Visit Croatia – The DON’Ts of Visiting Croatia

Hey there fellow travelers mark here with Walters room today, we’re in hvar Croatia One of the beautiful islands here in Croatia on the Dalmatian coast and today we have for you are the don’ts of Visiting Croatia because there’s some things you’re obviously gonna do like you’re gonna go to split and co2 emissions Palace and you’re gonna go to Dubrovnik and walk the walls and you’re gonna go up to Poole and see the Coliseum up there But there are things, you know general cultural things You probably don’t want to do when you do come here so you can have a better time Okay, so let’s get started now My first don’t for you is don’t get freaked out when you hear Croatians talking to each other Well Croatians kind of a brusque loud language, and and and since we’re by the scene You know when we’re by the city people get loud and boisterous I kind of look at Croatian kind of like it the sound is the brusqueness of German like that. Rah rah, rah but then it has the they have the emphasis and the energy of the Italians when they go so sometimes it seems like they’re Kennedy into a little bit of a spat when It is just two friends mean like hey, how you doing? I’m great. How are you? So it is one of those things I’ve seen a few tourists You know give that like what the hell was that look when the Croatians started talking So I usually give you a heads up for that Now my second don’t for you is if you do get to talk to the Croatians try to avoid talking about the war with Serbia And the early nineties did the war for independence or the last war depending on how they they they call it because it still is really It still touched a lot of people’s lives here in Croatia some families more than others so you don’t know how you know a touch of a subject it is so I just kind of Suggest avoiding it if they bring it up to talk about it. That’s fine But just one of those things you probably better to wait and maybe not talk about too much when you are here. Okay? Also that leads into the third thing I want to tell you not to do say don’t call Croatia Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, it’s been gone for a long time now and it’s time to let it go Okay, this is Croatia. They like Croatia. They want to be conquer Asians stick with it. That way don’t say Yugoslavia I know my younger crowd watching this now as much of an issue because we’re used to saying Croatian for 20 years now But for a lot of people it’s to it so it’s Yugoslavia. No, it’s not. Don’t call them that go say here Yugoslavia It will not go over well and going along kind of with that is realize that crazy are very proud So my next stone is don’t diss Anything Croatian when you are here because people really are super proud of Croatia of their football teams of the UNESCO World Heritage Sizes of their Islands of their food other a cappella singing all these kind of things and here’s a beautiful country Well, we’re checking out lots of cool stuff cheap prices things like that but you’re gonna probably find some stuff that might annoy you when you are here like the rocky beaches and and Sometimes the service isn’t super but it’s fine. You know, you might have some issues but do not bring that up to the crow It’s okay because the locals don’t really like that but that’s kind of like anywhere you go people don’t appreciate the constructive criticism Might might be out there and so here is no different now me v don’t for you I just saw out here on the beach behind me Don’t expect a comfy lie down on the beaches here in Croatia. Now, the beaches are beautiful the water. Look at its crystal clear That’s somebody it’s a little bay with boats in and it’s just gorgeous But the thing is the beaches here a lot of times our ston beaches or they have a lot of pebbles and rocks on them which makes it a little difficult to get down to I was down here watching the this couple trying to get into the Into the water down here and the poor girl It took her like five minutes to get down to the beach because the stones were hurting your feet so much So if you are gonna come especially with little kids bring water shoes, so you can walk on the rocks and enjoy it Because it can get quite painful. I know with my boys when we were here together. There are a few years ago I mean it was a lot of tiptoeing and ow, ow Ow, it’s though so don’t expect a comfy lie on the beach. Make sure you bring those comfy shoes Okay now since you’ll be going to the beach one thing I guess I shouldn’t have to mention but it is important is don’t forget your sunblock and your sun protection and some bug spray Okay, because the Sun here is very intense and it gets very hot here in the summer Okay, like 35 4 degrees Celsius so over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it can’t be kind of dangerous for travelers So stay hydrated, but also lather up on your SPF on your sunblock. I have 70 on Okay, so maybe bring a hat too, but also the bug spray I remember we were here in July and I me and I my youngest son We got eaten alive by the mosquitoes and other bugs So do be careful with that now my seventh don’t for you is don’t expect to get places quickly in Croatia She’s got this kind of interesting shape because you got the long coastline and there’s a big continental part in there And the thing is you’re gonna take buses and ferries to get around like to the islands and buses to go between towns There’s some train lines but not for everywhere and they’re not always that great But you’re good to take buses and it may look like it’s closed But with all the mountainous terrain and islands and stuff like that It will take you longer to get to certain spots than you expect Like you look at the map say oh there should be like a three-hour drive and it turns out to be a five-hour drive You know Oh
