URGENT: Bitcoin Time Traveler Warning About the Future

so today I want to share with you guys an urgent message from the Bitcoin time traveler and this post was actually done or posted five years ago over five years ago and it's eerie and uncanny some of the things that he has said about what's to come and I want to share that with you guys because it's quite interesting and there's a lot of lessons here that I think is really relevant even today so thanks for tuning guys it's time for big coin and crypto news it is June 11 and obviously the topic is gonna be about the Bitcoin time traveler is is he real is the message or the dire warning that he's giving some of them we need to pay attention to so let's take a look at that and and go from there and have a lively chat afterwards thanks for tuning in guys as always appreciate support make sure you hit that like and subscribe to the channel if you are new but before I get into the time-traveller let me just show you guys Bitcoin is really not doing anything right now it's right around somebody hundred yesterday we've kind of topped out right around eight hundred eight thousand seems to be kind of like a mid term resistance that we need to break once again you could see that Bitcoin has been hovering right around here eight thousand level for a while and now we're come back down a little bit but what hasn't come down and what I talked about yesterday is litecoin and litecoin is still holding strong I actually I actually made a prediction yesterday I was writing my insider newsletter and then I looked at what happened at the last having event and I put one one together and we can see something enormous come from like one because of it it doesn't mean that history will always repeat itself but there could be something huge coming and I'll share with you guys what that is at the end of this stream alright so let's move on let's do this so this is a post unread from over five years ago now this came to my attention recently I know some of you guys have read this some of you guys haven't it's quite interesting because like I said at the beginning there's a lot of things in here that that was pretty dead-on and for someone to predict this five years ago man kudos to them if if this is not real alright so this person claims and this is from five years ago so this was back in 2014 and this person claims that he is from the year 2025 all right so that's only six years from now that's not too far off so that's pretty scary alright anyways he's like on average every year so far let me highlight this so you guys can see this on average every year so far the value of Bitcoin has increased about a factor of 10 from 0.1 dollar in 2010 to one dollar in 2011 to ten dollars 2012 to $100 in 2013 and all those have been correct but of course this is afterwards right because they posted it in 2014 so but here's where it's pretty spot-on from now on there's a slight slowdown as the value increased by a factor of ten every two years rather than one year so to two to a thousand in 2015 to 10,000 and 2017 a hundred thousand in 2019 and one million in 2021 and we certainly saw that we saw it before and actually this was a little bit early but we saw a thousand dollars actually till the end of 2013 with but again we saw a thousand dollars start in 2017 again and then of course in 2017 we did see ten thousand dollars and then we went above that of course to 20 thousand right but they are predicting that we might see a hundred thousand two thousand that it not might because if they are from the future this happened that we will see a hundred thousand in 2019 and 1 million in 2021 and you know what 2021 is a year a lot of people point to such as Tim Draper Tim Draper and other Mike Novogratz I mean you could say Tom Lee you could say there's a whole bunch of people out there even John McAfee John McAfee says 2020 but I'll just say 2021 and a lot of people are saying 250 thousand five hundred thousand a million dollars in 2021 so is that a coincidence I don't know but right now this is all this has all been true and we are in 2019 can Bitcoin hit a hundred thousand by end of this year only time will tell we have six months to go so let's see what happens in the last six months all right so that's number one number two is I think this is pretty interesting because this is something that I've been talking about in terms of scarcity all right and I've showed you guys this article before how if you only hold point two eight BDC your goal will be part of the 1% Club and why is that because there's only gonna be 21 million in existence is actually a lot lower than that because there's a lot of bitcoins that were we're lost so if you hold points away you're gonna be golden in the future you're gonna be part of 1% Club if you have one BDC you're gonna be part of the point 1 Club and if you have more than one BTC you're gonna be in the upper echelon of BDC holders ok and and this person makes the same point ok and 2095 there's still about 7 billion people that didn't really change someday billion on average that means the average person just owns point zero zero three Bitcoin point zero zero three however due to unequal distribution of wealth in my world the mean person holds just point zero zero one Bitcoin that's right most of you guys reading this today are rich right so think about it if the world does adopt Bitcoin as a global currency and there are seven billion or seven to eight billion people utilizing Bitcoin this makes a hundred percent sense right right now there's not a lot of people that's involved with Bitcoin not a lot of hole others but if the whole world of das Bitcoin then very little I mean most people are gonna hold very very little so in this case point zero zero one is the average mean of what a person holds in 2025 but this brings up I mean this this is really relevant whether or not that is true this is really relevant because there is only 21 million that's why bitcoin is gogo up because it is gonna be super super rare it's gonna be scarce it's the only thing out there I mean you look at all the all the precious