Sadhguru on Fox TV Show Good Day New York

Interviewer Lorie: It’s wonderful to have you with us,
Sadhguru: Good morning, Interviewer: I feel like we have to do… This is good.
Interviewer Lorie: Good morning! Do we say Namaste or no? Sadhguru: Namaste is good. Essentially this is a way of you know, when you look at a person you tend to recognize
their gender, their caste, creed, color or good, bad, all kinds of things. To look beyond that, that fundamentally
the source of every life is the same thing. So, when we do Namaste,
we recognize only that dimension of you. You as a possibility, not as what you are today (Laughs). Interviewer: So, we are talking about like kind of
re-engineering ourselves, I don’t know if you noticed but New Yorkers
tend to be a little high-strung (Laughter). Sadhguru: How can you miss it (Laughter)? Interviewer Lorie: You noticed. Interviewer: So what do we need to do
to kind of reset ourselves, re-engineer? Sadhguru: Well, it’s Inner Engineering! See, we have engineered the outside world,
the way we want. But what have we done about ourselves? As a generation of people, we are living in
the highest level of comfort and convenience but (Laughs) we are whining like nobody else (Laughs). Interviewer Lorie: So, we are not finding
that inner peace? The true happiness, success… Sadhguru: See, these words have become
very clichéd, inner peace, inner joy. But tell me, all human experience, joy or misery,
where does it happen? Interviewer: In the heart.
Sadhguru: It can only happen within us. Interviewers: Right.
Sadhguru: It never happens in the air, okay. People say “love is in the air,” but it’s not true. When you are in love, it looks like everything is like that. When you are in joy, it looks like
the whole world is joyful. So, fundamentally all human experience
comes from within us. What happens around us, there are too many forces;
we can’t control all of it. Some of it happens our way but what happens from within us must happen our way. Right now this is the only problem human beings have. What happens within us is not happening our way, because we are not engineered the way we want. Good engineering simply means
it works the way we want, isn’t it? Interviewer Lorie: So, how can you achieve that? Sadhguru: There is a scientific process, as there is a
science and technology for external well-being, similarly there is a entire science
and technology for inner well-being. See, do you agree with me that this human mechanism is the most complex or sophisticated machine on the planet? But have you read the user’s manual (Laughter)? Interviewer: (Both Laugh) That’s very funny. So, by the way, you do online courses, right? Sadhguru: Yes, there is online Inner Engineering
process which is more of a preparatory step and then there is a completion process
which is always direct transmission. Interviewer: So, you are very socially savvy,
you know I mean, you have two… almost two million followers on YouTube. Sadhguru: I’ve been… there are over five-hundred million people on our YouTube imprints are there. Yes. Interviewer: Wow…
Interviewer Lorie: That’s incredible! Sadhguru: But you know when you say savvy, I have been living in this world for over six decades so,
I know this world the way it works (Laughs). Interviewer Lorie: And what about also the
Isha foundation that you have. Because people can visit there, spent several days. Sadhguru: Yes, we have two large centers. We have city centers, over three-hundred-and-fifty
centers across the world. But we have two major centers, one in southern India
and one in Tennessee, near Chattanooga. Interviewer Lorie: Okay. Sadhguru: So, this is over two-thousand-three-hundred
acre property which is a large meditation center. In India it’s over five-hundred acre property,
which is one of the most important places. It’s on “Incredible India” platform right now,
as a tourism place also. Interviewer: And I know that you are also in town
because you are… I guess a fashionista. I don’t know, are you (Laughter)? Sadhguru: Am I doing okay (Laughter)? Interviewer: You look great. You got on…
you are styling from the top down to your toes. So, you are doing something of
fashion meets peace or…? Sadhguru: So, this is a hundred-and-fiftieth
birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. So, this year we are doing many things
whatever was dear to him- one thing was rural life, so we are doing lot of work with the farmers
and creating model villages. Another thing is, the clothing because one symbol of Mahatma Gandhi
was always spinning wheel and him, because this was a protest against
the destruction of textile industry in India, by the occupying forces of the time. So, we are trying to put this back, because India has over hundred-and-thirty-six distinct
varieties of weaves, no other culture has ever done this. It’s taken few millennia to develop these skills
but today most of them are on the verge of dying because it’s almost the last generation
doing this weaving. Their children have all become software engineers,
probably in San Francisco (Laughs). Interviewer Lorie: Right.
