa fall into the canyon

  12. i loved the song and listened to it anytime i wanted whole year round and sadly i'd never watched the music vid yet, till of course now… didnt expect an epic romantic silly amv XD

  13. WTF is this? not very christian theft, hate, deceit, anger hateful Santa. the message totally confuses me and in the end the band makes out with all these bad deeds.

  14. Played throughout the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, MA on Christmas Eve 2012. ☺

  15. I love both cartoons and Christmas songs; This married the both beautifully and it was funny. 

  16. Hi does anyone know the name of the brown jacket the main character bunny wears? Is there a name for the style?

  17. Yes, because sleigh jacking Santa's sleigh is the best way to remedy his girl problem!

  18. On a scale of 1-10 of bad ideas, stealing Santa's sleigh so your best bud can impress his crush is a 9.

  19. Those friends of his…they are so priceless on how they helped that dude out =) True friendss

  20. THAT INTRO captures the true essence of xmas like none otha.. i would go as far to say its genious.. makes me wanns cry wen i hear it

  21. Terrible video. Absolutely terrible. WTF did I watch? WORST music video Ive ever seen. These rabbits are assholes, stealing santas slay, stealing presents, using gimmicks and having to do such terrible things to win the heart of a girl, and why did they make santa evil? This video is so stupid and utterly ridiculous. Takes you right out of the Christmas spirit. I love a lot of relient K but this song cover and video is garbage.

  22. Either Santa has TARDIS technology for carrying the gifts, or he's near the end of his run.

  23. I have old chicken wings in my pocket. Anyone want some? 5 bucks a piece

  24. https://40.media.tumblr.com/6bd60a45c9eb27ac079eb78b8deb6c57/tumblr_n74kgg6JUd1rrmq4lo1_500.jpg

  25. Everyone saying Santa is the bad guy- he's just pissed that these morons stole his sleigh. And I don't blame him, frankly.

  26. You'd think Santa is incapable of running fast enough to catch up to Reindeer. Their fast

  27. I watch this music video every year around Christmas time, but this year I was a slacker and here it's almost February and I'm watching. Still a funny music video and this song is one of my favorites.

  28. Why is that snow man so damn thirsty? I mean he blindly threw himself off a cliff because his thirsty was so great. XD

  29. I saw this charter on demand music about eight years ago, I watch this every year since. I was 10, I’m 18 now

  30. I first saw this at a journeys outlet in a mall 6 years ago. How time has flown 🥶

  31. Is it me or why would a furry be ice skating on Christmas Eve and those other bunnies

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