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(wind blowing) (birds chirping) – [Narrator] Explorer’s been
around for a long time, right? So how do you build on an
already successful platform? (car whooshes past) I’m Marty. – [Steph] I’m Steph. And we’re the Smets family. – [Marty] I’m an engineer at Ford. But, as a user of the products as well, it allows us to experience
and understand the end use of our vehicles
a little bit better. The 2020 Explorer is
the perfect all around family vehicle for us because it captures the
essence of what we do. The vehicle just likes to be driven. In fact, there’s seven
modes that we can switch between as drivers. And you can change your driving mode depending on the terrain. (car humming) – [Steph] It’s doing some
of the thinking for you. It just makes you a confident
driver when you know that the vehicle is adapting
to those changing conditions. (car purring) – [Marty] So the ten speed
transmission delivers smooth acceleration with no latency. When you put your foot down,
you should get the acceleration delivered right to the road. (tires whirring) The all new 2020 Explorer
comes with 365 horsepower and can tow 5,600 pounds. – [Steph] It’s got lots of power, that’s what I like about it. It’s fun to drive. – We live in a really distracted world and we can control what we do
in our own vehicles but we can’t control what people
do in their vehicles around us. So the Ford Co-Pilot360
is a grouping of features that’s designed to increase the confidence that the driver has. – [Steph] I use these
features all the time, especially BLIS. It’s always nice to know
if somebody’s there. That gives me peace of
mind when I’m driving. We’re often on the road so
the adaptive cruise control is really helpful. It’ll speed you up, it’ll slow you down, depending on the flow of the traffic. I tried and I was like,
“Oh, game changer.” Like, this is great. – [Marty] It’ll even read
speed signs now for you. – [Steph] Yeah, well sometimes
you’re driving down a road and you haven’t seen like
a sign for a while and you’re thinking, “Okay, well
am I going the limit or not?” (children talking) The pre-collision is awesome. – [Marty] It’s looking for
vehicles or pedestrians in your path. – [Steph] It’s a nice, alerting sound. (urgent beeping) – [Marty] And it’ll even
engage your brakes for you. All these features together, provide a more confident
driving experience. – [Steph] It can be nerve-racking. Especially when you’re in
a busy area and there’s traffic behind you, it’ll
find a spot for you. Some people will choose
to just park miles away instead of deal with parallel parking. Personally, I have no
problems with parallel parking but the fact that you can do
it with the push of a button is pretty amazing. We’re always busy doing something. – [Marty] It’s pretty much nonstop. – [Steph] So we’re constantly in the car, going to and from work,
to and from sports. You know, we’ve got all
sorts of grocery shopping and then we gotta hit the lumber place, gotta go pick up the
plants at the nursery. The PowerFold third-row is
perfect if you need more room. Yeah, you can pretty much
configure that vehicle any way you need it. We we drive, typically it
is very long road trips. We don’t like to do it
but if the kids get rowdy or impatient, we can give
them a tablet and connect them to the wifi hotspot. The quiet cabin is also
nice for napping children. (power tool whirring) – [Marty] On the weekends,
when we can get away, we get up to the lake house. (children talking) (children laughing) The kids love hiking, we love camping. – [Steph] Marty’s big
into canoeing so we’ve got the whole family in the
canoe, paddling around. – [Marty] So we sort of
reset ourselves after a long, busy week. With the automatic start
on the FordPass app, it allows you to start
that vehicle from anywhere as long as you have internet access. (ignition starting) You could be 20 minutes
back to the trail head, it’s freezing cold and you want
to jump into a warm vehicle so you can pull your phone out,
you can start your vehicle, and you can get it preheating for you. So by the time you get there, it’ll be the temperature
that you’re looking for. We’re exploring being parents, we’re exploring being outdoor enthusiasts. It’s the essence of what, you know, the Explorer’s designed to do. (wind blowing)

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