Top 5 Hidden Secrets & New Attractions of Pixar Place – The Incredibles

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find us @TPMvideos. Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
opened on May 31st 2008. It was the home of Toy Story Mania, a meet
and greet and some retail and food stands, but in early July of 2018 Pixar Place shut
its doors with the opening of Toy Story Land. The Pixar Studios sign at the front of the
land was removed, and Pixar Place was officially an extinct land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. During the process of putting construction
walls around the area, it looked like Disney was just gonna be abandoning Pixar Place-
well that was until an announcement was made in late September of 2018. Disney announced that beginning in January
2019 the incredibles would be taking over Pixar Place and that’s where this story
leads us today. From January 18th until September 30th, 2019,
Pixar Place has been reopened and is transformed into Municiberg for An Incredible Celebration! Now you might be wondering what exactly can
you find in this newly reopened area and what’s changed? Well thats what we’re gonna be discussing
today as we count down the Top 5 Hidden Secrets & Attractions of Pixar Place. The Extinct Reopened Disney Land. Number 5
Pixar Place has reopened as Municiberg, which is the city where a lot of the Incredibles
2 takes place. The Disney website says Celebrate with the
Incredibles at Pixar Place, and the park map still lists the area as being Pixar Place
but as you can see right from the entrance, the iconic Pixar Studios sign has not returned
for the re opening of the land. So is this still Pixar Place or is it just
Municiberg now? Sure, that distinct brick used at Pixar Studios
in Emeryville California still makes up the buildings at Hollywood Studios, and just the
general look of the area isn’t as metropolitan looking as Municiberg in the film. But not only did the Pixar Sign not return
but all the silver studio signs in the land have also been removed. There’s no more Story Department next to
the gift shop or the Lighting sign around the area where Luxo Jr used to be. Now you’ll find a sign for the DevTech Plaza
branch. DevTech is a telecommunications company that
was introduced in the incredibles 2. You’ll also find some other Incredibles
2 references scattered around the area, like this poster for Doozles are Dozing a new musical,
based on the best selling Children’s book. There’s a little scene in Incredibles 2
where Robert is reading a book to Jack Jack called Doozles are Dozing. All the doodles are…Doozles are Dozing. Eyelids so heavy…drooping- At the front entrance you’ll find the Municiberg
Visitor Centre and at the back of the land, there’s a giant City of Municiberg seal
on the ground. So it’s safe to say that Pixar Place as
we once knew it does not exist anymore and joins the list of extinct Disney lands. Disney could still calling the area Pixar
Place just for familiarity sake since Municiberg is not a permanent addition at Hollywood Studios. It’s set to end September 30th, 2019 and
the rumour is that once Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens, this area will be used as an overflow
exit from Galaxys Edge just to alleviate some congestion in Toy Story Land. I guess we’ll find out if this all becomes
true in near the end of 2019, but for now Municiberg is here to stay. Number 4
Prior to the opening of Toy Story land, most of the Toy Story theming in Pixar Place was
removed and this here is what the area looked like in August of 2018. There wasn’t much left and it was pretty
bare, but with a keen eye, you’ll still notice some Toy Story remnants while walking
through Municiberg. Let’s start with the gift shop on the left
hand side. During its time themed to Toy Story, it used
to look like this, but now its been turned into Municiberg gifts. Its a really simple gift shop. It appears they just removed the oversized
toy theming from the old shelves and turned them into regular merchandise shelves. This red shelf which used to be a battle ship
board, lost its battleships and pegs in favour of a generic decorative design and the purple
shelf lost its silver spine, handles and clips and were just made into two plain purple shelves. Next door to Municiberg Gifts is the Neighbourhood
bakery. During its time themed to Toy Story, it used
to be called the Hey Howdy Hey Takeway, and when we take a wider look, two very prominent
props were recycled and reused. Woody’s face was wiped off the cookie jar
and the thermos got a new retro 60s look to fit in with mMniciberg. Now the main draw of the original Pixar Place
was Toy Story Mania. This is what the entrance used to look like,
but now the building has been renamed to Municiberg Plaza and in place of the old ride entrance,
you’ll find a photo wall. It’s very safe to say that this building is
no longer the main draw of the land. You can still spot the oversized crown molding
and baseboards from Toy Story Mania, so little hints of Andy’s room still exist if you
know where to look. There isn’t really much they can do with