I can get over that island and the ferry systems especially don’t expect the ferries to go all the time in the winter months Okay in the summer months you’ll be able to get anywhere fine If you’re coming off season that can be an issue now Another thing I want to tell you is don’t skip the local museums now. I know there’s World Heritage Sites here. There’s amazing History here you walk you through these towns with the stonework and the little winding streets that it’s just gorgeous. UNESCO We’re at Heritage Sites seven of them in Croatia you can go see natural beauty like the Kirk falls in the Lake District and and walking the walls to Dubrovnik and Pula with the Cathedral or not the Cathedral with the Colosseum there’s tons of amazing stuff that’s here However, what I really like is well aside from that is the small local museums because the people are so proud I mean you get great guys like I’m from afar my family’s from afar and I will tell you how great hvar is and not I don’t tell you splits the Best city because I’m from split split is the best city So I’m not saying anything They have this pride here And you see that a lot in some of the smaller museums a lot of the city Museums we were in Šibenik and oh my goodness their city museum was fantastic It’s showing the history and the pride of the people. So don’t just hit the beach and the UNESCO sites Also go explore some of those smaller museums when you are here because I’ve felt them I found them to be really worthwhile And kind of going along with that local kind of feels Don’t skip the local food now you’ll see a lot of pizza and pasta and stuff like that all over the place because there’s a lot about Italian influence and things like that, but there’s a lot of really great food here in Croatia. Yes. We’re on this sea So the sea food is fantastic the prawns the mussels getting this the black risotto and stuff like that Oh
It’s so good Getting the what we always like to get was the the look all the fish plate and you get all kinds of different stuff sea Bass and prawns and and oh my god is so good. It’s so good. You have that animates here as well So if you like seafood, it’s great. If you like meat, it’s great They have these things and there’s tons of salads here as well So there’s some nice variety so you can mix it up So don’t just think I’m going to buy same things every day Now do explore the local cuisines because there are some pretty good stuff here Also, they you tend to drink the wine here the beers Okay
But wines one of their things are very proud of here now kind of falling off that Restaurant feel you may think as oh, how am I gonna pay when I’m here. Well, don’t think you can pay in Euros Okay, they have the Cunha here in Croatia. And they prefer the Kuna you’ll actually see sign saying we do not accept euros Yes, Quraish is in the European Union, but they don’t use the euro So don’t think you can use it Now some places like Dubrovnik you might be able to pay a Taxi or you might be able to pay fat a restaurant but walking the walls in Dubrovnik at the most Tourist town the entire country is still gotta pay in Kuna Okay, so don’t think you can pay in Euros when you’re here Another don’t I have for you is when you do go to those restaurants Don’t forget to tip you tip 10% on the bill here in Croatia Just so you know that now bite width on for you is don’t worry if you don’t speak Croatian Tourists have been coming through Croatia for hundreds of years because let’s be honest. This place is gorgeous Okay, and the thing is is the tour for the tourist infrastructure is very good for hotels restaurants things like that But also in terms of speaking English Look, they are dead. This place has developed for tourism They’ve really there for the tourists, you know, all the guides are saying look even you speak German or Spanish We’re just speaking English with us It’s fine because most people do speak it a lot less especially younger people Really do speak it and that’s gonna be your language getting around. So your waiter and things like that. They’ll have English menus No problem that you won’t even ask they’ll bring it to you know speaks. They’ll speak English pretty well And so that’s really nice thing to do and my last don’t for you when you come to Croatia is don’t pass up a chance if someone offers you some dried figs in some rakia the homemade liqueur here don’t pass that up because that’s a sign of Welcome and hey, come on in have a drink. Let’s chat and talk about Croatia and your I’m here Anyway, those are kind of my don’ts of Croatia. I hear the boats are getting ready to go So I prize should get ready to take off myself if you like videos like this We put out new videos every Wednesday and Saturday from all over the world So if you want stuff about Croatia or Canada or China we got stuff for you there Anyway, we’re also on Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube and we really appreciate your like subscription So we hope you have a good time here in Avar or wherever you go in Croatia But don’t worry you will. This place is beautiful Bye from hvar Croatia

