Spa Trip Leads to WSOP $10,000 Heads-Up Title for Sean Swingruber

welcome back to the World Series here at the Rio casino I'm joined by the winner of event 15 Shaun Swing rubra who just received his bracelet for taking down the tank a heads up Shaun how did it feel to finally get your hands on that piece of glorious jewelry indescribable especially to win such a prestigious event the 10k heads-up is really tough the field is always stacked as someone that doesn't play a lot of tournaments it's kind of the only tournament I think I could have an edge in and I felt confident and played well and ran well and your aunt I read that you put in a lot of work on your heads up game heading into it and you had to win a play-in game to get into the tournament to start with what we were thoughts going into that game and as the tournament deeper and deeper yeah so I had to play I didn't get it by the first round I had to play Bill Klein who's really tough he plays high-stakes live on the bike and plays with some of the best players in the world so I knew he was gonna be a tough player and he was we played about a three-hour match I think and I was lucky enough to best him and in regards to the work I put in I had been eyeing this tournament for a couple months up until the up until the tournament and I just did a lot of kind of refresh your stuff on heads up since you know I don't play as much online as I used to and just tried to get my game as top-notch as I could before the tournament started no doubt looked back at some of the poker news updates you had a day off and then you came back for the semi finals what did you do on your day off day off I actually I went to Chinatown I went to a spa got a massage relaxed you know and just tried to clear my head went back to my Airbnb that I have here in Vegas and same thing just just tried to kind of Zen out not think about poker or not just nothing poker related just try to get the mind right and my mindset going into the semi-final was just treat it like any other heads-up match you know don't think about the bracelet don't think about the money just make decisions with a clear head like you would in any other match so and the final against Ben you obviously a formidable opponent lots of World Series experience you're on the short stack for most of the tournament but obviously won the big pot when it came and took down the title what was what was been like to play against Ben was incredibly creative and tough I knew he was going to be tough going into the match I did some unorthodox things throughout the match that some people were probably scratching their head about but I have to give credit to Ben I was doing it because I was he had me perplexed on a few different hands and streets where I thought I might get cheque raised and I missed some value I mean ultimately he was just very tough but when I was short stacked I just tried to remain positive get it in good once I caught a double up was just back to the game plan and yeah just try to whittle his stack down and then get it in good and when you said afterwards that you were already looking forward to next year but there's plenty more poker to be played before the next series I understand you're playing the online PLO event this evening how does that go if we go from heads-up to sad it's at in your room or sat by the pool with the laptop what's the what's your game plan well that's the beautiful thing about the World Series of Poker right you know I just banked a bracelet and tonight I'll hang out at my Airbnb relax I get to play some online who knows maybe you win a second bracelet but that's the plan just keep on grinding I'm here for the series and the objective was to win a bracelet now the objective is to win two bracelets well fingers crossed there'll be many more trips to the spa before other final tables thank you very much congratulations and best of luck for the rest of the series much appreciated you

Yvette Parker


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