metals out there which a lot of people like to make comparisons to like gold or silver or copper whatever platinum that you could think of you can always dig up more diamonds you always find more mines oil I mean there is a finite supply but we're always finding more so anything that's out there a commodity a precious metal anything out there there's oh it's not really finite we always find more we can always get more but that's not the case with Bitcoin we're at seventeen point seven million once we hit 21 million that is it it's done and Bitcoin truly becomes the world currency not many people are gonna have much at all alright and then and then it gets interesting so cities are now called kind of Citadel's and it makes sense because most syllables are those for rich and basically everything in there is for an altar rich it's isolated gated cities most work is automated and they were born out of basically protecting where Bitcoin mining machines are so basically all the farmers wherever they are the Citadel's basically start from there and it makes sense because you would want to really protect those places right if Bitcoin truly becomes a digital currency and everyone everyone wants a piece then yeah the companies that own the farms and the farms themselves are going to be super super super valuable so it makes sense that Citadel's would form or cities with form from those places all right so this is where as arts getting interesting right in my world soon to be your world no most governments no longer exist as Bitcoin transactions are done anonymously and thus governments most governments cannot enforce taxes ation on their citizens and this is this is a this is a big thing that governments are worried about right now this is why a lot of governments do not like Bitcoin because they don't know how to track it they don't know who people are what who the wallets belong to and they can't tax them so I mean you think about it this is right because if governments can't collect taxes then they can't operate so according to this person 2025 most governments no longer is this they have collapsed because they don't know how to tax people and then to go on government try to stay relevant my society by buying Bitcoin which which just made the problem worse by increasing value Bitcoin by okay I should say that again by buying by quiet by buying Bitcoin which just made the problem worse by increasing the value of Bitcoin so it makes sense right if government starts buying Bitcoin we're starting to hear about that now rumblings about Russia got getting in behind the scenes buying bitcoin we're hearing about China with their control they might be buying Bitcoin you know North Korea Iran you know countries that have sanctions against them they're buying Bitcoin so this is a you know this is kind of relevant already anyways so governments did so in secret of course but my generation of Snowden's are in fact greedy government employees who transferred Bitcoin to your own private account and escaped to an arc places where no questions are asked as long as you can cause of money alright so again kind of relevant because we're starting to hear stuff like that already all rights for large institutions that still that have Bitcoin balances basic minor IMF the solid government of Saudi Arabia North Korean government and this is a good amount of Bitcoin but we know there a lot of people that have a lot more Bitcoin than that and it's interesting because II talked about the winklevosses all right economic growth is about negative 2% a year why is this because if you own more than point zero one Bitcoin chances are you don't have to do anything with your money there's no inflation and thus no incentive to invest your money just like the medieval ages had no significant economic growth as wealth was measured in gold our society has no economic growth either as people know their point zero one Bitcoin will be enough to last them a lifetime so you have point zero one forget point two eight four get one if you have point zero one which is a lot more than what most people have these most people have point zero zero one so if you have point one man you have enough bit going to last your entire life and then you don't have to invest ever again alright so what happened to the Bitcoin rich people that that have a lot of Bitcoin well unfortunately the Bitcoin time traveler said that the Winklevoss twins which is known to have one billion plus in Bitcoin they were the among the first to die after seeing enormous damage done to the fabric society terrorist movement emerge they sought to hunt down and murder anyone known to have large balance Bitcoin or believed to be responsible anyway for development of cryptocurrency so I'm not this is not funny at all but what's relevant about this is yeah those of you guys that have a large amount of Bitcoin you want to keep it secret you don't want to let people know about it because there has been news reports already of people getting kidnapped or ransom notes and ransom demands made in Bitcoin so this is something that that is very relevant today not to say that you will die from it but but if you have a large amount of Bitcoin don't let people know don't let people know about your wallet addresses to you know once people know that they're gonna know it forever right it could always be tracked back to you so be careful about that so that's really relevant today or right then it gets it gets a little bit worse most people who own any significant amount of Bitcoin no longer speak to your family and lost their friends because they had to change her identity so it gets pretty grim over here talks about Africa shows a survey show seventy percent of people believe in Bitcoin was invented by the devil himself so this is where it gets really grim really grim and and the person is back basically because they want to stop this okay they want to stop Bitcoin because bitcoin will ultimately lead to basically the destruction of the world so they have 20 News of submarines which they will use to cut all the underground cables between different countries and