Visit Italy – The DON’Ts of Visiting Italy

ciao fellow travelers mark you with Walters world and we’re in Vicenza my hometown here in Italy fantastic people great place and the thing is when you’re in Italy there’s things you should do but there’s things you don’t do when you’re here so we have today our list of 10 don’ts about visiting Italy and the first don’t is one thing if you’re looking to go shopping when you’re here don’t expect to be able to get Gucci and Armani a lot cheaper here in Italy then you can other places I met a lot of tourists on the plane and they’re all excited I’m going to Armani and get some new clothes and Gucci get some new clothes because it’s going to be so cheap because it’s in Italy wrong they have this called standardized pricing and so it’s kind of the same price everywhere you go in the world so if you’re buying it here or in the US or Canada or wherever the price they’re pretty similar so your best bet might be just to go buy it online okay I’m not going to warn you I’m just going to tell you that right now don’t expect to get great deals on Italian products when you hear you might make some money up in the exchange rate but overall not too many deals here ii don’t this is for my tourist look if you’re looking to eat in italy don’t eat it tourist locations i know that’s kind of an obvious one but you’re going to see whether you’re in Rome or Venice and all kinds of stuff there’s lots of tourist menus that are out there and there’s lots of tourist restaurants right at those sites the thing is you go there you’re not going to have the most authentic food you’re not going to have the best Italian food out there you’re going to have kind of a tourist version of things and it can be kind of a ripoff I know in Pisa yeah I hate for Caleb I told him I will go to Pisa to eat pizza okay so he thought that was funny he was like – it’s a girl you’re eating pizza in Pisa but you know corny me it worked out but the thing was the service was horrible the pizza wasn’t very good and that’s what happens when you buy these tourist locations and what’s cool in Italy is all these cities yes it stores stuff but there’s also people living and working there at the same time and if you go a few blocks away from the tourist locations you can get authentic food with all ten authentic people eating with the locals and it is great so that’s why I say don’t eat in those tourist locations and I make a special point to mention that now the third don’t we have also deals with the restaurant and in Italy you don’t tip because service is usually included or what you might see is they might have Co pizza which is the covered charge okay and it might be a euro or two euros or three euros depending where you go and that’s for like the bread sir and the plates and the knives and stuff like that and you have that and that’s kind of what the tip is included in and that you don’t have the tip on top of it now if you want a tip no one’s going to stop you but the Italians traditionally don’t tip because you have the cover or the service is already included but just remember don’t tip you can if you want to and they’ll be very happy to take it but you don’t have to now the fourth now the fourth don’t is don’t expect that speaking louder in English will help the Italians understand you look Italians aren’t necessarily the best at foreign languages including English and the thing is you’ll see when you in Italy that people are very excited I mean I get excited talking about Italy and the thing is they talk loud they talk really loud just like we Americans so that’s why we we love each other so much but don’t think that you just speaking louder will help them understand so what you need to do is before you come to Italy learn a few words before you come you know Garcia thank you or prego you’re welcome are simple words like that make a big difference you know buongiorno good day or hello and you’ll be surprised by speaking a little Italian how really opens up the people because the Italians are fantastic and even if you don’t speak Italian they’re still going to communicate with you if you know a few words it goes a really long way but you don’t have to speak loud to let them understand now the fifth tone is don’t worry about being overdressed look the Italians dress immaculately I mean even the little kids have better style than you or me well it’s hard to be better than me so don’t worry about it so make sure if you come here make sure you’re dressing nicely because what can happen is if you go into Piazza San Marco and you want to see the Basilica San Marco in in Venice if you’re wearing skimpy clothes they won’t let you in okay so make sure you do dress a little bit nicer if you are going to come here now if you’re going to go to remedy and go to the beach it’s not a really a big deal but you don’t really have to being overdressed because you can always dress higher here and you still will look underdressed compared to the locals the six don’t we have is don’t just do the Rome Florence Venice trip okay there are so many cute towns and villages throughout Italy and you don’t really get to experience the whole culture if you’re just going to tourist mecca’s of Rome Florence and Venice Lion Venice gets 20 million tourists but there’s only like 50,000 people living there that are actually from Venice so you want to go to other towns like here in Vicenza but there’s so many locals you get to know the culture revena I mean go to Remini which is a big tourist joint hour away you can go to revena and it’s just beautiful there with other you know 5th century churches and stuff like that Lucca and Tuscany another hour and a half away from Florence and you can get to these fabulous little towns to really see true Italian culture without tons of tourists very easily so make sure you don’t just do those yes you’ve got to see Rome and Florence and Venice but don’t miss out on some of those smaller towns and smaller villages to really see true Italian culture and really just fall in love with it go to pisano to get up and have grandpa on the bridge or I’m gonna roast Rica where you can play chess you know and be human chess sets I mean it’s really cool but don’t miss out on that because that’s what really gets