Tourism Career Lab with Michela Gusso

Hi everybody! I am Michela Gusso and I am a graduate of the Master in International Tourism and today I came to visit to speak about my career and I am Knowledge and Insights Executive at the Digital Tourism Think Tank Which is a consultancy agency in the field of destination marketing. So I share with the students my experience as part of an agency that deals everyday with the community of DMOs all around the world and I was very pleased to meet the students because as a students when I was at the university, I always wanted to be to hear about experiences and recommendations so i gave to the students some takeaways and my suggestions for the students of the Master in International Tourism are to always stick to your objectives and dream big because one day if you stick to your objectives you will really reach them in your career Don’t be stressed by by the research and looking for a job because no career path is wrong and if you have many experiences just take the most out of it and don’t worry if you have short experiences in different fields because this can be a strength for you and this can make you very cross-functional person and in the long run this can really enhance your qualities and last i really wish good luck to all the students of this master, and I hope to see some of you at the Digital Tourism Think Tank There are good opportunities for students for internships and for projects. See you soon!

Yvette Parker

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