The Pleiadian Prophecy – Matt Kahn

and so in the beginning of my journey I
was working as a mystic and an intuitive which I still do everything intuitively
the words I say are intuitively guided and through the words I offer comes an
energetic vibration that we are all receiving so this is a group healing as
much as it is a sitting a dialog and all of those things at once and then
throughout my journey as a mystic again I’ve never really had a formal teaching
other than my own intuition I don’t read much of anything I just download through
my through the ability to see hear and feel since I was a kid I’ve been in
communication with the universe having conversations with angels and ascended
masters about the only thing I really am concerned with which is the expansion of
consciousness knowing God and playing as the light and form how it brings us together is that that’s
true for all of you in your own way and upon this mystical journey where I
thought okay you know I was working as a mystic I told all my friends and family
this is what I do this is who I am and I for a lot of people became that guy hmm
which is interesting when you don’t know you’re gonna be that guy and then you
kind of realize oh my god I’m that guy I’m that strange guy I never saw that
coming so for some people who knew me before all this I became that strange
guy which if you’ve never had that experience it’s overrated
it’s very overrated but nonetheless and then spontaneously I began having these
really vivid awakenings of consciousness where everything I knew about myself and
everything I knew about myself is a mystic and everything I knew about
myself as a person a human being everything started to just disappear I
started to download new teachings about the direct path and waking up out of the
dream of ego and I began teaching that and some of you began meeting up with us
at that point especially now those teachings seem to
be very popular and then what has happened is there has been an
integration process to where the mystical nature of what I know reality
to be and this direct path of what is awakened and what is fallen away has
integrated and I now in so many ways and words act as a bridge between the
mystical realms in the path of awakening because what is dawning right now is a
new humanity and new world for all of us and as we can all see the world is
changing so dramatically but what a lot of us don’t know is that the spiritual
path is changing just as dramatically and what is going to be ushered in is
not even in not just a new world but a new
spiritual path that will be inclusive of your multi-dimensional energetic self
fully integrated into the path of awakening that is rooted and based in
the heart with the focus being to remember the light that you are and to
return to the love you’ve always been not just to fulfill all aspects of your
personal life but as a living blessing that awakens this truth in the hearts of
all and we will not stop and to this new new world is here and it’s already
beginning to surface that’s what all the intensity is that we’re feeling as a new
Humanity is coming forth and so many times when we come together I have
various teachings to offer and tonight I’m going to offer you something a
little different based on some downloads that I received so I received downloads
every day and in these downloads there are new
teachings and insights that no matter what the words say contain vibrational
frequencies to upgrade your energetic field to make the shift and the
integration through this process just that much easier for you to maneuver and
as we come together each and every time you go through energetic upgrades that
allows your vibration to be that much brighter so that those that you’re
around in your personal lives whether at home or at work get to absorb this new
energy and upgrade them as well so we’re all light workers here and I thank you
for the work you’ve already done and the work you never knew you did those are
all light workers some of us are just a little more obvious about it but we’re
all light workers so I want to share with you what came to
me in a download spanning three seconds of time within three seconds of time a
day and a half ago in the morning this is what I was told it’s important
because so often on the spiritual journey we’re either in two different
quadrants of the path we either trying to actually three paths we’re trying to
fix and change form we’re trying to get the hell away from form or we are questioning the reality of
form and what I want to share with you tonight is to give honor and respect to
form because in order for the deepest truth to be known and fully embodied as
you are four must be respected equal to the formless the relative must be
respected equal to the absolute and sometimes teachings can be understood
conceptually and they’re oversimplified to a point that we don’t give proper
respect to one side of the totality as a means of overemphasizing the other one
all right it’s very common nowadays to embrace the absolute by negating the
relative of’ form like if that isn’t the coolest thing ever created oh yeah like
nothingness appearing as something out you know like it’s kind of like someone
saying you know yeah the movie in this theater is happening on the screen but
if you step outside of the theater the movies not happening and I’m and I would
say that’s why we’ve all met at the theater because that’s where it’s