you to fall in love with Italy is seeing the real Italy not just the tourists Italy now the 7th thing is a one that my American friends have a really tough time with and that is in Italy you don’t share your pizza look in the US I know we get a pizza you tell your buddy hey Fernando what kind of pizza you wanted chousen what do we get it you have to debate between your friends what piece you’re going to get here in Italy you get your own pizza and yes it is a big pizza and don’t you know what you don’t eat it with your hands you eat it with a fork and knife and this really shocks a lot of the Americans that come here cuz it’s like wait I don’t share my pizza or you can but you don’t you haven’t for yourself so don’t share that beat to get exactly what you want and tell the other purple person if they want pizza they can get their own no sharing now my eighth don’t for you is don’t take the Freccia if you’re going short distances now if you’re not sure if the freccia is that are Italo these are the the the really fast trains and they can be really pricey if you’re going a short distance for example from here be chenza to Venice I can take the Freccia and I’ll be there like in 20 minutes 25 minutes if I take the local train I’m there like in 45 minutes but the thing is the price is significantly more so don’t take those friendships for the short trips take them for the long trips because you do make up the time if you’re coming from Rome up to Venice and things like that that can make a difference or if you’re going down to Bari from Rome it does make a difference to taking those fetches and the French is more or less or on-time whereas the local trains mmm on time is relative let’s just say okay now the 9th don’t I have for you when you come to Italy is don’t order spaghetti and meatballs look and Italy they have spaghetti and they have meatballs but they’re not together because what here what you have is putting a piatti the first plates and sugandha Piatti the second plates those first plates that’s pasta and after you finish that they being the second plate which is the meat that’s here okay so you don’t actually put those two together if you want your spaghetti and meatball kind of flavor get spaghetti bolognaise see and what basically is is imagine a spaghetti and meatballs you have at home but they smash up the meatballs into a meat sauce that’s what you’re gonna get now some people will say oh there’s places in Italy that has spaghetti and meatballs yes well there’s a lot of American tourists they actually started to put that I went to a restaurant today that was across the street from the US base and they have a big thing say Italy in America and the thing on the top of their list was spaghetti and meatballs and then macaroni and cheese two things that yes we think of Italian in America but it is not Italian here so don’t order spaghetti and meatballs together when you’re here separate totally fine together no the temp don’t we have for you actually have a few more than 10 the 10th don’t I have for you is don’t expect a big breakfast in Italy breakfast in Italy is usually like an espresso and maybe a piece of bread and some butter that’s they traditionally have so you’re going to have you’re going to be a little hungry if you’re staying with Italians and stuff like that but your hotels usually they’ll be fine and they’ll take care of you they’ll have the full like spread of American breakfast and stuff like that not a big deal but just know a typical Italian breakfast doesn’t have much their coffee and a little biscotti and you’re on your way okay now the 11:00 thing not don’t I have for you is don’t expect a lot of space Italy is very compact with all the stuff going on so when you’re going to be going to on the trains the seats are gonna be a little bit smaller the luggage racks are going to be a little smaller and you’ll see all these tours for these big bags you can’t necessarily have it I think walking a better way okay see that’s how nice the Italians are comes up it gives me a spritz while I’m going Oh spritz a Perl don’t forget to get one of these if you’re in Veneto it’s a Prosecco bubble water and a Perl fantastic okay see why I love Italy these people are awesome okay no but seriously with the space just no restaurant space hotel spaces train spaces all these things they are limited so pack light and I we’ve actually sent a lot of boxes back from Italy it takes some on for the boxes to get there but they’ve always got back to the US no problem so that’s a nice thing but just know you’re going to have a lot of cramped up space and on the trains when they have like kind of smaller sections for luggage it can be a bit problematic so be prepared for that okay and the twelfth thing I have for you is don’t expect to get food after three o’clock look here in Italy the restaurants kind of open up for lunch from noon until 3:00 and then the restaurant closes from 3 to 7 sometimes 8 o’clock at night and then dinner is from 7 8 o’clock at night to 11 or 12 and I know if you’re coming from the US you know our dinner time is like five six maybe seven o’clock here you don’t have that now the thing is you want to get fast food places or peace Italia like pizza on the go like patio with on a plate you can do that but in general you’re now going to get food between 3:00 and 7:00 so make sure you get your lunch the right time and your day at the right time so you can enjoy the fantastic food that’s here my personal favorite here in Vicenza is big leaking iron up like thick spaghetti noodles with duck sauce it’s fantastic yes the pizza is awesome here you should have it oh and another thing with the pizzas the traditional pizzeria is actually they’re only open at night more started opening during the day now but if you want pizza during the day you have that Pizza Italia place and you buy like by the kilo you sell with this much of pepperoni or this much of pear and gorgonzola they cut it wait cook it and give it to you it tastes fine anyway I don’t want to let this go to waste so you don’t miss your chance to go to Italy it is a fantastic place the people are awesome the food is fantastic I love it you’ll love it too take my word for it and ciao from Vicenza god I love this place ciao

