Sizzix Pocket Traveler's Notebook

hi everybody its Amy and I've been working with this new diet today it's a fun day I made this little pocket planner it is called the let me see let me show you the die it's bike Sizzix and Caitlyn was already is the designer and it's called the it's called the pocket traveler's notebook die so there you go that's the information and it's it's really cute I it makes some these cute tiny pocket planners covers it makes the cover it makes a little pocket and then it makes the pen loop and it has a coordinating die so hold on a second let me get that this one here and it didn't come in this nice envelope I put it in the envelope myself but it's it's a thin let's set and it let me see see if I can find the name for it it's called the trap travelers notebook inserts and so you get you can get this little coordinating set that has all these additional pieces to make pockets tab tabs this makes a pocket folder and this the bigger guy makes a folder inserts and let me give you a closer look at this it's super cute it's cute super cute set I like how you like have the tab and then you can do the top of the tab in a different color and it does that with a heart and a bow super cute has words hello and notes and this also says notes this one says to do and this one also this one over here it has another one that says hello and I assume this one's to make confetti or something or do it to cut of order and then this long one over here is to help kind of connect inserts together so that they fold over in your travelers notebook so the thing that I found out with working with this die is that it does not unlike the Eileen Hall die which is a scoreboard die this one isn't score and it doesn't do I scored this finding myself for here so it doesn't score your binding it just kind of it's kind of a loose sheet and it says on here you know you know you need to use material called paper leather which I don't have I wanted to use this died with my um you know just my designer paper and and laminating the paper but you know it's designed to work with this paper leather and I guess that has more flexibility than the designer paper so I needed to you know kind of improvise a little bit and score it myself to get it to make this shape and I was going to show you how I did that and sort of like a process video so in case you're working with the dye you can see how you know I used it and you know to do the laminated version instead of the paper leather version so I use some mistletoe kisses collection by simple stories it's a really cute paper collection and I just have a little bow on here from MFT I used the silver elastic from Hobby Lobby to do the to do the binding and I did not complete this I just got started on it but I'll show you what I've done so far here's the little pockets I did a couple little pockets I have some journaling cards in them let me show you the pockets there they're really cute and so I did those and then I just this is not part of this die said it's a little tag I made with a cottage cuts die set and then I just use the for this one insert that I've done I use the jot notebooks that you can get three for a dollar at the dollar store and they do fit in here they're they're just they just fit in here and this in this cover and I took the cover off that it came with it was not this is the one that it came with yeah so I took that off and then just use the insert pages and and stapled back on some of the designer paper from the mistletoe kisses collection then I haven't done my other inserts haven't done the back yet and um and then that's the back of the planner so yes so I was gonna show you how I did my cover being that it didn't have the score lines and I wanted to laminate it so here's here's what I did that I thought was the easiest way to work with the dye it has the holes on both pieces so you cut you know you're to cover pieces out of your designer paper and then you're gonna have your three holes on top three holes on bottom and the hole in the center and what I did was I just took some red line tape and I lined this edge and this edge so that way when you tape them together you know you line everything up in your tape it together it's going to be tight and closed on this side and tight and closed on this side so let me go ahead and do that process got my red tape here yeah and I just try to get that red tape as close to the edge as possible of your paper so you get a nice tight edge when you find your sheets together adhere your sheets together so that one's done eggs just kind of trimming off the extra adhesive and then you know I'm also going to want here and here I'm going to want everything nice and tight too so I'm gonna just use this thinner tape read the red tape and then I just run that over those little the three top and bottom dots just to seal up that edge too on top and bottom and you don't really need a lot it's just paper and then the M when you go to laminate it it's going off to also kind of hold everything together so yeah so I adhere the two covers first and then score than lemonade that's some how I do it so let's see do I have this all good this looks good so let me get I'm gonna take these little bits off and you line everything up here but this this paper collection is so cute I got it at scrapbook Expo and I only remember the name of the booth but they had a really good deal on the simple stories paper collections and I love simple stories kind of like the clean and simple cartoony look cutesy cartoony look and this is the paper collection I got this year the Holiday Collection I got this year to work with doing a couple of projects with it I also got the authentic what's that called um colorful Christmas ads a really cute collection and I also got I also have on order the Doodlebug milk-and-cookies Christmas collection so here we go I'm just lining up the holes before I press everything down into place yeah and so now oops I have a little piece of red tape yeah so now I have a nice everything is nice and sealed up tight on the inside and outside edges it's a red sticky tape is the little red papers even sticky yeah so that's what it looks like and then what you do is before you run this through put this in your laminating pouch and run it through the laminator when I recommend you do is score it so along this edge here where the top cover meets the bottom cover on the cover and then this gosh that little piece of red paper and then where this edge meets this edge on the inside cover so we're going to score it in those two places let me do that now let me get this over here mmm struggling let me try it from this direction might do a little bit better okay there we go it's kind of hard to get that started cuz there's a little bit of adhesive tape there okay so have the score line there I'm gonna flip it around and we're gonna do that score line on the other side too so here we go and then I score it there give it a good support okay and then it'll look you know you'll see your score lines and now you have the binding you know the the center spine that you didn't have because the die didn't really cut it cuz I guess it's meant to music that leather paper which I've never even heard of before so I definitely don't have any of that and I really wanted to use my help designer paper anyway so there and now this is a little plant cover with the spine it's ready to go so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna run this through my laminating my laminator my thermal laminator thermal laminator I haven't this is 8 and 1/2 by 11 and this will fit in here nicely I got the right end here just slip it in there we go I have to run it this way you know I'm a knee pouch let's see I'm gonna give it a little bit more of an edge all the way around so I will do this and you can use it like kind of line it up on if you have a grid that always helps see this it's all lined up here it's looking pretty good okay yep okay so I'll be back in a second I'm just gonna run this in my laminating machine hi everybody I'm back I am so I ran the cover through my laminator I ran it through a couple of times to to get it to stick and as you can see the score lines are in there and I'm just gonna round these corners um let's see project over here just redo this one come on are a little bit better there we go okay and then what I do is just at this point you can um because it's already scored you can fold it up looks like it needs to go through one more time I found a spot that's a little um okay so there we go I ran it through the laminator one more time actually two more times just to get a good and hot and sticky on there and now what you do is if you have to be poked the holes that the die had punched in there and I use um this guy to do that just make sure does come in handy forgetting that center hole especially you can use a crop-a-dile easy enough for the other holes but this one really does help kind of reach there you go okay and yeah and then you can go ahead and do your binding the binding they have how to do it on the sheet here oops upside down and it says you need 36 inches of elastic cord and you start at the at the two ends so by running it through the two ends so let me say this one comes out this end hi everybody I just wanted to do a voiceover for this section and this part of the video I'm doing the binding for the cover and I had stopped the last time because I hadn't cut enough elastic cord so I needed to get a longer piece and doing the binding here and I'm gonna leave this video in real time because you know I think to speed up the binding kind of defeats the purpose of showing the binding process part of the video but um the die does come with a helpful guide for how to do the binding it's pretty straightforward you just kind of run the piece through from end to end and then at the end you'll see that what you do is you just kind of loop it back through back through the center and then you'll get your fourth elastic string so that you can do your four inserts in your planner and I have to say this die is super adorable I really like it and what I think I was inarticulately trying to explain before is with the binding it doesn't you know with the eileen whole traveler's notebook die you can score you cut and score chipboard scoreboard and you get a nice binding already scored this guy doesn't do that you have to do the scoring yourself and you know and they recommend a product called paper leather when I like I said I wanted to do the laminated designer paper and so then you're you know this is the best way that I I've tried a couple of different approaches and this approach I thought was the best way to work with the you know the laminated paper which doesn't really have give like I assume the paper leather does and the spine to make kind of like a rounded more fabric kind of spine so yeah so I hope you know that you find this video particularly you know helpful for work you want this die if you want to work with it in a way that's you know without the paper leather so here I'm just snipping the ends I finished up my binding and running my elastic cord through and I'm going to do the center loop now what you do is you take your two ends and you put them through the center hole but I was not thinking I think at this point I was getting a little tired and so yeah for it you put those two ends through the center hole and then I just tied a double knot and and this is elastic you know the silver elastic from Hobby Lobby I need to get online and find some of the nice colored elastics and order some of those because they look so pretty and nice on projects and I do like the dye so hopefully I'll be making some more on pocket planners and I love the Eileen Holt dye – it's really nice to die let's see yeah I'm just trying to make that second knot because I wanted to double knot it just to be just to be sure and yeah in there there you go it's um it's um all finished I think it turned out great as I did I do love the dye highly recommend it and I like the little accessory pieces that I mean the accessory die said that you can get with it and I'll be working with that to make some folders and inserts and I'll come back and show you the full project and thanks a lot for watching today bye