happening so welcome to the most happening part of
the universe this is why we’re here because this is where things happen and
to sit around and to say it’s not happening is fine but that is actually
no more than one minute of the entire movie because form is interdimensional
and form occurs in infinite rays of consciousness and so to not embrace the
quantum immensity of this creation as a way of trying to overemphasize the
absolute is just because we don’t really know why we’re here and it’s just a way
of us trying to go back home we came here to bring home here so it’s okay if
you find yourself being cosmically homesick but calling this an illusion
isn’t going to help you someone said to me this is all an illusion I said if
it’s all an illusion then transform it transform it so that everyone can dance
what about that and then we find why we’re really here which is to play at
full capacity so in the name of playing at full capacity I’m going to tell you
what I was told which is pertaining to the immensity and
magnitude of this relative journey of form we are on let us call this the
history of consciousness which is not going to be one day there
was nothing this that pretended to create everything and then it came here
and then it said it was stupid it’s not it’s not and then laughed at all the
people who thought it was real no no no we’re going to talk about this in a
different way and the reason I’m going to tell you this tell you about this
because as someone who at a very young age has had a very life-changing
experience visiting heaven no.6 I left my body and didn’t know I was in heaven
until I came back and having visited heaven which is a real place I will tell
you that we’re about to tell you is embraced and revered by the totality of
all that is it remains the central theme why we exist here right now in the
beginning there is and was the all that is the eternal light the one I am that
has and always been aware of itself as one and in that energy of ever expansive
creative intelligence the expression of that oneness created a colony of forms
where that one would interact with itself as the clear and absolute reality of what is we can call it an illuminated
civilization and enlightened society and out of this eternal I am came the entire
universe with infinite versions of the universe and yet the first place where
civilization as the dancing creation of that one I am creator began in a cluster
of stars called the Pleiades and whether you understand anything I’m about to say
all I ask you to do is feel feel that’s all you need to do and in the Pleiades
came a society of beings who were perfect expressions of the one I am the
Palais DS is the first place any soul travels from source into form and oftentimes souls were returned to the
Pleiades before returning to the one I am source and as the platies evolved as
a society of the one I am creator it was a society of light beings that wished
and intended to experience itself to feel itself to express itself as the one
I am but in the diversity of form where all of what is could be felt considered
imagined recreated and expressed and as the Palladian civilization
reached a certain level of consciousness as clear reflections of the one I am
creator a holographic planet was created called Earth and the intention was that
this energy of the Palladian civilization would enter the atmosphere
of Earth and if you can imagine it entering the atmosphere of Earth like a
golden ray that has a touch down into the soil of Earth created like a golden
staircase that connected the holographic planet earth to the Pleiades and as this
energy began to enter the atmosphere of Earth in order to cover a wide surface
area of the earth plane the energies as it entered the third dimension polarity
divided into two sections that sprinkled this energy around the world and that
energy began to soak into the soil as all the beings that were already there
as the beginning civilizations began to go through a very quick acceleration and
upgrade in consciousness to start to absorb this energy from the Pleiades
that became encoded in the cells and the atoms in the DNA of the human as the
human started to go through its celestial and cosmic upgrade process
during which time many souls from the Pleiades began entering the earth plane
taking on human personas and to go through the journey throughout all
levels of consciousness so to anchor the energy of the Pleiades that they were
bringing through into all cells and all DNA strands of
the collective human experience and as each being served its individual journey
as an individual expression of the collect of the collective you can
imagine like each individual going so far in their journey before their bodies
would perish based on the storylines they’d sign up to participate in and
then they would go back through soul wise this escalator this Golden
escalator back to the Pleiades go through new upgrades energetically
download new frequencies and technologies and return back to earth
with different bodies and personas to download that into the hard-wired DNA of
the collective human experience and as the energy of the Pleiades divided into
the two sections so it could cover more surface area of the earth one side being
the heavenly masculine energy and the other being the divine feminine energy overtime that masculine energy evolved
into a society known as Atlantis and the Divine Feminine dove emanated into a