Yvette Parker


  1. Hi dear it was great to give advise about driving and rent car in Italy especially florence and around🙏🙏🙏 I love your videos you are fast and always give great informations

  2. you are a fat self hating pig, lose all the extra fat you disgusting swine and weight tou must wright a ton that way you dont struggle to breathe and speak without difficulty and also speak for yourself instead of talking shut about your own country you dumb suck up

  3. I’m bilingual and I have to say that Spanish and Italian are kinda similar lol BUT cultures are very different. before I go to Italy in August, I do plan on learning the basics so I can understand! This is very helpful!

  4. just to clarify… there is no service charge in italy at all. The "coperto" goes fully to the restaurant and it supposely covers the cost of the complementary bread they provide and it covers costs of laundry or disposable table items. Tip are not in the culture and waiters don't usually expect it, but it is very well appreciate it as the salary of a waiter is generall very low. SO DO TIPS!

  5. actually in Italy Ragu is the Bolognese sauce so if you ask for a Spaghetti bolognese you won't get that

  6. Is it really no need to tip on top of service charge? ? I am just afraid of being viewed as an impolite visitor!

  7. it is not true, we all eat pizza with bare hand and share it with friends…. the other things you said is true-ish…

  8. We DO NOT eat pizza with fork and knife… we use hands

    (made by an italian)

  9. Thank you very much for your video… in Asia people eat with their fingers due to their traditions and what they say is the taste of food comes when you eat with your fingers. Try it sometime and you will see the difference. Cheers!

  10. TIPS
    Ooh please, the coperto is the paying for the bread, and all the other stuff that is on the table… You don't HAVE to do it, but it shows your good manners if you do! It's means: thank you for your service! That will be extra money for them, because payment are so small.

  11. For high-end shoppers, there IS a Bottega Veneta outlet where you can get GREAT deals on Bottega Veneta bags (famous leather weave bags) and clothing. It's about fifteen minutes outside of town, but you can take a cab. Call RadioTaxi at 0444 920 600. Also, even if the prices aren't lower in the regular shops, you CAN find items that aren't available in your part of the world, especially if you're shopping in Florence.

  12. We just got back from our two week Honeymoon to Southern Italy. Amazing! Did all the things you suggest here. Couldn’t believe how poorly people dressed. (Tourists)

  13. I didn’t see PEPPERONI offered on pizza anywhere on our recent visit to Napoli/Sorrento/Amalfi/Bari/Paestum – salami, yes, but NO pepperoni

  14. European products are even more expensive in Europe. They’re taxed to hell.

  15. Reewayna ????? Fretsheeja ? Bikkoli ???? Waynetto ????Your pronunciation makes the toenails roll ….BTW :Spritz is not just Aperol !!!!! And " Pepperoni" means bell peppers, not salami ! Pizza you eat with the fingers …if you like to . But don't eat (or even cut) pasta with the knife……
    And there is another parallel ting between Italy and US/GB : the complete lack of knowing other languages

  16. Im from Italy and all of this is true and about the pizza part I had moved to Dubai in January of this year! And I was out eating at a pizza place with my friends and I ate my pizza with my fork and knife and not my hands and they looked at me crazy so I had to explain to them why i was eating pizza like that and my mom and my friends mom was looking at me crazy! And you frogot two things in Italy! You CANNOT order coffee after breakfast and you CANNOT spill Olive Oil

  17. Ahhhh thank you so much for this! I am about to go in Italy in about a month and this helped me so much!

  18. My mom loved Genoa Italy. I want to go just to see what she loved so much.

  19. Si è dimenticato di dire che, quando gli americani vengono in Italia , NON DEVONO MAIIII ordinare una pizza con L’ ananas

  20. It's coperto that means covered, because the table is covered by a customer.

  21. La cosa divertente è che lui ha fatto questo video per i turisti ma la maggior parte dei commenti sono di italianI ahaha

  22. Italy it's too much expansive ,beautiful but everywhere it's high price only in France it's the same thing

  23. Someone tell me how this guy gets to travel for a living. I want this job. I can do it great,

  24. If you are interested to buy fashion clothes in Italy a good choice could be going to and "Outlet". They are fashion malls located not so far from the main cities and almost everything there has a discount. There are also some bus companies that organize trips to go there. The biggest is 2 hours far from Milan, in the town of Serravalle Scrivia.

