Yvette Parker


  1. Wow that's interesting.. A little thrill to spice life up. Not bad for the heart.

  2. Maybe it was the same kind of jeep that brought tusk-hunters to slaughter its family members. I'd stay out of its territory.

  3. Moving away from the animal is provocative so the ellie continued to charge. Best to stand your ground.

  4. thankfully they weren't hurt but in a way I'm kinda happy that happened and people from around the world saw it and maybe now they'll understand why the hunting ban was lifted here in Botswana

  5. That elephant should sue someone for invasion of privacy and damages to his tusk really..

  6. Nobody is talking about the elephant in the room. The girl was recording it on her phone while her and the people inside could have very well been killed.

  7. Make sure to whip that smart phone out so you can film your death honey.

  8. Theresa may left early she looks like she needs a glass of water and a Abba song. Think she ran out of grassland to eat

  9. It's hard to tell if that's real or one of those fun fair type rides in a simulator.

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