The Walking Dead 10×09 Trailer Season 10 Episode 9 Promo/Preview [HD]

Yvette Parker


  1. If you look closely at 0:29 that's actually Lydia.. did she go back from being a whisperer? Or she's only by herself?

  2. I agree Carol is thinking irrationally but I haven't forgot, all this because of HENRYS dumb-ass ! I felt bad for Carol when she saw his head on the pyke and the scene was like Holy shit but he had it coming. He put everyone in danger.

  3. The most shocking thing about this trailer is knowing that Eugene kissed someone and Daryl didn't.

  4. Huge standoff with the whisperers ( at 0:50)
    Aaron leading a massive army( which goes to battle)
    Gabriel with a Shotgun
    Negan in action
    Mary (or Gamma) switching sides (or I hope)
    Eugene gets a girlfriend (and it is Rosita)
    There's still a misterious group with the radio lady
    Maggy will return once
    Daryl with a mace with a chain
    Huge amounts of zombies at probably the walls of Alexandria
    Michone with a hood (and I assume with two zombies just like in S3)
    Alpha with suspiciously a lot of blood on him
    Zombies in Alexandria
    Whisperers with flaming arrows
    Negan with a look that looks suspicious like the ( I am gonna get decapitated) look

    This part of the season is gonna be so goddam awesome

  5. QnA, Trev, i think Gamma is still bad and follows Alpha's plan, witch is to go to Alexandria and make more of our survivors to go save our trapped group, so that Beta can sneek in and take her nephew, only to take Coco instead, think about it, why would Beta be seeking in Alexandria and Aaron never told Gamma where her nephew is, so a baby trade could also happen

  6. Is anyone else tired of Rosita? She's the Tramp of the show. Why did we have to lose Tara. Bring her Back!!!!

  7. Battles and Major Fights for the second half:
    Battle at Alexandria
    Battle at Kingtop
    Carol vs Alpha
    Rosita vs Gamma
    Aaron vs Beta
    Alpha vs Gamma
    Negan vs Beta
    Daryl and Connie vs Beta

    1. KELLY: falls into the walkers and gets eaten.
    2. LUKE: gets overwhelmed and eaten by walkers during the war.
    3. ALPHA: takes her own comic death and gets her throat slit and decapitated by Negan.
    4. FATHER GABRIEL STOKES: takes his own comic death and gets gutted by Beta.
    5. ROSITA ESPINOSA: takes Andrea's comic death and gets bit saving Eugene.
    6. BETA: gets his own comic death getting shot in the heart by Connie when she saves Daryl just like Aaron saving Jesus in the comics.


  9. Anyone else that see Oceanside as the most boring part of the show? I want to see Negan, only Negan.

  10. I think the remaining 8 episodes will begin and finish the Whisperer War, and season 11 will focus on the Commonwealth.

  11. Okay please tell me they didn't just show the fact they are killing off Jerry.. one minute you see a walker climbing up, the next thing you see is one biting down on a leg and jerry screaming.
    Kang, we are gunna have words.

  12. Having to wait more than 2 months might as well go to a far east temple or something train myself in patience 🧘‍♀️🙄

  13. not gonna lie, really not one of the best mid season finales it was ok but so disappointing, the damn Whisperer war better start second half

  14. in the instant in which Negan tries to kill Alpha, Lidia anticipates him and kills her mother. The rest is massacre.

  15. Eugene is such a simp my god even in the apocalypse there has to be at least 100 other women 😂

  16. EuSita finally happening? or will Eugene be left in the friendzone again. Find out on the next episode…

  17. Negan to Alpha "The spy you're looking for is right here among your camp"…..Negan referring to himself….

  18. I think Alpha fought Gamma and then won the fight and then killed her, so that's what she looks like in the end that's my personal theory behind it

  19. Omg… Michonne is back at it again with them zombies in chains! Imagine if michonne found rick and returns with him to save Alexandrea 😭😭😭

  20. Man they really made me dislike Rosita. I mean I didn't really like her much to begin with but still. She's fucking everyone it's kinda annoying. Reminds me of Lori……oh God Lori.

  21. “The spy you’re looking for is right here in your camp” yeah Negan you bitch it’s you!

  22. Everyone is saying Kelly will die in the Mid Season Premiere but you can clearly see her at the hilltop battle.

  23. rosita is the type of woman who goes from man to man. hopefully there wont be to many couples again

  24. 0:43 Jerry is Just underneath the dumpster he will be fine that episode but the next episode after that one he will be a nice big meal for the walkers

  25. Man Rosita has really made her way around the group since being on the show. Might literally be the biggest thot left in the world

  26. People are talking about Rosita and Eugene, personally I cant wait for Lucille to meet Beta.

  27. the survivors still dont learn, they are always one step behind. Stupid enough to follow alpha into a cave and other follow, this is their weakness. They think with fists and not with brains.

  28. I can see daryl have a new secret weapon and i think i like on his secret weapon😍❤️❤️

  29. So this is the part were Negan kills Alpha cuts off her head bring it back to the group and later all hell breaks loose……..


  30. First 1/2 is just talk show 😑

    2nd one looks juice 😋😋😋

    Hope to see Rick back 🙏🙏

  31. I dont watch this anymore…
    This is now going too much without anyptoper script..no story nothing..Rick dies and The walking dead dies..

  32. My boi EUGENE about to get the booty. I'm proud, even tho its sloppy seconds of a dead man.

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