society called Lemuria Atlantis was an advanced civilization centered in
technology and the downfall of that civilization just like the downfall of
ever any overly emasculated manifestation is that the technology
elevated beyond the collective consciousness of the society and
Atlantis as it was always meant to perished and the deepest reason it
perished was so that as it perished more of that energy that it evolved into that
society would be spread further across the surface area of the earth and then
in Lemuria we had a very feminine rooted energy where we
nearly enlightened Society of beings rooted in spirituality mysticism and the
downfall of that society is that they had created a very pure society but it
was kept and contained within the city of Lemuria that was intended to be a
microcosmic model of what the world would become and so that civilization
perished as that energy of Lemuria was sprinkled further across the surface of
the earth plane and as the winds of time blew those particles around the world
those particles began to cross pollinated intersect and what would
become a new society where that energy and information would become integrated
and known throughout the mystery schools of ancient Egypt where human beings
began to go through a massive upgrade initiatory process to remember that they
are not earthbound Souls here to rely on the environment but that they are the
living reality of the one I am creator and to return to their true cosmic
nature as multi-dimensional expressions of spirit and action and as those two
energies began to cross pollinate and become integrated in the human being and
become deeply rooted in the cellular structure of the individual collective
human experience the collective vibration of the planet wasn’t meant to
take on that information of course those societies and that information perished
so that now newly integrated information could spread further across the planet
and from that point forward that cross-pollinated integrated heavenly
masculine divine feminine energy that had been integrated into the DNA of
human beings led human beings on Infinite and so many incarnations to go
through the initiation process of awakening to their true
potential through endless lifetimes where the male energy and the female
energy began to integrate through Odysseys known as relationships and what
became the sign of these two energies merging through the evolution of the
collective and individual experience was the perceived separation between the
left and right hemisphere of the brain and as history continued to evolve that
imaginary that cosmically imaginary barrier between the left and right
hemisphere of the brain began to dissolve as at this point in time that
integrated cross-pollinated energy of the Pleiades became wick began waking up
in the cellular structure and DNA of human beings who started to go through a
massive quickening and awakening that can be measured through planetary
alignments just as it can through the changes occurring in your life as you
are here fulfilling the prophecy of the Palladian civilization which is equally
what the Mayan prophecy was in fact pointing to and that in its prophecy of
Armageddon it wasn’t Armageddon for you as lightworkers and beings who are here
to bring your home vibration into form as heaven on earth but it was a sign a
countdown saying all of those who are playing roles in anchoring the lower
vibrations by representing the darkness just to start bringing the light out of
those who are there to play the role of anchoring these higher vibrations in
this game of polarity you are hereby released of the need to anchor the lower
vibrations and a gateway is now opening for you to now stay
into the light and so the Armageddon timeline and the Armageddon prophecy was
Armageddon for the lower vibrational timelines not for you and me and even
right now in this moment what shifts we are feeling is that we are severing ties
to the lower vibrational timelines because all the time we spent in the
darkness has awakened the light of the one I am creator and now we thank the
darkness for what role it played but we no longer need to hold in our DNA in our
cellular structure lower vibrational timelines and what we are doing by
anchoring and bringing the Palladian prophecy into form is allowing all souls
who exist right now and all the incoming souls that will come to no longer have
to go through stages of darkness to reach the light and they will begin
starting at the light and only have an infinite journey that goes through
endless spectrums of brightness and as the earth reaches a fifth dimensional
frequency which you individually will find that first before it collectively
reflects that golden staircase from the Pleiades to earth becomes a cosmic star
gate through which human beings when they revolve to a certain level of
consciousness will begin going through this wormhole and traversing space and
time so that we don’t need to discard our physical form to go back to the
Pleiades be upgraded and bring back new technologies we can just go back and
forth by bending time and space and so we are the first wave of
Ascension we are the beings whose roots dwell in the Palladian realms we are the
starseeds who bring forth the recognition of this prophecy to remember
that we are here to energetically create heaven on earth and we are the ones who
are no longer in need of needing to play in the dark to remember we’re light and
