#Riverdale’s Camila Mendes Takes Us to New York Fashion Week | ELLE

– Hi (laughs). I’m in New York City for Fashion Week. It’s my first time and I’m here with ELLE Magazine and you get to watch the beautiful journey that I go through these next two days. (electronic music) Guys, I got pulled over
on my way to Fashion Week. (electronic music) We film Riverdale nine
months out of the year, so it’s really hard to fit in Fashion Week into all of that, so this year I finally got a Monday off and I get to come to New York. It’s not a quick flight, but
it’s definitely worth it. I’m going to Prabal Gurung and I’ve met him. I met him at CFDA’s and he’s so sweet, so I’m really excited that I get to sit front row. Well, my look for Prabal is very retro. It’s a red turtleneck, and I’m not gonna wear a bra with it. Just scandalous. A Kendall Jenner moment. But I figured hey, it’s Fashion Week. My publicist is gonna let me
not wear a bra, it’s today. I like being comfortable and I think pants also
feel very empowering. I don’t know why, I just feel
powerful when I wear pants. I remember the first time
I saw that combination, wearing red and pink together. I was like, I don’t know
how I feel about this, but now I think it’s kind
of like the colors of love. Prabal sent me a red lip
that I wanna play with today. I don’t get to do a red lip too often. On Riverdale, red is Cheryl’s color, so we’re not allowed to venture
out of our color palettes. So I get to wear a red lip today. Okay, now I’m gonna get
dressed, so get out. (electronic music) So we’re going to Prabal Gurung right now. I usually run late to everything, so it’s nice to know
that everyone in fashion is always late too, because I’m not as stressed anymore. (electronic music) Okay, so we’re in here and I’m just kind of standing around waiting for the show to start. I think Kelly Rowland’s over there. And Debby’s right here, look who it is! This is for ELLE Magazine. – Oh (laughs). That’s embarrassing.
– You’re gonna be on ELLE Magazine.
– I’m just creeping. – How do you feel?
– Stop, stop, stop! I wasn’t ready! – You guys, Whoopi Goldberg is here. I mean, come on. Just got out of the Prabal show. It was gorgeous, very colorful and festive, but yeah, it was great and I’m heading back to my hotel, maybe meet up with some people in New York and then going to sleep. – This is Tommy Dorfman reporting from New York Fashion Week. To my left, I have Camila Mendes.
– Camila Mendes. – To my right, I have Sunny.
– Sunny Soofiani. – That’s it folks, goodnight. – So I just ordered a burger and I ordered it with fries and I’m gonna eat it. I’m gonna eat the living crap out of it. Goodnight. Prabal’s show last night was amazing. It was really fun. I loved this new collection. It’s very colorful and festive. I’m going to Zimmerman today. I’m going for something way more natural and effortless. This is the dress I’m wearing today. It’s got a little cut-out in the middle, so it’s kind of a little sexy. When I went to my fitting,
everything fit perfectly, which isn’t normal when you’re five two. I definitely feel like
Zimmerman is up my alley and it would definitely be something I reblog on my Tumblr page (laughs). I’m really excited, I love her stuff. Literally finishing up Zimmerman, going to the hotel to grab my bag and then heading straight to the airport, ’cause I have a flight at four p.m. and the show’s at noon, so let’s hope I make it. So, this just in, we just got pulled over by the cops (laughs)
– Hilarious. – [Police] We just have to wait in order to be recorded, okay? The only reason I’m stopping
you is the seatbelt, okay? You don’t have your seatbelt on. – [Man] Yeah. – He doesn’t have a seatbelt on. Scandalous. Guys, I got pulled over
on my way to Fashion Week. (upbeat music) So I’m inside now and it’s super pretty. It’s like, there’s spa music playing and beautiful flowers and everyone looks gorgeous. I’m really excited. (upbeat music) Just got back from Zimmerman. It was amazing, but I have to go, because I’m late for my flight. It’s at four p.m. Goodbye. Thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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  3. I love Cami and you have no idea how I hate how underrated she is.
    She’s gorgeous, smart, talented and has a precious mind.
    She deserves everything.

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    I made Camila Mendes sims in Sims 4
    Check it out https://youtu.be/zm_3eidbq14

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    also why is Cami the cutest

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  14. Not to be rude but sometimes I think she is prettier than Lili Reinhart

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    I just kidding calm down ppl

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