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Today we are going to take you to the
islands of the Caribbean and to the northeastern coast of South America
without buying a plane ticket or hopping on a plane. We’re going to Guyana and to
Trinidad and Tobago today. So we’re gonna be in South Richmond Hill/South Ozone Park
Queens. It’s a very concentrated community for Guyanese and Trinidadian
groceries, food, culture. It’s one of our favorite food neighborhoods here in New
York City – that we rarely go to. It’s because it’s kind of far from us. Took
the bus, now we’re waiting for our train ride So we’re waiting for the A train
and there’s a little confusion here. So if you’re trying to come visit, there’s
two A trains. There’s the A train that goes to Far Rockaway and JFK Airport so
you’ll see a lot of people with their luggage. And then there’s the A train that
goes to Lefferts Boulevard. That’s the one you want to take is the Lefferts
Boulevard A train to get here. After that long journey, we’re at Lefferts
Boulevard, last stop on the A train. We are ready to eat! Gonna hit up about
four to five spots today, depends how we’re feeling. Gonna have a lot of different
foods. We’re gonna get some aloo pies and doubles, some roti. some pepper pot, some
other baked goods and we’re gonna see what else we could find out here too. Right now we’re at the corner of Liberty Avenue
and Lefferts Boulevard. So Liberty Avenue is the main strip here in Richmond Hill/Ozone park for a lot of shops here, lot of restaurants, shopping centers,
a lot of that. But actually our first stop is gonna take us down Lefferts
Boulevard off this main strip to our favorite spot for Trinidadian food and
snacks. It’s our favorite spot for aloo pies and weekend-only bake and shark.
It’s called Trinciti, so we’re gonna take you there now. Let’s do it. We’re outside Trinciti. We’ve
mentioned before that we come – we don’t come here often, but whenever we get on
long flights to Asia, we make sure to stop by. This spot is very convenient to
JFK Airport is very close by. So we’ve been coming here for about four to five
years. And what we really love from them are their aloo pies. Aloo pie is a fried
dough – it has a little potato inside then it’s stuffed with chickpeas. Very
portable – that’s why we like to take it on trips with us it’s very easy to eat.
And what’s special here is on the weekends, they have Bake and Shark. It’s a
classic Trinidadian sandwich that’s often found on Maracas Beach. We’ve not been yet – yet is the key. We’re gonna go but they only have it here on Saturdays and
Sundays it’s delicious, so we’re gonna get that as well. Starving. Hello. Can I have three aloo pie and one bake and shark please? Everything please. Thank you. Finally got it. Rip it open. What is this? Bake and shark. Bake and shark Bake is this fry bread on top And we have fried shark meat buried
in here with all these different chutneys, mayo, there’s mint chutney,
there’s cucumber, there’s a slice of ripe pineapple, there’s cabbage, there’s lettuce
there’s tomato. This thing is packed – look at that Shark is so meaty, juicy. It’s got
the creaminess of the mayo, has got the spiciness from the pepper, crunchiness from the
veggies and you get the pineapple in there too – that really puts everything
together. All that pineapples so good with the shark. Sweet, spicy, creamy and
savory – man. I’m not sure if you can really see it but this is pineapple
tomato cabbage and of course shark. You got so much going on So bake and shark was incredible Now, we got our favorite plane food – aloo pie See how tightly packed all the
ingredients are right there. So you have the channa (the chickpea), the pepper sauce, the
tamarind sauce all together in this fried bake and it’s actually stuffed with potatoes.
So if you know what a knish is, especially the old-school New York
street knishes, this is very similar. So let’s take that first bite. There’s out-of-control flavor that one bite.
That really spicy pepper that hits you. Then you got the crunchy cucumber, then you
have those soft curried chickpeas then the inside itself the potato has
cumin flavor. Spicy sweet tangy the textures are soft, a little crunch – oh man.
This is really one of my favorite foods. Period. Not just in Queens, but period.
