Volendam, Amsterdam, caramelo de licuorice/Volendam, Amsterdam, licuorice candy (ENGLISH/SPANISH CC)

On our tour in North Holland we visited Volendam, a fishing village 20 kilometers away from Amsterdam, founded in the 14th century Volendam is known for its colorful wooden houses and old fishing boats in the harbor, which is packed with seafood vendors. The traditional Volendam costume is one of the most popular examples of ancient Dutch clothing . Some of the locals still use it An original memory of Volendam, is to go to one of the photography shops in the city where you can try and and take a picture with their traditional costumes Hello!! After a long walking day, we can seat and eat! so, we have ordered mussels mussels, they are super fresh and just fished and a fish soup with seafood let’s see how is it and of course, with a local beer that emptied a little while I was waiting for the food Heineken! Will start with the fish soup creamy, with pieces of fish and seafood with a splash of lemon juice on top … delicious soup mussels it smells sea, everything smells sea super fresh, looks like it is cooked with celery, carrot, peppers very simple (oh my god) hmmm salty and sweet tasty exquisite Volendam, for eating seafood super recommended! Checking out on the Woltjes Waffle Shop, on the main street, we found the Droste House Museum.
The Museum simulates an old traditional Dutch house in which it shows the close relationship between the Famous chocolate brand and the history of the country. And here we have finished our trip from today with a traditional chocolate… chocolate Droster from Holland I don’t know how good are them but they are very Dutch and I fallow the tradition isn’t bad… this one is half white and half dark chocolate It was very hard for me to decide between both of them, so I bought half and half If you come to the Harbor to enjoy the view and eat something be careful that the birds can smell fried fish and attack! Another traditional dutch sweet licorice candy Salty… it’s salty This is not candy is salt… This is a lot of salt definitely not!
but don’t forget to try it … Honey! I didn’t like it… Thank you very much for following me,
I hope you enjoyed the walk through Dutch lands, the original Holland and Like and Subscribe!!! and until next time!

Yvette Parker


  1. Bello paisaje y esa sopa de pescado y frutos del mar… agua en la boca. No probaría los caramelos de Volendam, menos mal que el asistente lo prueba todo, jajaja. Otro gran video de Lulu wonder!

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