SEOUL METRO: Are Koreans better than us in Behaviour & Manners!

These Metros (subway) are the best way to explore Seoul city You have to buy this card to use the Metro I paid 500 Won to buy this Rest is the fare to use Metro service Another trip has begun This time I’m going to South Korea I am using the direct flight of Asiana airlines Finally, I have reached Seoul After completing the immigration formalities I have reached here This airport is located in Incheon Which is close to Seoul this is one of the best airports in the world It’s 3:30 PM and I am in my hotel’s lobby It took us 1 hour to reach our hotel from the airport The name is pronounced as – INCHEON Let me introduce with the gentleman who is giving me all the information He will be taking care of our trip for the next couple of days GamsaHamnida This magical word will help you on your Korean trip Seoul is the capital city of this country Our hotel is located in Itaewon We saw the Han River on our way Seoul city is located on both the sides of the river I took Asiana airlines to reach here from India You can also take Air Asia flight if you have a less budget There are many other budget flights via Malaysia Thailand and the Philippines You can watch Navankur’s channel In one of his video he travelled to Japan via South Korea I don’t know what exactly he did But if you watch his Japan series you’ll get an idea If you want to explore the city then the best way is to travel by Metro It’s very cheap It has a great network I am inside a convenient store Like 7-11 I came here to tell you about prepaid Sims Their prices are mentioned over here This will give you a fair idea How much a prepaid Sim cost in the city! However, these sims can only access Internet I will go somewhere else to find sims which you can use to make calls Here is the girl who provided me with all the information She was very enthusiastic when she saw me shooting the video so she was keen to know about my channel’s name She said she will subscribe to my channel why do I forget this word again and again! But even in Turkey, I took some time to learn ‘Teşekkür Ederim’ For initial couple of days of that trip I kept asking people how to say thank you in Turkish Watch my Turkish series to know more about it but now I can fluently say that word I’m in my hotel now I’m going towards Hongkik University The area nearby is also known as Hongdae I asked him all the relevant information about the Metro I found this just in front of my hotel this is open from 9 AM to 8 PM Oh! thats the Metro Station This green and yellow colour means – Here is the Metro Station So Now I’m going underground where should I buy the tickets! I think the left side of escalators is left for those who want to walk And the right side is meant for those who just want to stand Yes, I was right! Probably this is the ticket vending machine another tourist information centre I can take their help if I get stuck somewhere Here are the ticket vending machines I’m going to purchase my ticket from here probably the elderlies can travel for free I have to pay 1850 I forgot to take the change this is how you can buy a ticket I inserted a currency note And I got back this card and the change I think I just have to show this card 1350 won are debited I just saw a wonderful thing can you see those people in the queue! They were waiting for their turn to use this escalators These people have just got down from a train And now they’re going out of this station But instead of rushing altogether on the escalators They stood in a queue this was incredible! Now I am going down Towards track number 6 or brown line Then I am going to change to the green line or line number 2 Here I am and I have to go to this station this Is my changing point for line number two So in total I paid 1850 to get this card out of which is the security credit of 500 Won And 1350 Won is the fare of this particular journey That’s my Metro train This was wonderful! No one tried to enter the coach until I got off We should learn etiquette’s from them everyone is walking on their side Their discipline is really appreciable he bowed with his folded hands! He was extra humble I have no words for him! This is the Metro which will take me to Hongdae If you properly follow the maps and the display boards Then you don’t even have to ask others for direction Such is the level of information they give inside the coaches this system is quite user-friendly for a first-timer like me Internet Wi-Fi is free at all the stations of Seoul Metro However, I forgot to check this inside the trains While exiting the machine could not read my Card so I was not able to come out Then I took a gentleman’s help wow! they even have water dispensers The gentleman told me that even he encountered the same problem last week So he asked me to come out with him So I followed his advice and came out he said it’s not your fault. There was something wrong with the card I shared this experience so that you don’t get stuck Using this elevator I came out of the Metro Station And this is the world outside the Metro Station! I heard that this market remains open till 2 AM This shopping area is quite a happening place So you can come here at any time But people say, this looks beautiful at night And really it is looking beautiful This Street reminds me of a famous street in Istanbul Not able to recall its name at this time Where I met two guys from Cyprus how can I forget the name of that famous street! This is quite a happening place There are many shops I think you should visit Hongdae In Delhi, there is an area where institutions like JNU & IIT are located Likewise there are a few universities around this place That is the reason there is a lot of young crowd in this market

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  1. Who's up for social discipline from today, here at New Delhi metro? Let's start doing our part, and not worry about others doing it? U ready??

  2. Can I also suggest that instead of only asking for help you should also think about helping locals? For example start a charity fund or help the poor in other countries. Don’t just go and ask for help always, instead think how can you help. that will actually help build India’s image even more. Think how can you thank and help the locals always.

  3. on 12:02 don't do that again dude because CCTV watching you if you have some kinds of problems occurs then you'll get help line services have free help line and they help to solve your problems what you have happened it mean there is a rule you need to follow. if you don't follow then you have to fine as a punishment. enjoy bro good luck korea

  4. Almost most of the countries are more discipline and cleaner than us.. in terms of gdp per capita too most of the countries are ahead of us ..we are ar 139 rank out if 180 countries😞

  5. Seoul ki metro me kya women compartment alag se h ya nhi aur women reserved seats h ya nhi.

  6. I am a Pakistani living in Korea and I really love your videos! I wish I could have met you while you were here. And thanks a lot for showing so nice videos about Korea 😍🇰🇷

  7. Delhi metro mai bhi sab log yesa he karo yek ye mt sochu ki yek ke karne se kya hoga plz be disciplined🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Bhai kuch log ese bhi h jo dislike kr rhe h.. esa kya laga . Jra batao yar shayd mujhe b kuch esa lage.

  9. If you can’t travel by any reason, the next best thing is to watch Mountain Trekker’s video.

  10. Delhi metro m ek baar mene ek bnde ko bola ki bhai elevator pr left side k khde hote h wo bnda mujhse hi ldne lg gya mujhe sikha rha h jana apna kaam kr ……😡😡 Inhe koi nh sudhaar skta

  11. India Ke log rule follow Karna apni tohin sumajte hain
    Igo hurt ho jati he Inke

  12. Bro tomorrowLand music concert ke upar video banao India se waha tak ki sari booking kaise Karni hai aur expenses

  13. Yes it is true. We Indians are extremely rude and mannerless. We think chalta attitude can be applied anywhere and when someone correct us, we claim racism.

  14. Your videos are really gud… I like it….. N all the viewers happy independence day…… 🇮🇳
    Proud Indians hit like.. 👍

  15. nice video bro very inspiring. Bro I am a small vloger can you please boost my channel if you dont mind. Thank you ..

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  17. bro, i came acroos this channel just today, ite very beautiful and thanks for uploading it varun….ur presentation is superb and i like ur smile too 🙂
    just small suggestion from my side ,if u dont mind…. can u make it wth more duraion ,a little bit plz and it it would be still great if ur appearence to actual video ratio is less … rest i love this channel bor. keep going buddy , all the best

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  19. I know Indian is still very far away from social discipline. We need to learn from others

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  28. Koreans try to hide from cameras!!! But they've got so much discipline.I love south korea!!!❤️

  29. If u not swipe ur metro card at the time of exit… there's some charge you need to bear on next trip…

    Haven't u experience this when u exit from korean metro …

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