basically like that okay so it doesn't have to be like this you don't have to share our fate I don't know how but you must find a way to destroy this godforsaken project in its infancy I know this difficult thing to ask of you you believe you believed you were helping the world by eliminating the central banking cartel that governs your economies but it may get worse so so yeah so that's the dire warning from the Bitcoin time traveler so although you know it's one of those things if you think about it you know it things always look better or look greener on the other side right and sometimes you really really really want something but then there's things that you don't think about and there are things that may happen unforeseen things that may happen and who knows right who knows if this comes true in six years if Bitcoin really becomes a world economy will digital currency and government truly do fall from Bitcoin yeah I think the world is gonna be a pretty shitty place sorry for that but you know a lot of people are looking forward to like the banks and everything else just dying and Bitcoin taking over you know we don't know we don't know if Vikram truly does does take over I do think a lot of the things in here actually makes a whole bunch of sense right so but yeah I want to this is you guys hopefully you guys found this interesting there are things in here that I think is very interesting things that we are hearing about right now such as governments secretly getting involved with Bitcoin you know making sure that you hide yourself make sure your you stay anonymous you don't want to be a target for anyone right I think those are very relevant and also also I mean it's just really eerie that that some of these price predictions are spot on and if we really hit a hundred thousand for Bitcoin somehow in 2019 I'm gonna really really start believing in what's set in here so so yeah that's why I wanted to share with you guys those of you guys that didn't didn't read this before I will post this up and it's you know I'll just link this in the comments and description so you guys could read it for yourself all right that's it that's all I have for today there's pic say no to dues at all today so I'm gonna spend a good amount of time just doing Q&A and we'll have a good chat and I'm not very happy about yesterday's game either but I don't know if you guys want to talk about that alright let's do some Q&A man seminar 35 people watching this I guess you guys really want to hear about the Bitcoin time traveler time travel is fascinating fascinating there's a lot of movies that discuss time travel people always say well time travel exists you know how come we don't have people in the future coming back well maybe there is you just don't know and even if they omit their time traveler like something like this would you really believed them right so that's the that's the interesting thing about time travel straight shooter yeah that's probably not not a good one not a good position to have if this really comes true rich boy yeah that's what I'm saying I mean this is this is gonna be real proof if we hit a hundred thousand in 2019 I mean that's to predict that I mean keep in mind if you were predicting this in 2017 it wouldn't be that far-fetched because we were at twenty thousand already so if you were writing this in 2017 to say okay maybe in a couple years we'd go on another bull run a hundred thousand that's not too far-fetched but this has written over five years ago okay five years ago I mean 2014 this is when Bitcoin was crashing to like $100 or whatever Loeb was like 160 right – right around that time yeah I mean this is a this is a really good guess I guess or it was it's true but I'm taking profits I like my mining having yes like coin is holding is shown a strong all right and I this is what I dedicated my whole video to yesterday those of you guys didn't watch it make sure you do so but the having event is is having effect I'm like coin it is strong right now very strong even though down a couple percent 127 it is down less than BDC which means that your be tees ratio is actually going up by holding more like when the Bitcoin this time but yeah the last having event the last having event so take a look because I showed you this last having a vent shield beat I mean not be DC LTC going up in a big big way before to having bet but then it dipped after the event happened but but ultimately after to having a man like coin was still doubled and where it was before so that means that we could see something like that with litecoin now even though it might it could go on a parabolic run up but then it could hover like double where it is now which would be like 250 300 that could happen afterwards but like I said at the beginning I have a prediction for like coin then I wrote about yesterday but I'm gonna share with you guys at the end of this stream prepare yourself thank you for that I know you like ice um but the lack of circuiting supply concerns me thoughts I I thought about that I looked at that before I looked at that before and I turned on my volume for today's stream I listen to myself yesterday I was kind of quiet I turn it up a little bit and hopefully yeah I'll turn up a little more hopefully a bit louder but that is that is a concern I saw because XO um certainly supply is very low compared to the total supply so take a look at that only nineteen billion out of the hundred and five billion that's less than twenty percent that is circulating and that's because stellar has a very very very large foundation fund Jeb Mikaela upholds a lot and they basically want Jeb Mikayla's plan is basically give out as much stellar as possible it's supposed to be one that's really go help people get into cryptocurrency so he has a lot of things in place like in terms of Foundation funds growth funds and all this stuff they're all locked up they have addresses you can look at but yeah I mean there's still a lot more exo-m that can be released but that's how they're able to do say like the coin based thing the coin based education for for stellar you can earn up