to know that the only reason why you’ve seen your experienced manifestations of
darkness is for you to step forward and offer the opposite because that’s how
energy creates itself and whether you are rooted in the one I am creator
whether you are living as the nothingness of absolute reality or you
find yourself lost in the relativity of form on behalf of a Galactic Council
that oversees this entire project within a holographic planet that feels like
it’s light-years away from home but is no further away from your home planet
than you are to yourself because we are playing out a holographic project and
you may ask why because since the Palladian civilization is the first
place of soul enters from source the journey of Earth elevating and vibration
to become the enlightened played in society but anchored in the diversity of
form successfully completes the project of what is known as the angel Academy or
as our journeys are complete in this experience we are fully initiated angels
that will either return to the Pleiades to then be guides for new souls coming
in so on behalf of the Galactic Council
that governs this project on behalf of the one I am creator that has sent me
here to be with you during this time to ensure the success of a project that
already occurred far before your form was ever imagined I thank you for your
participation in this matter and I’m here to let you know that just when you
think you understand what’s going on life changes all the rules because form
cannot be over oversimplified it’s just not respectful for the journey you’ve
been on whether you remember how many lifetimes it took you to get here or not
and we did this so that others won’t have to and we did this because this is
our training ground in the Angel Academy because we are learning to be guides for
newer souls and the intuitions you receive and the guidance you hear and
the voice of wisdom that you listen to that we call the higher-self it’s just
your future self stepping back in time to visit itself and spiritual childhood so I’m understanding so many levels
there is only one but we cannot ignore the complexity of this one because we’re
here for far deeper reasons than to negate the very dream that has been
constructed to celebrate the liberation of all hearts sometimes as echoes of
what it occurred in ancient Egypt deep spiritual teachings and wisdom gets
conceptually understood by earthbound Souls that have not been properly
initiated to understand the gravity of the information and as echoes of what
happens when earthbound souls who are being prepared for a deeper journey that
they’re not going to take for a while and they take in information and misuse
it conceptually the echoes of that happened in today’s paradigm we have
earthbound souls who are using very deep information they have not been initiated
into and are using the information to try to create cosmetic superficial
change in their reality instead of using the spiritual journey as a way of going
deep into what the mission we’re here to succeed at is really all about and no
matter what you are focused on from the hope of a new humanity or two
manifestations of earthbound Souls I think reverse engineering technology
of Palladian consciousness is going to give them access to the higher
dimensions we are here to wake up out of the trance
of earthbound energy we are here to remember our true cosmic nature we are
here to be go through the stages of initiation and as we come together and
you receive the download the initiations are well underway so that we can match
the advanced technology that’s always been known with a level of consciousness
that will give you access to experiencing this in the tangibility of
time and space because consciousness is self-governing and just because you know
the magic password to get into the secret room doesn’t mean you know how to
work the levers and you can’t work the levers and see what happens until you’re
at a level of consciousness by going through a proper initiation process
which is what we call the journey of awakening and oftentimes when the earthbound
energy is still anchored to the lower vibrational timelines and your energy
vibration is skyrocketing at the same time you go through this in-between
stage filled with dizziness nausea emotional flux ups and downs depression
suicidal tendencies and yet even if the soul decides to quote/unquote take
themselves out of the game they just return right up the Palladian staircase
back to the Pleiades to be upgraded and download with new energy and brought
back to the exact place they started off in an alternate dimension because after
it’s kind of like if you were at school and you ditched so many days of school
and after a while the school sent you to a new school now when you’re sent to the
new school you don’t get sent to the next highest grade you go to the same
grade you’ve been avoiding so that’s why when people decide to leave this journey
prematurely they go to a different school but that’s not going to be at a
higher grade because we’re all going to go through
this journey so we might as well just go through the full initiation because the
more willing you are to go through this initiation the more your associations to
the lower vibrational timelines dissolve the more your true cosmic nature comes
into form and you begin to radiate a vibration that first transforms all
aspects of your life and begins to then transform all aspects