the building since Toy Story Mania is still on the other side of the wall so at least
they found some use for it, but it could have been something a lot better. Since we’re living in the age of Instagram
walls, there is another wall on the right hand side as soon as you walk into the land. Its fun, vibrant and very retro; perfect for
any Instagram feed. Number 3
As you make your way through Municiberg, you’ll wanna keep an eye out for the Jack Jack scavenger
hunt which is one of the three attraction experiences. Jack Jack’s quick and you can spot his little
footprints everywhere. Clues have been hidden all around the land
from laser scars across the walkways, to cookie crumbs and hand prints. That Jack Jack is pretty wild and has even
been able to break through the bricks of the buildings so definitely look high and low
to find him. Disney always does such a great job with their
walkway details and can I just say how delicious these fake cookie crumbs look though. You just wanna pick them up and eat em! Number 2
Now after you droll over those cookie crumbs, if you take a look up you’ll find one of
the main draws of an Incredible Celebration in Municiberg. The Edna Mode Experience can be found inside
the building where Buzz Lightyear and Woody used to meet. Prior to this housing Edna Mode, the outside
of what used to be Woody’s Picture shooting Coral looked like this and the oversized tinker
toys have been traded in for these sleek posters. During its time as the Woody and Buzz meet
and greet, the inside of the queue contained many oversized toy cut outs, and the meet
and greet brought you into Andy’s room. The Edna Mode Experience is one area of the
former Pixar Place that was really plussed. Once you’re inside you’ll find Edna Mode’s
super suit gallery where she has some of her marvellous creations on display! I honestly think Disney did a great job with
the theming and detail of this new meet and greet; it really immerses you into the world
of the Incredibles. After you’ve walked passed all of Edna’s
magazine covers and news paper clippings, you’ll get the chance to meet Edna Mode
herself! There’s something about this retro 60s style
that just looks really clean and sophisticated, especially when you compare it to the Toy
Story theming that was there before. Overall, the Edna Mode experience is definitely
a super fun time! Number 1
Another major draw of an Incredible Celebration is the Super Shindig dance party where you
get to bust a move with Frozone, Elasti-girl and Mr. Incredible. Now usually the dance parties at the Disney
theme parks have hosts and two members from the Channel Two news are the hosts of the
Super Shindig Dance party. If you’re a fan of the citizens of Hollywood
at Hollywood Studios or the Citizens of Main street at Magic Kingdom, then you’ll definitely
enjoy these two news anchors. They bring a really fun interactive dynamic
into the area. Ron the news reporter makes his way through
Municiberg, talking with guests who may just make it on the big screen. {Guest} This has been a tasty delight. Back to you Linda Thanks Ron! Ooo that was fun! I think Ron was dropped on his head as a baby. Hey would you like me to bring out another
Super? This next super uses her super flexibility
to stop villains, planes, trains, automobiles and most recently ships! {Elastigirl} Hi everyone! You all look out of sight today. {Mr. Incredible} Hello Elastigirl. {Elastigril}; Well hi Mr. Incredible, Its
nice to see you. Ohh Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible, I don’t
know who to talk to first. As you can see the entire experience is more
than just a dance party; its a show with scripted segments and interactive elements. Sea Otters fall asleep holiday hands. You know what’s more incredible than that? Dancing! Let’s do some. Yeahhhh Really, anyone regardless of age can enjoy
different aspects of the Super Shindig Dance party! Now this archway right here is where Municiberg
ends. Before Pixar Place originally closed, the
area behind it, which is this right here, used to be guest accessible but Disney did
not reopen this section with Municiberg. Its currently a backstage area so I think
its very safe to say that it’s completely extinct and we may never see this streets
of America facade ever again. Overall, it’s really great that this small
area at Hollywood Studios has reopened again after being closed for 6 months. Parts of Municiberg do look sort of temporary
but then other parts look really great like the Edna Mode Experience! If you do find yourself at Disney’s Hollywood
Studios, Municiberg is a fun little area to check out in addition to all the other rides
and attractions the park currently offers. So what are your opinions on Municiberg taking
over the former Pixar Place? Would you like to see this stay past Sept
30th and become a permanent addition at Hollywood Studios? I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below to start a conversion
and don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video. Thanks so much for watching! Click the TPM icon on the screen to subscribe
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