The Wolfman at Clark’s Trading Post

Hello pigeon lickers You know something? I don’t like Oh dags
your plat mutt lapping marlin bopping yellow-bellied long nose geezers. What
are you doing on my turf? I told you I’ll take you and I’ll take your heads
and I’ll stick it right down those jaws down there. My car runs offa flatlanders – If you doublecross me you’ll become varmint stew, especially kids, little kids with skunk cabbage and rat tails, that’s my favorite. De-de-duh-diyahhh!. When you enter my zone, you’ve entered the danger zone, never you ever take a train ride and you ever come back alive your lives will never be the same again.
You will live in nightmares for the rest your lives [unintelligible ranting] My car runs off of flatlanders and you can run that for me [vomit cackling sounds] [Wolfmanmobile accelerating sounds] What are you doing here? C’mon, give me a break, folks bothering me, want some peace and quiet around here y’know. [vomit cackling sounds]

Yvette Parker


  1. I remember in the 80s Wild Bill what blow off shotgun rounds scare the crap out of you

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