Trip To The Thrift #119 – RARE 90s OG NIKES FOUND!!

what's up guys welcome back to another trip to the thrift if you guys aren't doing the videos hit that like button it lets me know drop a comment down below I try to spawn the all the comments I can and subscribe if you are not already so let's go see what we can find this week so I found this copy of XD or I thought I did and I opened it and it's NP and I was really bummed out but then right here on the on the shelf next to these other loose discs I found a copy of super smash brothers loose so I'm just gonna put this in here and take the case in the game for a dollar or eight dollars 95 h I found this Oklahoma State Cowboys see by look action where it has it on the sleeve as well right there but that's not the only college tee I found also found the Georgetown Hoyas and that's also on the same tag they're both single stitch and I love this heather gray color so most likely I'm gonna be keeping this one I like getting rid of that one though and those are a dollar seventy five each and then also for a dollar twenty five I found this Tommy Hilfiger shirt with these like different color sleeves then the body which I thought was kind of cool that ones I saw he's large and it's also a dollar seventy-five I also found a pair of Concord Lowe's for $15 their size 3y but what I'm more excited about is this pure platinum LeBron 10 for 25 because this is a shoe that I used to have in my personal collection but I ended up getting rid of it and I've regretted ever since and these are in really good shape and they're only 25 bucks like I said so definitely gonna be holding onto these alright and then besides the smash bros that i got super lucky finding i'm also found these and these are also a dollar a piece we got reckoning on the 360 michael jackson's experience on the 360 are efficacy we my bed grand theft auto 5 on the 360 and black ops on the 360 but it's modern warfare 3 I found this Power Rangers in space T right here but it's a kids youth size what sucks as I actually like this at first glance I thought this said I am unshaved and I was like okay the Cartman shirt though for a dollar ninety-nine size medium I did find this Pendleton v-neck sweater right here for 399 size XL I just wish it wasn't so boring here's a copy of Final Fantasy 10 – on the ps2 for a dollar 99 I don't know if I'm gonna get this or not going through the sweater section I did find this GTR hoodie right here for $2.99 size medium and then on the back you got true love isn't found it's built so I just thought that was kind of cool so I went through this whole store and this is the only thing I found this newer as you can tell by the tag are there size large Metallica all over print II feel pretty cool though I take it back I think I found something cooler than the shirt should i cop dollar 95 we got Dale Earnhardt the Intimidator number three you got the good rent car on the back I know that new Godzilla movie just came out but who needs Godzilla when you got ripped our shoe section looking pretty your eye today there are these Easter eggs but ya found two pairs of shoes over here in the women's section we got the Valentine's Day fours pretty cracked up and they want twenty bucks for those and then a pair of Katy nines and a sigh 7y for 15 this is actually one of my favorite basketball she was playing betting on my size found this Oakland Raiders tee for $2.99 somebody was trying to have you back here in the blanket section I don't know why it's only $2.99 and then it's not even nothing too special and then we got the throwback Kobe Jersey for 399 unfortunately it's a you small which was my size but I actually do like this Jersey this colorway but it's whatever sport bucks and then I also found nes remix on the Wii U for $2.99 at this point that we use like a dead console anything that was good that re-released on the switch but I do still like the collect for it we got some LeBron soldiers for 25 bucks I nine and a half still pretty clean overall – we got the Pokemon sleeping bag right here this is actually kind of cool from from 1999 this guy ash – Pikachu pretty cool I used to have the same Jordan shirt when I was younger when I was in high school I went $6.99 for this one though found the Patagonia for 399 but somebody ruined it and put their logo on it but it's a size XL got Patagonia down there kind of sucks at k2 Advisors messed it up hold up that fire though here's a Walking Dead comics tee this one's actually kind of cool I actually was really big into the TV show but then I stopped watching it around the time negan got involved so I don't I just lost interest this shirts pretty cool they need that the gizmo gremlins – you can never go wrong with