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today we’re going to do a walking
workout and upper body fitness for women over 50 hi I’m Schellea and welcome to
Fabulous 50’s today’s workout is going to burn fat and tone out upper body
including our back chest shoulders and arms I’m going to be using two pound
weights for the duration of this workout but if you need to put them down at any
point that’s totally fine also if you don’t have weights this
workout is still super effective the goal is to get fit stay strong and have
some fun let’s get started I’m so excited you’re here with me today we’re
going to do 30 seconds of indoor walking followed by 30 seconds of toning
exercises this is a 10 minute workout and it’s a low-impact it’s going to burn
but it’s a feel-good burn a burn that’s going to make you really proud of
yourself keep your feet straight your core held
in tight and your elbows a little bit bent you’re going to feel this in your
chest muscles as you bring your arms out and then back in stay strong and keep
going thirty seconds of walking in door
walking kids our heart rate up in between our sets so keep your arms and
legs strong and hold your core in tight the opposite to old is new not
necessarily young so to stay young and vital the key is to do new new movements
new thoughts new experiences keep going a great job this exercise works your
lats and your shoulders so these help with the dreaded back fat push your
weights up then focus on your left as you pull down in a controlled way
challenging your mid and upper back muscles and arms
keep your core held in tight 30 seconds of strong power walking if
you’re lucky enough to have the gift of a body that moves like this think it by
moving every single day for the rest of your life it’s such a small price to pay
for the blessing you’re amazing keep strong and keep going straight arm raises stand tall palms
down and focus on keeping your arms straight and in focus on your shoulders
you’re going to feel this in your shoulders and your upper back and this
will keep the shoulders moving and functional and that’s super important is
our bodies get older let’s walk we’re not resting
we’re walking focus on tightening all the muscles in your arms and your legs
and stay strong take your arms straight out in front
have your palms facing down and squeeze your shoulder blades together while
keeping your arms straight this works the arms shoulders and upper back and
it’s really great for posture stay strong and keep everything activated we’re going to take a 30-second break
keep it moving if you can and take a drink of water just feel good about
yourself if you’re enjoying this workout please click the like button and if you
haven’t subscribed to fabulous fifties I would love it to have you here take a few deep breaths you’re halfway
there and you are fabulous we’re back in three two one let’s make this next half
stronger than the first aging occurs because of a massive disuse of the body
followed by a massive disuse of the brain so if you want to stay mentally
and physically sharp move your body every single day and introduce new
experiences that you haven’t tried before it’s all about constant change
and forward movement it’s our magic pill arms out to the side elbows at a 90
degree angle and rotate the palms down we’re working the rotator cuff muscles
that keep the shoulder joint mobile and stable keep your back straight and focus
on the function and rotation of this exercise keep going and you’re amazing well let’s walk focus on holding in and
squeezing your glutes as you take each step the more you think about
strengthening each muscle group the better results you’ll get start with your palms facing in at
shoulder height and press up so your palms face outlets this move is so
affected because it hits all three sections of the deltoid the round
looking muscle that caps the top of your upper arm I love this one keep your back
straight and your core holding tight you’re on fire your upper body will
definitely be feeling the burn by now but please drop the weights if it’s a
bit too much for you you can pick them up again when your arms are a bit more
rested bend at the waist
knees slightly bent chest up and core strong palms facing in and lips straight
out elbows slightly bent this exercise targets the rear shoulders
that’s the deltoids and the muscles in the middle and upper back feel those
shoulder blades pulling towards each other
can you feel yourself getting stronger this is music from the 60s so think back
to that time and remember how far you’ve come the challenges you’ve overcome and
the magic you’ve created along the way we need to celebrate the small things
more and let go of all the bad stuff stand with the dumbbells held by both
hands lifted over your head until both arms are fully extended
keep your arms against your ears and use your triceps to move the weight up and
down this exercise targets our back of your arms and that’s our batwings so to
keep your arms looking toned do this often but keep it up thirty seconds of
walking use the feeling of accomplishment having almost finished
this workout and use it to the self in ten years time
see yourself healthy strong fit and full of vitality you’re the architect and I
think you’re amazing keep your palms up arms out straight and
to the side now keep the upper arms stationary exhale and curl the weights
in while contracting your biceps we’re working the bicep and the shoulder
muscles now keep going feel that burn keep walking for another 30 seconds as
you start to cool down today is going to be a great day and repeat after me
the older I get the better I get and the better I get the more I can experience
Shanti’s work out to a plane this so you can do it a couple of times a week thank
you so much for working out with me and please go out and have a beautiful day

Yvette Parker


  1. I love your channel! Thanks so much for all the fabulous tips and valuable information!

  2. I just love you. So happy I found your channel. You've become my favorite vlogger. I'm 62, and I think a young 62, but had a major back surgery in 2014 and quit working out. You are helping me get back in shape. Love ya , girl

  3. Hello beautiful lady. Just wanted to let you know how much I’m loving this type of content! Thanks so much. So helpful for beginners or for myself that I used to workout all the time. Then just got lazy. Lol! Trying to get back into fitness now. Have a great weekend!💕

  4. Hey there Beautiful looks like fun!! I'm definitely trying this out!! 😊♥️💃

  5. This was great…how many days a week should you do upper body and should you skip days in between the workout…

  6. Don't your feet hurt? As we age, the fat pads are less on the soles of our feet. I think supportive footwear would be appropriate for these types of activities.

  7. Love your videos. Love this workout routine. As one ages, the odd aches and pains that show up is real. Working out like this, low impact is key. I also have a spin bike. I love to just ride it. Helps keeps the knee joints moving, strengthing those tiny tendons/muscles in the area and keeps joints fluid. TY dear lady. You're a gem!

  8. SCHELLEA, I love you. You have the brightest heart and spirit that you wear for everyone to see. What an inspiring and beautiful woman you are. Btw, I love this workout. Doing this one for sure. Love the look of the Arnold press and the last one, the curls. Sending you sunshine from Qld xxx🌞🌺🙏🍹🎅🎅🎅

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    Love the setting too

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  11. Hi Sarah, great workout and it’s such a beautiful place where you do your exercises

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    Always feel amazing after all your workouts!
    Thank you Schellea🥰

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  16. Hello, do you know if this work out is good for the blood circulation in our legs , or if is should be avoided if we have varicose veins in our legs? I know walking is very good prevention against this problem, but I am not sure if walking on the same spot is the same or if it is not recommended. I would love to do this work out at home when the weather is awful outside, and I do my daily walking outside. Can you please, please tell me?

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    I love your exercises and I do them every morning.
    Keep up the good work! Very motivating!

    Greetings all the was from Switzerland!

  32. I know well these exercises I did with my mother (when I was younger ) and she was really happy when she saw the results ….Really good for arms ! Thanks to share them here. I will do again for a long time, I think.

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