  25. We generally eat with Knife An Fork In UK unless a Pizza Hut / Take away .. or maybe home ? But not in Restaurants, Room on Trains etc that was aimed at Fat USA

  26. My grandma lives in vicenza, you have no idea how often i went with her at right this place where you stand during the video 😀
    As half italian i agree with you in nearly every point you named, but i ate every pizza with my hands.

    Enjoy your time, greetings from Germany 👋

  27. If you want to the best pizza go to Naples and order a Margherita

  28. When you go out at night to a bar or club in say, Rome or Florence, what’s a good drink to get? I’m a vodka person, don’t really like wine, but I like sweet things. Already in America going to a bar I have no idea what to ask for lmao

  29. Rule No. 1 in Italy: Dont go to a normal looking restaurant. Because they will cheat on the price. Lots of restaurant owner there are assholes who think theyre smart and you are dumb. Just go to a supermarket and cook by yourself.
    Buut: If you want the place with the nicest people around you in Europe, go to Südtirol. Thats in Italy too 😉

    You DON'T have to eat pizza with knife and fork, we all eat it with hands.
    (There are people who eat it with knife and fork but honestly that is blasphemy).

  31. DONT rent a car at the Rome airport. We made reservations for a car for 2 weeks which came to $800. We landed, grabbed our bags and headed off to the rental place which seemed to be about a clic (km) away.

    The rental place was full of people that had been on a plane all day/night and they were F"(ing everybody there!

    They knew everybody was tired and I saw a lot of people giving in to the over priced car rentals. They just wanted to be on their way. We grabbed a car just for 2 days to get to our apt in Rome and chill. The next day I got online, REBOOKED online, and then confirmed the price with someone on the phone. We went back a day later, the return office was full of F'd over people.

    One guy was coming off the hinges for some $100 charge that was added to his bill, which they couldn't/wouldn't explain to him where it came from. He got screwed. There was some Newly weds there and the bride was balling, they put $2000 down for their car but the rental place had no record of it, but according to her bank it was paid.

    When it was our turn at the counter, guess what, still $2000, I showed him the new print up and the confirmation number!! $2000. My wife was able to sweet talk the dude plus I think he was actually starting to get tired of dealing with pissed off people, he dropped the price down to $1200. That right there proved to me they were screwing everybody! I think my wife saw the vein in my forehead pop and she shooed me out the door. The thing is, we needed the car to get to a house in Urbania, we had rented out a nice place with home away from home.

    If your just staying in Rome, you don't really need a car. The cab rides can get pretty exciting thou.

    And if your going to visit other cities, the trains are awesome. One day we took a train from Rome to Florence. When we got there it was a pretty big place. We must of had that lost look on our face, some young kid came up to us and helped us out. He got us on the right train, and just on time. I tipped him pretty good, it was worth it. Other than the rental car scam, we really enjoyed Italy.

  32. He says that the people are awesome so many times in the video but there is a problem that that. The problem is that he did not say it enough. Italian people are the best.

  33. In Italy you can share your pizza, it’s not something to be afraid of hahah. And you can cut pizza into slices and eat it with your fingers, it’s just something you do not have to do in high end restaurant but in average restaurant you’re free to behave how you feel to

  34. Don'ts of visiting Italy : Don't hold thy breath, we aren't coming.

  35. Dont Order a Pineapple 🍍 Pizza 🍕 !!!

    DONT !!!!

    Especially in Napoli they’ll kill you

  36. Coperto (which means table dressing) not Coperta (which means blanket.

  37. Two years living in Italy and I haven't really seen anyone, local or tourist eating Pizza with fork. Actually the only time I have ever seen someone do that was when I was vacationing in Austria.

  38. I don't talk loud lmao,i'm never excited i'm depressed and quiet so

  39. I paid mad money for the frecciarossa. It was so worth it. Made my trip so efficient.

  40. My hotels were a nice size! Except the venice one which was the most expensive

  41. There is only one problem. If you wanna go to the south, the tipps does not work. Everthing is different to the north

  42. Order spaghetti Bolognese?
    That's the code for: Look at me! I'm a tourist. Italians would never serve Bolognese with spaghetti.
    This is like i would order a filter coffee(caffe tedesco) and every italian would know that i'm German.