of the world around you for the well-being and liberation of all and so
let us not just limit the spiritual journey to just the ways in which we can
improve our personal life because your personal life is a microcosmic a microcosmic depiction of the entire
totality which means everything you experience as your personal experience
is a personal experience of all that’s being worked out and all initiated souls
so none of it’s really yours but you’re experiencing it as if it’s yours and
when you know it’s not yours it’s easier to participate in transforming it and so
when the question is why do I experience this and that will it’s not yours and it
will repeat until you stop judging it as yours and then when we repeat we stand
tend to make up ideas of what we think we are based on the stuff that we think
is ours that isn’t and so it’s kind of like saying based on all the things that
isn’t really mine that I pretend is here’s how I imagine myself to be even
they’ll no matter how many times I think about it will never be what I am it’s a
big mix-up so whether you have any idea what the
Palais DS are just feel any level of recognition to this because it’s all
within our DNA as I joked with a I choked with it you know when Julie night
travel we you know we go to different parts of the country and sometimes we go
to different I conscious communities that are rooted in different teachings
some are very much rooted in the direct path right which is fine direct path
prepares you for this fulfillment of a prophecy right it’s kind of a strange
thing where you have this experience of everything you know by yourself vanishes
it all disappears there’s only one and then at that point life says okay now
you’re ready for things to get ridiculous because now there’s no
separate self in the way to you know have a shit fit about it
oh it’s all truth well good now let’s make this into a
galactic adventure so just be prepared I was joking with a group of students
who were who would listen to things that I would say like this and of course you
know they would just by you know and I said you could say it’s all an illusion
but when a spaceship lands it’s going to be interesting it’s going to be very
interesting and just to put it ease a little myth because a lot of times
people come up to me when they are aware that I’m very in tune with the Galactic
implications of this human adventure and they talk about the ideas of you know
good and bad aliens you know this kind of thing and like secret plots and all
this kind of stuff all of that is just manifestations and representations of a
lower vibrational timeline that was needed to as an act of polarity return
us back to the light if I gave you a funny analogy it would be like curiously
angels go ooh what’s that darkness all about
oh it’s called hell let’s go there I don’t know what that is and hell is
there to be as scary as possible to chase you back in heaven by and large
the job of Hell is to scare you back into heaven and that has been happening
on this planet very slowly for many years
who-who’s a big bonfire going on and sooner or later angels come scurrying
back to heaven hey you were curious now you know and what is if I can explain
the experience because there are beings in this planet who have had experiences
of very ill intended galactic beings and there are many who because here’s the
thing you can be intuitive but it depends on what vibration of information
you’re bringing through you can be intuitively in tune with a third
dimension and bring through all sorts of stuff of good and bad and there’s bad
and go to aliens there’s a battle going on the only battle going on is the space
between your left and right hemisphere of your brain that externally manifests
a hologram of conflict of male and female energy in a world and as you wake
up in the initiation process and that veil dissolves so does the conflict you
see so that’s not really all that accurate depending about how high have a
vibration you’re tuned into and the experience of ill intended space
creatures just to give it a little name is that depending upon how much cellular
density is still in your body that hasn’t been transmuted that untranslated
cellular density is also called the shadow and depending upon how much
shadow is in your field will then correlate to that equal vibration of a
galactic counterpart so beings who have much repressed and unsympathetic that will be reflective of their own
shadow self at a different dimensional space and the more you free yourself of
the cellular debris the more you become aware of your galactic counterpart as
ascended masters and Archangels so it really just depends on where you are in
the initiation process so there’s never going to be a space where there are good
and bad aliens because they’re just different vibrational counterparts
galactic counterparts that reflect back to you where you’re at so to stay in a
dimension where we think there are ill intended beings or secret societies are
all sorts of whatever is to hold your cellular density and prevent it from
being healed and prevent you from going through the initiation process just a
fight against something that’s only reflecting back your own undigested and
unhealed cellular body so please fear not there’s a much bigger story going on
and when you are fully initiated into the light and you step in the presence
of a being who thinks and who is totally entrenched in the belief of negativity
