Visa issues, foreign travel, foreign settlement, green card, citizenship astrology

Astrology on visa, green card, foreign travels,
settlement, citizenship (full clarity) Since january 2017, there was a surge on these
kind of questions from
my clients worldwide. Since Dec 2016 USA elections, there was some changes in immigration laws,
visa policy , H1B and other kinds of visas worldwide. Using my astrology art, I can predict visa,
work permit, citizenship/residency permit cases. We can also help you to choose right degree/vocation/ higher studies
suitable to your profile or career. Student visa/Investor visa/dependant visa
and all kinds of visas. Whether foreign settlement is on the cards
for work/study and business purpose. If you are the one, looking for green card,
I can determine the odds using astrology. For those with no skills/experience/ qualifications
there are certain methods to enter top countries legally. I can also detect them, using my
astrology art. So there is hope! Let us analyse all the possibilities. You will get a description
about the situation or a straight yes/no answers, depending upon what my horary chart says. The universe or nature always show me, what
works best for you, using horary chart. This can help in decision making process and see
whether things are in your favour or not? Note: Communication methods is through voice
calls only, where you get instant answers in real time, and you can also clarify things
there and then. We cannot support email for these kind of questions, at the moment. Astrology on visa, green card, foreign travels,
settlement, citizenship (full clarity) Information needed from you to get started:
What kind of visa you are applying for? Did you apply before or first time? Your profession if any?
Years of experience and company if any? Whether I
will get visa or not this time? Any possibility? I will request my spirits, to sync with
your energies and determine the outcome. (few minutes). You
can then ask whatever questions you want, about this particular topic.

Yvette Parker

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