to fifty dollars for that which is crazy watching guru thank you for that I'm going to read it because of you super check it I have me in Vilonia I traveled to 2025 sitting a federal prison looking at candy for shilling Sportster and other useless crap to the public good laughs good laughs thank you for that though come to Toronto for Game seven no it better not I better not get the game seven if it goes the game seven I'm will say de-rigged they better win next game yesterday was just stupid they did a hundred rant updates which no one cared about they were trying to make people feel sorry for Durant no one felt sorry for Durant he rushed it he knew it everyone knew it but the end of the King was so stupid they were down one point quiet should've took it first of all but he was double Tina I could see that he passed a VanFleet who could have shot it that was within the range and then he passed the Lowry who had a wide open three wide open and he hit the side of the backboard I mean he could even draw within a couple steps to take a shot yesterday was just a stupid ending kay MBA now not really I'm I'm uh I'm an ant I'm an ant compared to some of these guys that's been in the space much longer than me so no not really worried I would not be surprised of a quiet Leonard was actually like a alien or something like like what you see in men in black where the face opens up or something and there's a alien side I would not be surprised while Leonard turn out to be alien Lucas asked George's a wedding present to a friend I'm buying them some crypto what do you suggest of course you buy BTC that's it any if you're if you're giving someone a gift that's gonna be you know that's gonna be held on to for a long time five ten years twenty years right maybe you buy them you know something that's uh somewhat like a paper wallet or something in a frame or a coin with you know the private key on there whatever you do right you want to buy Bitcoin because you know bitcoin is go go up let's go go up and up and up with John yeah John that's probably a mistake kilo I'm not cool I'm not gonna believe you man not gonna believe you NYC you're giving a friend point to a BDC for a friend's wedding wow that's a pretty good that's a pretty good gift that's a pretty good a gift I'm not gonna go to the Oracle for after-party I refuse refuse to go there even if I'm invited I could take the spot of that that that owner guy got kicked out even if they offer me that spot I would not be going hundreds do you think we can see Bitcoin lower bit I mean it's very possible let's let's take a look at BBC real quick BBC is hovering in this range between eighty four hundred and seventy five hundred and it's been there for a while we tried to break pass it several times a couple times here a couple times here once here a couple times just you know day or two ago so let's see what happens if if BBC breaks below 7500 then I would say that we can see more downtrend alright we can see the next step up is seventy two hundred and then we can hover down here a little bit if it breaks seventy five hundred which has held really well so right now it does seem like we're slowly moving up so if we gear up for another run and then we keep going like this right that'll be very positive and that's fine but let's we just have to see what happens in the Bitcoin and then in turn see where it's gonna be moving but the time travel is right this is all pointless because we will see a hundred thousand by the end of the year so why are we worried about a few hundred dollars anyways you don't have to get point to a Bitcoin you can just according this if you could if you have point if you have point zero one Bitcoin according to time traveler you're set for life so you could just think about that point one point zero one Bitcoin will be enough to last at my lifetime so that could be a wedding gift Alex that's an interesting proposition I it would depend on how much Alex that's for viewing this front of Mom's Wow you must have a good good 4G signal out there usually mountains there's nothing there's nothing chain factor and Neelix related to ang who's a and gee I don't know Wayne she is but there isn't I mean we talked about I talk a lot about nulls recently because unfortunately it didn't do what a lot of people were hoping for him which was I was hoping for which is to break that dollar mark right so I know a lot of people are fans of nulls I am too and yesterday you know we were gearing up and I had this line drawn for awhile this dollar 101 resistance was a major major major support level before back in 2018 so take a look at it like a couple times we could not break through that it finally broke through when Bitcoin fell from six thousand three thousand and it also has been under a dollar ever since right here and passed it but couldn't hold right here same thing and yesterday it couldn't hold but let's see what happens if it could start coming back up break through this if nulls could break 101 I would say that's very very bullish and the momentum is definitely back but right now that is a major major support on all's camp break and G is an NRC xx drive Knowles deep ok thanks for that no idea I thought I was a person you know Flint getting a phone call here alright guys I think that's about it I'm getting hungry today all about the Bitcoin time traveler right seems a little far-fetched but all things considering since this was written over five years ago it's really uncanny some of the things in terms of some of the predictions that that he has made and has come true so far the biggest one we're waiting for is a hundred thousand and two thousand nineteen but regardless of that there are some things in here that I think are really relevant to today enough for example you know because bitcoin is scarce there's a finite supply I think it's really important those you guys that believe in life changing wallet believe Bitcoin will get you there this is the time to accumulate as much as possible because if Bitcoin does start going up in a big way or truly becomes that digital currency that digital crypto that the