gremlins for a dollar 99 what am I looking at we got the urea nice tea super tasty with noodles on the front and on the back two plates in the– we got the girl Tina right here with the coffee cup on her head Space Jam tea for a dollar ninety-nine side medium here we got a Nike Barcelona Jersey that one is a size medium and they won $13 for it I'm not too bad no name or nothing on the back I also found this New York Mets Russell Athletic Diamond Collection Jersey it's a size 44 and you got number 20 stitched on the back I don't know nothing about the Mets I don't know who that is but yeah it's 399 size large I did find a couple pairs of shoes in here the first one is a pair of these Air Max 90 s and this navy blue they have like a scratch on the toe though but they want $9.99 for those we also had a pair of chrome eight but these do not have a price on them which I can't find anyway so I have no idea how much these are gonna be but I might go ahead and ask and then the last pair are these shoes I have no idea what these are if you guys know let me know but they are from 1994 they're size 13 and they're kind of like in that a freshwater griffey colorway so maybe they're like a Seattle Mariners shoe I have no idea but overall they're not bad they just need to be cleaned up a little bit and they want $8.99 for those so I don't know maybe I'll pick these up and then I also found out a couple games are not the greatest games in the world but they are video games so I'm gonna show you guys the first one is Gran Turismo 5 4 3 99 Fight Night Round 4 this is a series I wish they would bring back these games were always really good Dante's Inferno for 399 got war for 399 and Lego Star Wars 2 on the Gamecube for 199 which is always cool finding GameCube games I don't know what these are but I kind of like them especially I found this vintage screen star size XL G love and special sauce I have no idea if it's a band it's probably 1998 European tour no idea I never heard of them I thought I said I love but I guess it's a G cuz I looked it up elephant print funds or $50 oversee six-and-a-half care more monies with a little pig on them they got these Rio tanks but 180 dollars I got a pair of these in my size in here not too long ago 435 and now they have this pair size seven 450 so yeah I got these chlorophylls for 30 bucks these things are like new though size five and a half two pairs of LeBron 15s these right here I don't really know like the names or anything but those are 50 bucks and then a pair of these gray ones with the gold swoosh and those are also 50 bucks I guess somebody came and dropped off their phone collection we got some wolf agrees size six and a half for 30 bucks and then also we got the all red Red October easy ones those are 25 and those are also a six and a half we got some more LeBron 15 it's black with the gold swoosh those are 60 bucks size 11 these are actually pretty nice if these were my size maybe I don't know about for 60 bucks though these are kind of ugly but I actually kind of liked him I don't know why but they're 40 bucks size 9 we got a pair of bands right here for 30 bucks this is back like when the tan man Chetta tan whatever the colorway was called was real big we got the Air Max 90 sevens in this navy and gold colorway so I still have for $65 I really like these on the sleeve but I don't wanna pay $65 for them alright guys so that's gonna bring us to the end of this week's trip to the thrift I hope you guys did enjoy the video if you did go ahead and show me by hitting that like button subscribe down below if you guys do want to see more and drop a comment and I will see you guys next week with a another one so player searching all alone confessing Twila

Yvette Parker


  1. I hope you got that penalton sweater. That should be a good money maker those things are expensive.

  2. I definitely want the Oklahoma state shirt!! I go there and would really like to add it to the collection!

  3. Great Video but don't tell anyone your honey hole Becasue everyone have to go out and hustle. Nothing is handed to anyone💪🏾 HUSTLE HARD EVERYONE

  4. You should do a video of how much you make reselling ur finds from the thrifts

  5. You should do recaps of what you cop like the flea market pickups! Love the vids!

  6. Bro I might work for the platos u go to if they give me a discount on stuff I got u I’m 16

  7. Say i got thet kobe jersey i. Your size lets trade. All im asking is to find me a pair wht jordan 2' size 13

  8. Always finding good stuff bro ps don't tell ppl where you thrift you might regret it lol!!! 😂

  9. Why is every youtuber wearing nascar shirts?? Is that the “cool” thing to wear??

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