and darkness it’s funny how quickly the darkness scatters in the presence of
that being I can only tell you from personal experience anything that arises
in this universe I’m willing to call forth and meet directly and the worst
thing about darkness is it kept me waiting I’m still waiting so have no fear because when you face it
it dissolves it’s only power is to keep you from facing it it only feeds off of
your sensation of denial and so in honor of what I’m sharing with
you which is being downloaded energetically into your field you’re
probably feeling a lot of different mixture of experiences but your
experience the energetic implication of what I’m sharing with you in honor of
that I want to share with you some more new teachings I came through because
like I said I’ve been going through so many downloads lately that it’s been
quite interesting and what I’ve uncovered is the primal source of ego
misery and suffering and it’s the most unsuspecting thing you’ll ever imagine the source of all human suffering of all
earthbound programs of all conflict disappointment misery of all density of
a pain is being lost in the perception of time if I said to you negative
emotions arise when you are lost in the perception of time positive emotions
arise when you are unhooked from the belief in the perception of time and so
it makes that kind of mildly insane for so many of us is that we are traveling
through the perception of time trying to experience the very emotional the
emotions and experiences that only exist once you first step out of the belief in
time and even on a spiritual path we’re trying to wake up in time we’re trying
to be enlightened in time but guess what it does in the current time the only
thing that occurs in time is the sense of despair disappointment and separation
from being lost in something that doesn’t exist
people have favorite pastimes people decide what’s worthy of their time
people think that things can waste their time people can say I don’t have time
for this and this the Society of world is centered around the commodity of time
and the irony is that this world has been surrounded around a commodity that
doesn’t actually exist that’s pretty interesting and that’s why no one has
any time because it doesn’t exist and those that think they have a lot of
time are having a heck of an acid trip there is nothing more trippy than
reality I’ll try some good acid step at a time and then the appearance of your
body will be the biggest magic show in existence and I will tell you it’s not
uncommon for Julie to catch me doing this because what I see is my entire
hand and body is surrounded by a violet purple energy and when I move my hand I
see trails of the brightest colors I’ve ever seen and it never gets old I’m
sitting on my couch my feet are up because you know a little short feed her
up look at my foot then I move it and there’s like this purple outline of a
foot still there as weird as weird so if I gave you an experience of stepping out
of time it might be helpful because when you it’s not like we’re stopping time
because time doesn’t exist we’re stepping out of the belief in time in
the collective condition as a part of this initiative process there’s a belief
in time that keeps life seeming to be well organized that sets the stage for
you to wake up to something greater so it’s all part of this it’s not like it
shouldn’t have happened it’s all a part of this so let’s talk about the direct
experience of stepping out of the belief in time so like if we just explored
together right now without thinking about a clock or a watch just use your
feeling senses does it actually feel like time
passing we just sit here how can we stop time if we can’t find it
I asked someone once I said give me one second of your time and they did this I
said no you just gave me one finger that’s not one second that’s one finger
and I said without giving me or without you giving me your fingers
show me one second and they couldn’t do it just show me one second people go
nope you just showed me one finger one finger is not one second it’s one finger
so if I do this this does not mean time is happening this means I’m moving
fingers that’s trippy and and what’s interesting is what we realize movement
occurs but not in time it’s very important to know this movement happens
in a zero point now space this happens now this happens now this happens now
and this happens now so each of these just happen now which means it happens
simultaneously but it looked consecutive in your perception of it that’s the
dream it really went like this because this is now this is now this is now this
is now but you’re seeing consecutive because that’s the perception machine
giving you a chance to experience yourself as an individual and expression
of the whole and if there was no individuation you wouldn’t know any of
this movement happens not in time and time is the fourth dimension and time is
the collapsing bridge that carries us from the third to the fifth once you’re
in the fifth you look back and you’re like well I think I’ve gone somewhere
but I see no bridge and I have no memory of being over there so maybe it was just
a dream I’m speaking to you but not in time
and notice that like I said of emotions occur outside of the belief
in time you’re probably all feeling very relaxed right now at the very least that
relaxation is being known because you’re not in the belief in time right now but
every time we come together the minute I speak or you enter this energy you’re