Yvette Parker


  1. Poštujemo svoje i volimo svoju zemlju..ti si dosao u hrvatsku i pkusaj naucit hrvatski.. Jebo vas engleski..

  2. If you are thinking of spending summer in Croatia, to skip wearing water shoes, and to enjoy the great beaches of Croatia, visit Makarska Riviera beaches. Places such as Brela or Baška voda. Trust me on this, for 17 years of enjoying those beaches, I never got my feet hurt😉

  3. Ok so I'm 14 and I've lived in Croatia for 10 years now and let me tell you, we are a small Country with only 4.4 million people and I love seeing YouTubers make videos about hiw beautiful Croatia is. It really is an amazing place to go during the summer. The ocean is all around you in the hot weather and there is old churches, houses and museums everywhere. There is so many nice places to go. I can only recommend it.

  4. Ok so I'm 14 and I've lived in Croatia for 10 years now and let me tell you, we are a small Country with only 4.4 million people and I love seeing YouTubers make videos about hiw beautiful Croatia is. It really is an amazing place to go during the summer. The ocean is all around you in the hot weather and there is old churches, houses and museums everywhere. There is so many nice places to go. I can only recommend it.

  5. Welp…im from Croatia…and i only want to say that Croatia is the most beautiful country in the world…the problem is the people whos controlling this country..man that shit is fucked up

  6. While I was in Hvar, I heard a market stall lady telling some tourists that there is a 60 Kuna fine if you are caught walking around the town topless or in just a bikini top.

  7. My ex husband's dad's family is Croatian (Bartolin)… I can't wait to show my daughter these clips.

  8. a big DON’T is climbing in hiking in flip flops, the mountains are more dangerous than they look like

  9. Video is amazing but that with rock hurtin ur feet isnt true cuz there are always some roads to half meters deep so u dont get ur feet hurt

    poz iz hrvatske

  10. I was born in Croatia and still live here, I can tell you that he is correct about everything, although it is not necessary to tip 10%(or anything for that matter) I love this video and think that anyone who is visiting Croatia should watch it. 🇭🇷🇭🇷💙💙

  11. Makes me very optimistic to visit Croatia knowing that I might get beaten on street for being Serbian and sworn at any time. Especially the "ubi Srbina" grafitties which are storming Croatia lately. Croatia as a region was motherland to many Serbs so don't come here and tell me that Croatia is only land of Croats. Dubrovnik was mainly populated by Serbs under times of Austria Hungary.

  12. I know im a bit late but im Croatian and i was laughing when i was watching this video because some of this stuff was redicolus (not good at spelling)
    Btw Thanks=Hvala Hello=Bok Goodbye=Doviđenja (Đ is pronounced as a G) ok thats bassicaly a little bit of things you should know. 😉

  13. I’m from croatia and my advice is dont tip too much.
    Croats dont tip at all

  14. also, if u are renting a car that might be reneted from Serbia and has Serbian rego plates ,the local Croatians might damage that car ,even though Croatian government ethnicly cleansed nearly the whole Serbian population that lived in what is today Croatia,they still very much hate everything Serbian.

  15. I have a Croatian friend who I showed this to and he loved it and said it's very accurate. Especially the part about Croatians being proud of their country (I already knew this was true because he never stops talking about how great it is lol)

  16. Good point I like this video it’s all true though
    In fact I’ve got in big trouble last year because I’ve mentioned the war 😟
    They have some mental problem in their heads man
    They love Hither and stuff to be honest I’m very disappointed with that 😠
    And also I went to some Croatian wwii camp ,a hole where they killed Jews,Serbs and Gypsies nearly a million people and that was a problem for me as I was in shocked 😮 I couldn’t believe this things happened in Croatia
    When I ask about these things they become very very aggressive verbally and for my safety I had to leave my accommodation and leave the area just in case but guys if you want good time in Croatian please don’t ask about wwii and war 1991 between them and orthodox people in Croatia and you’ll be fine or just go somewhere else
    I will never waste my money again on Croatian holiday as They never going to see me again
    Sorry guys

  17. Ain’t nobody really cares what you do or not here, just leave us your $ $ € €

  18. DONT visit Croatia. Its a big chance you'll get robbed by any means if they see you got money. Crime is rising,people are hyenas here.

  19. Croatistan good holidays, but the worst quality of life in the world.

  20. Ah you talking so nicely about Croatia makes me so proud to be at least half Croatian

  21. And don't mention there genocide history. Or you will be next…

  22. Don't wear swimsuits to town, swimsuits are the beach only. wear clothing in town.

  23. Never ever say that many cities and villages along the Croatian coast were mostly inhabited by Italians, forced to abandon their homes and lands. They can be very aggressive

  24. I loved Croatia. Everyone in Zagreb was nice except for the guy at the train station. I look a lot different from the average traveler but when I spoke to people they spoke back. Make sure you see the broken relationship museum

  25. If you decide to come to Korčula (the island just next to Hvar where this video is filmed) you will find sandy beach Pržina and Bilin Žal in village of Lumbarda, they are small, shallow and most of the time not crowded. Ideal for small kids. Island of Rab has as well sandy beaches but the sea is a bit colder. Island of Susak is harder to reach but it's made of sand! I'm from Croatia but explore it as a tourist as well. 🙂

    If you like nature and food do a cca 2 week tour by foot by yourself or with max 2 people:
    Travel light. You don't need high heals on cobble streets.