  43. Go to the islands like Italy their warmer and have the most beautiful views in all of Italy, eg sicily

  44. Let's be honest, Italy is a shitty country. Living here for 2 years and feel like living in a third world country, sure its beautiful from the outside but rotten from the inside.
    About Italians i can say that they are polite…. And that's it

  45. I got a discount on a book just for speaking a few words of Italian.

  46. I think everyone can go and be themselves unless you are American, then you will need the Dont's of visiting…..

  47. Very nice video, but we don't eat pizza with fork and knife! Ciao da Vicenza!

  48. Tutto verissimo…io sono olandese e vivo in italia per più di 30 anni.

  49. Can i smoke marijuana outside without even fearing cops of course..!😂

  50. The cover charge is "coperto", not "coperta". "Coperta" means "blanket".

  51. These videos look like common sense education for ignorant Americans 😅. Dont take me wrong but its pretty obvious that this kind of information is “common sense” most of the times for non Americans. Good that you educate them though! Also dont wear white socks with shorts its horrendous

  52. Another thing not to do in Italy. Do not tolerate the nasty behaviour from the older Italian women.they have a tendancy to cross the pavement behind you on empty streets and shunt you in the back,they also give you abuse if you stand near them in overcrowded buses or trains.
    A method I used was to put two bottles of frozen water in my backpack,the women trying to bash you as they pass end up injuring theimselves as a result,it is most satisfying to see.

  53. As a roman, i eat pizza with my hands, and sometimes I share it. I like choosing my own, but I have friends that ALWAYS share it and sometimes I also feel like sharing. + tagliata always ends up being shared.

  54. This video makes me feel so culturally ignorant, basically everything he said not to do was exactly what I would do if I went to Italy

  55. You do tip in Italy 10% at lunch and 15% at dinner. I’ve lived there for 17 years. And I return at least once a year.

  56. Breakfast in Italy usually consists of cold cuts and fruit along with espresso

  57. Normally the majority of people here in Italy eat Pizza with hands, i don't know who told you that thing. Btw i wonder why you didn't mentioned that here it's really weird to have a cappuccino after a meal. In some areas of southern Italy pasta with meatball exists but is not the same one that is served in US menus.

  58. I want to go to Italy and see a opera snice every Italian just loves opera

  59. It's not "coperta" but "coperto".
    I use fork and knife to eat pizza.
    Use "Tripadvisor" and look for "Migliori ristoranti a ….", don't go in tourist restaurants, they are the worst restaurants ever!

  60. I am Italian. Point 7 is absolutely the opposite. Italians tend to eat pizza with their hands and not with fork and knife!!!😅😅😂

  61. Your video is very accurate!! (I’m Italian and it’s great! There’s just a few things I could tell you)
    Actually we do tip but usually it’s when the service is very good. Like an extra.
    And don’t worry because style is only an issue if you want to go to exclusive places!
    we do eat pizza with our hands and usually if you eat with knife and fork you look funny, but I mean do as you wish
    Trains are late. Always late. We are Italians. Not Japanese
    And yes. Never ask for pasta and meat together + coffee with the meal is a BIIG no no
    Breakfast depends on the place you go to, usually in the south we have larger meals, while in the north it’s simpler.

  62. I am italian and I can assure you that eating pizza with your hands is perfectly fine: no one’s gonna strangle you or anything. The only places in which i would recommend to eat w/ fork and knife are fancy/expensive restaurants.

  63. The tip thing is not correct, we do tip. We just don't have a standard in tips. The "coperto" is supposed to be the price for clean glasses , bread and so on. A robbery.

  64. You did not mention southern Italy . Trust me , the most beautiful beaches in Sicily , Campania , Puglia , Sardegna , Calabria . The food is very good . Not your average pasta but the best Italian junk food . The most open and friendly people , and the most poetic . Northern Italians are usually , how we say in Italy , " with their nose up " , naso all'insù .

  65. Make a video for foreigners: only Italians watch to see what foreigners think about italy because they simultaneously hate and love their country

  66. #7. Nooo you can share ☺️👍🏻 ANd it’s better WITHOUT forks.. with hands is easy and not weirdo

  67. 11 don't: don't ask for hawaii pizza. I repeat: no pineapple on pizza.

  68. Why when american guy makes a film about any european country, there are more viewers from this country, than from potential tourists from US?

  69. Lucca…beautiful and well worth a day trip! Pisa….boring city and apart from the leaning tower ( one hour is more than enough) nothing else to see.

  70. Great video Mark! My wife and I love italy too. In 6 years we've been 13 times. Our favourites are venice, matera , ragusa, Palermo, bari, lake orta, and numero uno… Naples! X grazie ciao ragazzi!

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