Yvette Parker


  1. The bigz dies are steel rule dies, they'll cut thicker materials so there's no way to do something as delicate as score.

  2. Soo cute! In case you were still wondering what the heck the leather paper is that she used, it is called Kraftex. Basically you can sew with, cut it like paper, stamp it, emboss it, and it is super tuff.

  3. My hubby purchased this die for me for Mother’s Day thanks so so much for tutorial 🤗🤗🤗

  4. Are there scorelines in the die? If so, you might be able to get them to score the paper when you run it through your Big Shot if you use a "crease pad."

  5. Great tutorial!!
    Can you please tell me what is the size when you cut each piece with the die just to know if the measurements are ok for me ?

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us exactly how to use this die! Like you, I also want to use my Designer Paper and wasn’t sure how to accomplish that. Looking very forward to seeing your other tutorials! I ordered the inserts die set also. Thanks again!

  7. Thank you so much! She had put together a video, laminating each side of the cover separately and then gluing them together with E6000 glue (the smell of that glue never goes away!). This is much, much better!! Great job!

  8. Love how yours has turned out so far. This is an amazing tutorial. Great job!

  9. I can only find a thinlet that matches this, on Amazon. Is that the correct die?

  10. THANK YOU!!! I've been waiting for a tutorial, I received my Dies a couple days ago, I've been cutting and playing, but wasn't sure how to put it all together, I am very visual and you helped me so much. Thank you for your time.

  11. I wonder if it would cut thru vinyl? It’s nice to see so many products for pocket size! This is my most favorite and functional planner. It comes everywhere with me.tfs. I subscribed

  12. Love watching your process using the die with designer paper! I'm excited to try it myself 🙂 The reason I didn't put score marks in the design was to make it useable with any kind of leather. If you score into leather then it causes the leather to rip over time… yikes! But as you've shown it's not hard to add your own score line if using paper which works fantastic as well. Thanks for sharing your process, I look forward to seeing more of what you make 🙂

  13. Where did you purchase the plastic envelope? I need those lol . Tfs

  14. Great video. I have both dies but havnt used them yet. Now I'm looking forward to getting it out. Can wait for the insert video too x

  15. Awesome video!! I️ will be adding these to my collection!!! Shanta

  16. Thank you thank you thank you for doing this video. I've seen a few people haul this die and have been waiting for someone to share how it works and looks put together. I appreciate you taking the time, looking forward to seeing the inserts too.

  17. I just got this die today!! So glad you did this video. Thank you!!

  18. I just got this die set too. I ❤it. And yes I had to score the lines when laminating it, but it came out adorable.looking forward to your insert video. Love you paper! Tfs

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