    Land in Split – book a room in Radunica area (near city walls but peaceful) just walk around relaxed, no where to hurry, it is a small town center that is famous for the atmosphere at the fish market and proud of it's beautiful girls… they know it, so curb your enthusiasm.
    Then, a bit irritated by the OTHER stupid tourists (you feel like a local, it's a must) go to Lastovo for 2-3 days. There you will find the time has stopped and you have finally left those OTHERs nubs of tourists to burn in Split while you are in heaven drinking your own bottle of wine on the empty beach.
    You will get bored so get back to Vela Luka (it's a place on island of Korčula), take a bus ride to the city of Korčula and then to village Lumbarda where you will stay for 5 days. Have another bottle of wine. Watch the sunset and then go to the centre of Lumbarda to meet the locals in bar Maestral or Kocka. They are always looking to befriend a funny tourist like yourself.
    Rest of your 5 days you can do whatever your heart wishes, you can go fishing, learn how to windsurf, explore restaurants, wineries, go to Korčula town two times just to see the old city and drink a cocktail from the roof of the old fortress while sun sinks in the sea.

    Watch moreška dance and watch the donkey race in Lumbarda 😀
    Your last stop is Dubrovnik. Stay somewhere close but not in the old town. Eat outside the walls. Visit the town late at night and early in the morning – it's beautiful. Go to Rock cafe Exit, meet locals and spend some time just doing nothing at Porporela.
    Take a shared taxi to Airport. Repeat next year with some other friends and stay friends with locals so you don't have to pay (as much) for the apartment next year. 😀

  26. 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

  27. if you say yugoslavia to croatia u hella screwd and will get in a biiiiig discussion and this won‘t turn out well porbably so don’t do it

  28. If u say split is the best town to someone who is from zagreb u will get beaten up🤷🏼‍♀️

  29. Hey sir! I know its late.. Can you rae How safe is Croatia? Planing to work there.. thank you in advance

  30. Being Canadian rocky beaches don't bother me, the water looks beautiful! Thanks for all the tips 🙂

  31. Love Croatia from Kosovo but it sucks because a lot of serbs live there (:

  32. We've just filmed a long city walk in Rovinj Mark and watching this was so helpful to us. Thank you as always Mark.

  33. This is the best video of a foreign point of view on Croatia I've seen. All true.

  34. They was not in war with Serbia but with serbs from croatia

  35. Wait till the British turn up we finna have them cats on skates fr fr

  36. OMG!!! Waht are you talking about?? Ever Country has its way of speaking so why should you be suprised when you here the natives speaking their own language… this ist a frickin stupid ass video…. delete it!!!

  37. Croatia (former Yugoslavia) is a beautiful country. There is a lot nationalist trash that goes on there as well so beware. Croatia has been participating in some dangerous revisionist history due to the fact that they were once a Nazi puppet state in the 1940s. A lot of Croatians are not like Germans. Germans feel shame for what took place during WW2. Croats typically feel pride. It's pathetic and disgusting how they advocate hatred and intolerance. Split has a lot of these pro Ustasa fanatics. Of course there are normal Croatians who do not harbor hatred in their hearts. Those are the people I seek.


  38. I was for 10 days in Croatia , today we drive home to Germany 😀
    Thanks for the video 🤗

  39. Mhmmm dat cevapcici is de Best we used to not know What it was called we just called croater Rolls 😂

  40. Yes Croats speak very loud i am one of them and people think im yelling when i speak

  41. Cheap prices??? Croatia is very beautiful but very very expensive, did you see prices in restaurants??? Rip off!!

  42. Its funny when you come from Serbia…and in turist group and guide explains all in English or German. Then asks "Do you want me to repeat in crotian.". I say Yes in serbo-croatian would be great. Looks on face Priceless. For all others things i use Mastercard. Honest never had problems whatsoever. Been trilion times and I dont even feel like I am in another coutry.

  43. It's funny that I get this video recommended while I'm here on Vacation in Croatia 😂👍🏻 btw great video

  44. I am from split when you came to croatia dont say anithing because someone kill you

  45. Overall it's shit. 6 euros for a 250ml Coca-Cola? Are you out of your mind and too expensive for everyething

  46. Hrvatska.❤🇭🇷
    Not Yugoslavija!😐
    No war with Serbija!
    Don't hate Croatia!
    Love Croatia!🥰🇭🇷❤

  47. If you do a little research on croatia, you can figure this all out on your own.

  48. Imagine a Union between Serbia,Montenegro,Bosnia and Croatia.

  49. I never get used to the pebbles on beaches and I live here for my whole life!

  50. Dont breath dont shit dont piss dont do nothing

    This is a joke i am croatian

  51. You dont need shoes on the bech be a fucking man a croat a manly croat

  52. This guy doesn’t know anything about hrvatska, nobody wears water shoes unless they want to get made fun of

  53. GDJE SU HRVATI!!!! 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷💕💕💕💕💕

  54. You forgot to mention 'Dress appropriately in town' , the fines for being in Hvar in swimwear are brutal.

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