today we will interview jain how do you wake up so early? jain will tell its a habit.. nothing else? no … and the early morning run? what! no he has tensions and he runs at 3am Deepak Bhai is in humour mode nothing else Friends have tea leave it ha ha Don’t add this footage Dude everything will be uploaded Ask him what he is wearing Needs a bit of pulling no vulgar talks… its 6:30 in the morning… we woke up early by mistake i think.. so we are in merak and let me show you the room see this .. one minute see this is the room.. very nice and spacious.. 4 people can easily sleep here it costed Rs 700 per person outside view can be seen through this window.. very beautiful you wont be able to see it now.. i’ll show you in a while and…. today we are trying to go to .. reach sarchu so we will try to reach sarchu thats the todays target petrol is a bit low.. we will have to search for black market petrol we can get it in chushul we can get in nayoma and in debring so hope for the best and we are ready .. just a little luggage to pack rest… lets go luggage and all is packed up. everythings out taking the luggage out exhausted me julley oh i left my keys bike keys so this was our home stay.. lets wear our shoes out i am using orazo shoes.. they are working very well oh its drizzling.. my god lets move quickly everythings loaded on bike Jai Mata Di lets move bye bye so this was ralpa homestay and restaurant of merak.. yesterday we were not able to go ahead you can now see the merak village its cloudy and slightly drizzling and the scenery is very beautiful early morning scenery. its 7:10 in the morning we woke up at 6:10 and akshay woke up early nearly around 4 or 5.. dont know what he was doing then its his daily routine getting up early .. packing the luggage pack things up very quickly.. on the mountains see the snow on the peaks feels good seeing the view what scenery and there’s water water’s flowing bikes tires are getting washed.. pruthu da is right behind so this was village merak Suggesting you to stay here 1 day pangong lake is very near by so that u can visit it comfortably if we had time we would have stopped 1-2 days apart from the crowds of the city this small village is very beautiful very beautiful what happened? keep an eye on the bag just keep an eye on the bag yes Weather is awesome right now It’s going crazy look lovely greenery in the whole village you can see such small streams should’ve sat here and clicked a photo my nose is cold and the current temperature will be 7-8 degrees not more than that.. go straight whenever i come to ladakh…so this scenery of pangong lake i never miss then.. look at the road killer roads this is a complaint that there are no roads here but it is a good thing less people visit.. if roads are good then more people will start taking this shortcut this road runs parallel to Chinese border almost along chinese border 40 kms this lake runs along with us there are many craters on this route that food in my stomach has digested can u see? amazing place oh there’s a stone… beauty of the lake is that only tyre marks are only visible and you have to follow them open landscape.. no one in far distance and.. after some time .. after 20-25 kms i guess the lake will turn towards china theres sand on this open field because of which the bike is fishtailing just like the tank runs and makes craters small bumpy.. those types and the bike tyres and the bike is vibrating look how akshays bike is vibrating see? look at the tyres see? look at the tyre.. look roads are very terrible you will feel the jerks look at akshays vibrating tyres in which country are we? this is the ultimate off road totally off road, off route , remote and akshay is doing this route for the first time he is enjoying.. far far away there there is no one hold hold hold.. i am unable bike slipped in the sand quick! quick! We are riding in India and you are going to pakistan ha ha look at the amount of sand and pebbles look at the front.. look so much of sand tilted of a sudden and went out of control hand got sprained just wait ..let me crossover yes it will come out come sit this is the scene here at places sand pebbles lying around no no heres china we will have to be very careful while riding here oho pruthu da lets go its just one thing road will finally meet there nowhere else todays day is going to be very long because we have to cover 300+ kms so we started early in the morning.. 7 am we started around 7:15 and first we will come across chushul where we will check the permit , then rezang la war memorial.. its has its own unique story.. then there will be Tsagalala , loma bend and then via Tsokar we will try via pang to reach sarchu.. o shit .. plenty of water look.. look at the sand move! bike is sliding amazing! see? what roads we have to cross oo ho lets go! theres lots of water lots of water legs up and accelerate the bike where have we reached close to china this road straight goes to chushul.. in this area u wont find a cab driver its rare very less, the population cars are vehicles are difficult to see foreigners are not allowed on this route look at the beautiful mountains.. clouds.. are making them more beautiful here theres snow on the mountains see there if u can see in go pro actually its more of a wide angle .. it may seem small so from here pangong lake turns into china and those blackish mountains people say they lie in china rest .. pruthu da is rocking on his tiger enjoying? enjoying off road very amazing hayabusa so this is the scenery with the bikes very beautiful but i wont suggest it to be done solo those who dont have experience because you wont find any help here if your bike breaks down bike or car so better if u are in a group so travel then .. i have traveled solo 3 times on this route alone .. once i was in a bad situation its a very long story my clutch lever broke after a fall in the stream i will tell u that story sometime later rest the view is very beautiful pangong lake will not be visible to us now becaose it has turned into china look at the wildlife horses running.. oho shit.. his small kid fell down.. he is hurt i think he is not able to get up no he is hurt.. see his neck someone has hit him oh my god someone has bitten him look at his neck its cut ohh shit man the small kid u see? theses a big cut on his neck i think its because of a bear or something lion , cheetah.. there are leopards here let them go or else they will run let them go or else sound makes them run yes u are not allowed to go beyond the poles thats a boundary of poles i know it from years lets go see the road? lonely isolated road and we have to climb this hill as you can see beyond this hill is chushul lets go a bit fast there is nothing here nothing far off deepak la we made this up this pass belongs to my name deepak la dont know the name whether its la or what just as you come on this route and climb pangong towards chushul climbing that hill … on top there are there flags and some things horns of let me show you horns so many together locals also sell them at may places like u see in puga and all they are sold to travellers but whatever what can be done i am naming this place deepak la no name is written here but this is deepak la we have named it.. dada which passis this? deepak la ? when u click a photo put deepak la on it deeepak la with photo.. done? cant figure out the roads which to take and which to avoid.. one was going up i took the one going down i can see a big dog ahead.. just dont bite or else i’ll have to speed up look so big dogs.. its 8:26 and we are going to enter chushul chushul village and the scenery is very beautiful very lovely weather is very amazing.. we are enjoying riding in this weather cold breeze on my face oxygen level is full 500% as of mine this time look beauty at its best its heaven julley julley roaming in the village we have to go straight up there is no other road whenever i have come i have come from here julley chushul yess.. petrol? okay .. just ask once they have? yes.. so first lets fill up petrol .. here we will get petrol in black market no worries its their income living in such a remote region increasing price a but is justified so we had to end the video here actually the video in total of the whole day was close to around 35-36 mins and such long videos people tend to skip so i decided to cut it into half and i hope u liked the half and the landscapes that were there roads, pangongs blue water they were all amazing scenes next part is going to be amazing dont miss it , you will enjoy you will get to see rezang la after tisaga la then loma band and then pang song riri and thats going to be ultimate fun so do watch the next video we will meet in the next video.. till then bye bye take care , ride safe , Jai Hind and sayonara muth is 4kms from here. someone wants to go .. they can go we have reached sokar which is also called tso kar theres a lot of water! how are you feeling mr jain on this route? amazing? amazing and look at the landscape her look there oh my god

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