Interviewer: True… that’s very funny… Interviewer: That’s right. Sadhguru: So, we are trying to put this back. To put this back one of the most
important thing is to create a market. So, we are exposing these textiles. We brought
hundred-and-twenty varieties of distinct weaves to be presented to some of the top American designers. So that they get familiar with these weaves… Interviewer: Process, yeah. Sadhguru: …and also how to use it, it’s their choice. Interviewer 1: Oh, that’s so nice. So, if somebody is watching right now,
can we do something to make them feel better? Is there something that we like a thought,
that we can kind of like think you know, get our minds around today
(Sadhguru Laughs) to kind of reset our day. Sadhguru: The simple thing is just this. See what people are struggling with is not their life. People think they are suffering their life. No, they are suffering their own
thought and emotion most of the time, either their body or their thought or emotion. Most of the time unless they have an injury
or an ailment, it may be physical body. But rest of the time it’s just
their own thought and emotion. What I am asking you is, when will you learn to handle
your thought and emotion, at what time in your life? Because even if you are fifty-sixty, if you’ve not figured
how to handle your thought and emotion, when are you going to get it? Interviewer Lorie: May be you never do? Sadhguru: (Laughs) So, if you never do,
what you are saying is, the basic faculties that you have
which is unique to the human being, this level of cerebral activity is unique
to the human being on this planet at least. So, your most fundamental instruments
which is what makes us human, you will never get to use it the way you want it,
isn’t that a disaster (Laughs). Interviewer: That’s a tragedy.
Interviewer Lorie: Yeah. That’s a downer! Interviewer: So, can you do that by, you know,
meditation? Does that help reset the emotions? Sadhguru: Yeah. See, the word meditation
doesn’t really mean anything because it’s too generic. It’s not… Anybody with eyes closed we think they are meditating,
because there are many dimensions to it. Right now how to use the thought? There are somethings which are constant within us,
for most human beings. Breath is happening of course and
there is a thought process going on. So you can link these two and because
you asked right now what we can do. Right now what you can do is simply this. See what you call as “my body” is an accumulation. It’s a food that we have eaten which slowly
gathered like this. We were not born like this. And what you call by as “my mind” is the various
impressions we have taken in from the world around us. So, this (Referring to the body) is a heap of food,
this (Referring to mind) is a heap of impressions. So, where is you? So, the simplest thing is just this, that you create a little distance from what you call as my body
and what you call as my mind. So, you just do this, people can do this,
there is also a guided meditation called Isha Kriya which is available on the app and everything. All you have to do is with inhalation,
you just remind yourself “I am not the body,” with exhalation you remind yourself
“I am not even the mind.” Interviewer: “I am not the body
and I am not the mind.” Interviewer Lorie: And so what are you? Sadhguru: But with inhalation and exhalation (Gestures). Interviewer: “(Gestures –Inhales) I am not the body”… Sadhguru: Why do you ask me (Laughter)? Interviewer: So what am I then? Interviewer Lorie: It’s into that… Yes exactly!
I am not the body, I am not the mind. Sadhguru: See, at least see the most important thing is
at least you know, “I do not know,” all right? I do not know is a tremendous possibility. The moment you see “I do not know,” the longing
to know and the possibility to know naturally happens. Interviewer Lorie: Because if you think you know it all… Sadhguru: See just now the moment
the moment you see that “I do not know,” you asked the question “then what am I” (Laughter)? Sadhguru: But you asking me “What am I?”
Interviewer Lorie: Fascinating! Sadhguru: You should not ask me, you should
ask yourself what is the nature of my existence? If you do not understand
or know the nature of your existence, your existence is going to be accidental, isn’t it? It is that which is causing so much anxiety. Suppose you are just about to get into an
accident of some kind, is there anxiety? Interviewer Lorie: I’ve heard you talk
about fear, desire that these are all… Sadhguru: You are a veteran (Laughter)? Interviewer Lorie: …that they are from the environment. Sadhguru: No, I am saying… See, if you are getting into an accident
is there naturally anxiety in anybody? Sadhguru: Natural, isn’t it?
Interviewer: Yeah, of course Interviewer: you are bracing yourself for an accident…
Sadhguru: So right now, yes. Right now most human beings are existing accidentally because they do not even know
the nature of their own existence. So, anxiety we are beginning to think is natural. Anxiety is not natural, as a child when you were two, three, four years of age. Joy was natural, isn’t it? Exuberance was natural. Now we are beginning to say anxiety is natural. No, anxiety is not natural.
Interviewer: You are right. Sadhguru: This is because you are existing accidentally. Interviewer: (Gestures – Inhaling) I am not my body,
(Gestures – Exhaling) I’m not my mind. Sadhguru: I am not even the mind. Inhalation, I am not the body. Exhalation, I am not even the mind. This is a guided process available on the app and Interviewer Lorie: Sadhguru…
Interviewer: Nice to have you! Sadhguru: Thank you.
Interviewer Lorie: …wonderful! Interviewer: Check him out on
all his social media platforms. He is got to go now because
he is going to the United Nations. He is a busy man (Laughs). Interviewer Lorie: Very. Thank you for stopping by, good day. Sadhguru: Thank you.

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