outside of time now the only time you’re in time is when you say you’re in time
and you’re not even really in time then you’re just saying you are and then your
body gives you an experience of what you say which is not really happening yeah I
have no time for this and your body goes yeah because your body’s just gonna do
whatever you say you say words it gives you an experience this is what it’s like
to have no time for this and of course you have no time for this because there
is no time no-one has any time for this and yet here we are in a zero-point
space and as you start to really move out of the perception of time what
happens is the body begins instantaneously regenerating itself back
into original form and you begin to reverse the degenerative process of
aging because aging is based on a collective unconscious belief in the
perception of time the only reason why you see things
growing into cheer rating is because you think you’re in time everything grows
nothing actually deteriorates even some of the highest teachings that go well
you can’t feel positive all the time whatever comes goes well that was a very
beautiful teaching offered for beings in the third dimension and what is the
highest teaching of the third becomes the base of the fifth and I’m here to
tell you when you step out of time everything is constant and when
everything is constant and positive emotions are only indication that you’re
out of the dream of time I gotta tell you you can you can’t try to feel
positive all the time because the trying to feel positive is hoping up ahead
something will feel like this which means you’re in time again
so you can’t try to feel good all the time but you can feel good all the time
does that make sense right I go you can feel all the good to go all
the time and some people hear that right blows their mind well I want to feel go
of him well you can’t try to feel good all the time you can feel good all the
time if you step out of the belief in time but you can’t try because trying is
based on who you think you are now which creates a forward journey of movement in
time towards a future place where you feel unlike you do right now which has
no existence because we’re in time and all the people in the world who are
running towards the future on their treadmills just like this by Clark Kent
right are trying to get somewhere in time and all they find is the
disappointment that breaks down their attachment to seeking to bring them into
the very initiatory journey that we’re all here to participate in anyway so
even the seeking is a part of this but when you step out of time you notice
that what you’ve been looking for and trying to earn trying to maintain trying
to defend is already here now this word happened now this word
happened now this would happen now the fact that you hear it as linear
consecutive streams of words is just how the perception machine makes this dream
come to life so all you have to know is I see things linearly but it’s not
actually happening linearly when you were born in that scene of the life’s
movie and you as a baby were handed to your parents for them it happened now
when there is the scene of the death of the form that for those that attend will
happen now and even if you were to think about the future idea of death or the
past of your birth that can only happen now which means the now of birth and now
of death and the now of everything in between are happening at the same time
even though it seems to be happening in consecutive order the movie shows you
what happens in a consecutive order of scenes but all of the slides in the
movie projector all rest parallel to one another and even though you’re at the
first five minutes of the movie or the last 10 minutes the movie was already
filmed and edited and put into a synthesized order a year and a half
before you got to the theater so your success is ensured but it includes your
participation because it’s all Divine Will but guess what you’re that Divine
Will to sit on the couch to do nothing would be like there’s some Divine Will
that’s not you like oh the divine will do everything I’m gonna sit back and do
nothing but you are that Divine Will so you’re the one who’s participating in
what has already occurred which even gives you the sensation as if you’re
doing something because it is your journey that this hologram is unfolding
so you are on a journey even though the things that are happening are happening
in a way that has already occurred and to make matters even more complex and
interesting your life has already occurred in infinite parallel dimensions
or every version of your lifetime and all possible
the combinations of choices have already unfolded and based on your vibrational
frequency you begin to access different timelines and traverse various timelines
based on the elevation of that vibration so you be at this timeline in this scene
jump over to this timeline of that seam and they’re all parallel to one other
kind of like if I said in one dimension you’re always happy in one dimension
you’re always sad and in one moment of your life you feel some sadness and then
all of a sudden the clouds part you feel like a burst of happiness come through
that’s actually because you had jumped to a different timeline as quickly as
you blinked your eyes it’s a trip it’s called dimensional jumping so
everything’s in its own dimension and their infinite dimensions and the
