The best free agency destination for Kevin Durant is the Warriors – Richard Jefferson | First Take

Yvette Parker


  1. Have him go to the Knicks by himself and take them to a championship and who will prove his point of being the greatest. Going to another team with another Superstar will prove nothing for his legacy. If he is going to go to the clippers with a kawhi Leonard or to the Knicks with a Kyrie Irving it defeats the purpose. He might as well stay at Golden State

  2. Stephen A. and Max are setting up trap for KD. Looking at King James who has no chance of winning champ again. Moving to KD to bad team does not mean they will win anything, so much assumption here

  3. Team Sport Guys a lot of us Work in places were we don't want too just for Necessity KD has the pleasure to play n work for n were ever he wants he doesn't have to prove nothing,Max go back to Boxing.

  4. ya''ll trying so hard to get kd as far away from lebron as ya'll can….lmao

  5. If KD leaves, the warrior would go on a rampage to beat him. You dont think they can attract another superstar? Kyrie, Lebron, Antony Davis is just not enough.

  6. If you are KD, Do you trust the Knicks organization to build well around you? HELL NAH. In what world going to a dysfunctional organization the best desicion for someones career? it's the least safe move he can make. It can go soooooo bad.

  7. Why do these people always talk about Billionaire Balmer? All these owners are Billionaires.

  8. The best destination for KD is the warriors because he can't win without his daddy Curry.

  9. But the nets and the clippers are in the same spot. They are second to a bigger franchise. They both made the playoffs and they both are a piece away from contendors

  10. Who else thought there was a talking peanut right in between max and stephen a at the beginning of the video?

  11. Why would KD join the east & the east sucks he's good in warriors where he belongs! 💯 Because why would he give up rings just to lose I don't get it 💀

  12. KD should stay with the Warriors. Why on earth would you leave $50 million on the table (only the Warriors can offer him the super max) to go to a dysfunctional organization, a worse coach, a horrible team owner, and lousy teammates? He would be crazy to leave all that money and a great situation just so some talking heads and bitter fans of other teams stop chirping. Who cares what they say? They won’t be the ones miserable and losing money, playing in a worse situation, and first round exits.

  13. Most Warriors players who were amazing when playing with the team became invisible after they left. KD is the same, he looked like a superstar with the Warriors because of the team. Yup, at his peak, he led OKC to the playoffs but did not quite make it –why because of the teams chemistry. With his age, if he leaves the Warriors, he’s never going to be successful as he is right now. Look at Lebron, he thought he is the best player in the planet and can single handedly make LA the champ, and look what happened.

  14. Michael Robinson? Get ur facts right it's Mitchell Robinson

  15. Aint no way KD joining Knicks or Brooklyn Nets. He aint going LA and playing for the Clippers. Its 2 options stay in Golden State and keep winning rings or play in Lakers with Lebron and the youngsters.

  16. Kd will probably stay with the GSW. If he leaves it will be to the Clippers. Who, with a choice, would choose to live in New York? KD has become a west coast guy and will remain here, either in Northern California or SoCal. Richard Jefferson is completely correct in his evaluation and analysis.

  17. He will never be recognized if he stays. It use to be him and Westbrook, GSW he has to share the limelight with 4 other guys (some already FINALS MVP). He barely gets half credit nevermind full credit. Giannis, if bucks ever win, gets full credit. Kawhi if Toronto ever wins, will get full credit. He inserted himself into an already Championship team, they don't need to give him credit. If you aren't part of the rise to glory, people will forget you. Steph, Klay, Iguodala, Green were part of GSW's rise to glory and won, the four of them have way more street cred than Durant. Unlike Lebron, where he was the prime reason Miami won, Cavs won. Durant is not the reason GSW won, GSW was already winning. He just made them from a 90% championship contender team to a 99% team.

  18. Richardson Jefferson…the only reasonable person here. Stephen A is biased to the knicks as always. Max needs to stick to boxing

  19. GSW is the only team whose gonna pay him the most
    GSW is the Only team that will have the best chance for him to get more chips
    GSW is the team he will have fun playing
    So If I'm KD(🤣🤣🤣🤣) I'm staying with the GSW. Get paid the most, win more chips while having the most fun.

  20. I think the best position for his career is to take stephon marbury career path.

    Go to China and wear Anta KD.

    We just want to watch a real competition in the league.

  21. He will go 2 the clippers because he down low is JEALOUS of LJ
    and he wants 2 prove something 2 GS


  23. Damn right to the caption. Anywhere else is a downgrade. And that's just facts.

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