Terdalam di Indonesia ” GOA HATUSAKA di PULAU SERAM ” | Cinematic Vlog

we know from the beginning we have that ancestral era we know this region of this mountain called by the name Hatusaka Hatusaka when interpreted in Indonesian that means Victory Stone there is a trace deer droppings means it this forest is still a lot deer roaming ok friend, this is one agatis tree this is what they say resin the community here often collect this sap for on sale okay finally we have arrive at resting place this is our place, we have to camp here because it’s already 4:20 pm. so it’s half past five it is no longer possible we want to go directly to the cave so tonight we stay here until two nights we stay here tomorrow we will explore the cave and the peak of Hatusaka Alhamdulillah, on the way there were no obstacles there’s only the least yes slip usually because the character of the forest here is the rain forest and all filled with moss want a tree or rock all waters filled with moss because it is indeed a rainforest Okay See you tomorrow Good morning today is very tired so today we are very tired because yesterday we walked all day to the top from morning returning home late afternoon arrived at camp now we are find new tracks for see the view beneath that is the sea that is, ora beach and this we really open the path and fortunately moss’s which clings to this tree which is this thick really help us to tread Ora beach there king’s island country of Saleman Saleman village there for those of you who have been to ora beach that you often see the background of the mountain from the beautiful ora beach we are on it now Indonesia I LOVE YOU Today we will go to cave hatusaka cave name namely vertical cave vertical cave which is currently noted as the deepest cave in Indonesia Ouch … I’m so tired okay maybe you can hear the sound bird in this forest it is a parrot in the national park itself there are many kinds of species that still live on in this manusela national park maybe about 400 of the species that are in this forest 200 of them are endemic animals the seram parrot this black-headed parrot that we hear cassowary, deer there are still many butterflies here for that let us preserve our nature let our grandchildren can also enjoy open until now only this that we can enjoy hatusaka cave is the deepest vertical cave in Indonesia Let’s see waowww hatusaka himself if for saleman community this is still one location which is still considered the level to sacredness is still very high so that appealed to all visitors who want to come here if possible before when you want to come here to Saleman village first we will be there a kind of traditional ritual ceremony let the trip of you who wants to come here Hopefully there are no obstacles and obstacles during a trip to the Hatusaka Cave so cold guys move just keep going repeated oke guys rainy we can’t take pictures because it’s very vulnerable here when it rains flood prone the water is dripping from stone here right there is fog in the cloud we there okay for you guys thanks for watching this video if you like this video please like, if you support this channel please subscribe, press the red button thank you if you have questions don’t forget just comment below or there is info about hatusaka or ora beach you can comment below thank yoy very much see you in the next video

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