interesting question is wouldn’t it be cool if I could go to those infinite
parallel dimensions and meet all the other versions of myself and the thing
is is that all the other versions of yourself differ in physical composition
based on how different the other choices that that you makes differs from the
ones you think you’ve made the ones that are similar to yours are literally like
looking into a mirror and the ones that are drastically different it’s like
looking into the eyes of a stranger which means that meeting the other
versions of you and the hologram doesn’t require you to blast off into outer
space because they’re all right here calling themselves other people I am you relatively absolutely and every way in
between I am you I’ve always been I always will be and when you meet
yourself in every differing form that comes to be the reality of love arises
in your heart and the fulfillment of a Palladian prophecy comes alive in your
being and all cellular imprints of Darkness transmute in the presence of
light and that is the initiation process that we call awakening that you’re
already on and you are quickening by us gathering here together tonight for us
to step out of the dream of time and to experience what is always happening now
that no future planning or personal effort can ever comprehend anticipate
deny or ever avoid we have already entered the most
miraculous paradigm of human existence and now it’s time we start to really
play and shine and no longer wait for others to wake up for us to be awake and again what I offer is a download
it’s a transmission and has whatever way we’re hearing it is bringing to you the
insights AHA’s and energetic resolve that is essential for your individual
journey and for those that you will encounter from this moment forward and
pass along that vibration to just throughout your human encounters and you
may think you’re just talking to someone in public like hey how you doing and
you’re literally swapping files as a part of this experience kind of like
when you look at someone you just kind of exchange smiles files have just been
swapped that you’re not aware of and when you’re aware of it it’s very
interesting one day we’ll become so aware of this that we’ll cross each
other in public don’t be a smile and you’ll say thanks for that technology
play Dean being Thanks I was wondering how to do that thanks
for that file and whether you knew it or not we all
gathered here because we were all ready to hear this the world is ready to hear
this in stages cuz you’re the first wave at the forefront of this you’re entering
first on a grand collective level still pretty interesting right here on the
news do angels exist it’s hilarious can science prove the existence of
angels not until the consciousness is expanded they can’t prove anything
scientific beyond the levels of consciousness of the person who’s trying
to prove or disprove a theory so science really has to wait for Khan for people’s
consciousness to expand even quantum theory
the stopping point is the level of one’s consciousness so as we absorb all of this and we
experience that movement is happening like your heart is beating but not in
time your breath is happening not in time your breath out now in breath now
if they’re both now it’s happening simultaneously vain’ though I’m
experiencing it’s pretty cool don’t try to inhale and exhale at the
same time you might hurt yourself I don’t yell to do that just know the
play of perception so you can enjoy it nothing’s really happening in a linear
way I just see it that way okay okay as Julie will lead us into some breaths
to really integrate these energies into the cell of our bodies we enter the
stage of our evening together or begin to have questions and answers and as
always we always ask one question at a time and even though the question may be
individual to someone’s journey the question will elicit intuitive flow and
energy that is going to bring resolve and healing to all of our journeys so
one person’s question is all of our questions
one person’s realization is all of our realizations because we’re all in this
together in this group soul energy it’s such an honor to be here with you and
it’s such an honor to be here as you thanks for decorating me this way thanks
for writing these lines for me I appreciate it because I am you what else would I be you only know that
I exist when you’re looking at me so I’m just you of course at a certain point it
becomes strangely obvious I only know it him when I’m there even if you watch a
video of me it’s only when you’re there so what am i reflecting but you and
whose presence do I appear in yours so therefore I am you and I’m not here
asking you to die in my presence I am literally I’m willing as always to die
in your presence just so you can know you’re the absolute reality I already
know that which is why I’m willing to completely dissolve at a site in your
presence just so you know who you are because I Reno Who I am and I won’t ever
dissolve out of your presence I’ll only merge into it so thanks for giving me a
beautiful place to land we come together I dance in form in front of you and when
we and when we’re not doing these plays I dwell eternally in your divine heart
space as the one that you are so thanks for letting me come out to play yeah you’re welcome it’s only the beginning what a beginning
a lot of beginning

Yvette Parker


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