world embraces and adopts think about it then it's gonna be spread among seven to eight billion people and if you divide the 21 million and it's really not it's more like sixteen or seventeen million among seven billion you could do the math not very many people will be all afford much at all so in terms of what this time trailer says point zero one being enough to last a lifetime that could be the case and also another interesting point is relevant is don't let people know that you have a lot of Bitcoin don't share your addresses don't be flaunting it a lot of people do like to flaunt a lot of stuff so be careful about that because you could be a target in the future but you know the last point I want to make is you know some of us or a lot of us think that yeah bitcoin is here to displace the banks and overthrow governments and stuff like that gotta be careful what you wish for because if that did come if Garvin's did start collapsing do the Bitcoin because they can't tax the people and and Bitcoin Bitcoin does become a world currency becomes ultra valuable the rich are targeted the farmers become cities or Citadel's right that could come to be and that doesn't really sound like a good place to live it but that could be the future if this really happens right so it's kind of interesting because right now it seems like it's very far fetched we're nowhere close but alive people are looking forward to the days like this where Bitcoin becomes such a dominant currency that overthrows governments that might not be a good thing so just uh just something anything about all right guys thanks for tuning in make sure you hit the like subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on at my other my other videos or my future videos and and I will see you guys tomorrow see you tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. Central Standard Time all right take care guys bye bye oh I came back so those of you guys that stayed um I forgot something for that I forgot I was go give you guys a prediction I also give you guys a prediction on where like coin may go so if you stayed around if you stayed around you go get that um and I totally forgot about that so I apologize but so yesterday I was looking at this let's go back let's go back back in time here probably better to do a day all right so we're traveling back in time this is the last having event for Bitcoin I mean like coin this is back in 2015 August 2015 so August right around here is when the having men I believe those August 25th 2015 you could see it was not a peak at that time okay peak was over here so when like went bottom right around here ignore the volatility but it bottom right around here around the end of April around a dollar 26 right doesn't that sound like a lot like where we are now a 128 it's just that it's 1% of where we are now but it went from a dollar a dollar 26 all the way up to a peak that over eight dollars so eight dollars but I really peaked at about 884 so you're talking about litecoin going up 600 percent a parabolic run keep in mind keep in mind this was in in a very very very bearish market ok back then there was nothing to hope for like coin literally literally almost crashed down to zero okay so for this to happen is as a miracle really if you think about it so one for my dollar something all the way up to about 8 something 600 percent gain and now is mid-july and mid July right is is a month before to having a mint so we're still two months out so if you apply this the same growth right to two litecoin we could see like coin at seven hundred eight hundred dollars it can possibly go on a parabolic run to seven or eight hundred dollars before coming down just like how this happened because after a hit eight something what did it do it came back down to about three dollar range right and a hundred and three dollar range for a long time while three dollar range is roughly double or was about the dollar twenty dollar 30s right and that makes sense because the supply decrease in half so the price basically doubled but but before is settled there it went on a huge parabolic run and if Bitcoin and rest of the market starts picking up you know we could see the same thing from like coin we could see like coin hits 6 or 700 or 800 dollars before selling back down to like 300 so it could happen it could happen that's my prediction that if the market continues to do well the next two months that we can see we could possibly see like coin go on a huge parabolic run to $700 I'm just go say alright and $700 would not be unreasonable you know why because I did the math because if like one went up that much it would only be about 40 to 50 billion and market cap it would still roughly be only a third of Bitcoin so it's not like it's coming approaching my bitcoins market cap so it would only still be like a third of Bitcoin and to be at number two would actually be a pretty good spot for where it should be because it is a second oldest crypto out there and it is it basically mimics Bitcoin in every way and it is gonna be scarce and and and it's gonna be a digital gold it's gonna be a store value so even if it did go up that much it would not be unreasonable even in today's market and we have seen stranger things happen right we have seen Ripple go above a hundred billion and come close to surpassing bitcoins market cap we have also seen ether em do same thing where you throw em what's going on these crazy pumps where it was almost go surpassed the bitcoins Martin cap but you even have like one went up to $700 it's nowhere close to bitcoins market cap so that's my prediction before to having event maybe in July or early August if the market continues to do well and it goes up and up and up like coin will deftly see a parabolic run up to $700 that's my prediction I could be wrong it's probably gonna be wrong but I'm just gonna let you guys know I'm gonna call it first in case it happens then I can claim that I'm a time traveler from the future and I knew I knew that was gonna happen alright guys that's it all right take care

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