This is like – and all it just it’s a buck fifty for it. A few of these and you’re
full, that’s why we take these on the plane. Every couple hours you eat one of
these – fills you up. This is unbelievably good. It really is. This little space right here used to
be their old space. They’re so popular and so good that now they’ve expanded to
a much larger store front. So we’re very happy for them – they’re an incredible place.
We are off to our second stop. First stop was a great success, but our second stops
gonna be really interesting. It’s a fusion of Chinese food and Caribbean food – both
never been. Both never been to this spot – it’s called Good Hope, so we hope that
the food is good right? Hehe corny as hell, I know We have made it to Good Hope. Stop two – gonna see, should be some interesting stuff. Fried rice with jerk pork. Got that Caribbean, that Chinese. I like those kind of mashups. We’ve had this kind of food before – it’s really good so we’re curious to see how they do it here. Cha chi kai chicken and one more thing –
jerk pork fried rice, please. Thank you. Alright, so our first dish has arrived. It’s called
Cha chi kai chicken. Fried chicken pieces with chopped scallions peppers
– smells like it could be a little spicy. It looks very crispy. This almost
reminds me a lot of like the Chinese American fusion like a General
Tso or Sesame Chicken, but without the heavy sauce on top. Looks like a dry
spice – looks really interesting. Curious to check it out. Seriously can’t wait to eat. We got the cha chi kai chicken and then we
have jerk pork fried rice. It’s got a little vinegary tang to it
definitely hot, you can see the little seeds with the scallions chopped up. It’s a really nice
dish. It’s not saucy, it’s really crispy, really good. Bone-in chicken too – that’s where all the
good stuff is, you know? Let’s try a bite of this jerk pork covered with a little bit of rice.
Definitely has that Chinese char siu roast pork flavor, that classic Chinese
roast pork flavor. It’s a little bit of jerk, it’s not a not a very dominant jerk
flavor in there. Looks like they lacquered a little bit
of sauce on there, but this actually reminds me much more of like a classic Chinese
American roast pork fried rice. Very much so. It was a very interesting experience. It was more like a bar it was definitely like a spot for
bunch of guys to chill and drink with some food on the side. It was a very
interesting place with full of dudes. So that’s 5:35 p.m. We started this crawl
at around – we actually got here at like 1:30/two o’clock. Yes. And
now we are on our third stop. Trying a new dish tonight a traditional Guyanese
dish we have never tried before called pepper pot. We’ve been to Sybil’s many
times but we’ve never tried this dish. Yeah – very excited to check it out. Got some stuff. Got a little more stuff than I expected to get but that’s what
we do. Like little baked goods. Just to let you know this is our third stop This thing – called tennis roll What’s in here? It’s like with cheese. It’s a slice of cheese inside. But it’s a traditional Guyanese roll Whoa I got these chicken patties. Heard they were supposed to be really good. And pineapple tart And then we got the pepper pot, which I’m very excited about. The famous pepper pot. We have pieces of oxtail, there’s a little piece of star anise right there too and there’s cinnamon cloves.
I don’t think is in this specific batch but there’s cinnamon cloves in here as
well. So it looks very tender look at this strikingly dark sauce here.
A very slow cooked dish looks like a lot of love is put into this. Whoa look
at this cartilage Could really taste that star anise, slightly sweet.
Oh then the little heat comes through after kinda feel a tingle in my nose
there a little heat. Now let’s get a little piece on the bone The flavor combo – that dark sauce with
the oxtail and beef is just such a nice combination. Look at this tender meat just comes
right off the bone. This is delicious. Dark sauce comes from cassareef, which is part
it’s made from cassava root. This is a real dark liquid so it really goes well
with this kind of meat. Get that nice cartilage it really feels like that
collagen it’s like eating cow foot, chicken foot. It’s all that good stuff
good for your skin. I grew up eating Jamaican patties a lot. Jamaican beef
patties and later on Jamaican jerk chicken patties, but never tried a
Guyanese patty before. So this is the Guyanese chicken patty, let’s check it out. Chicken’s got a nice spice to it. The
outside pastry is really flaky it’s really nice. Chicken is densely packed
inside You still have that layer of pastry on
the outside. It’s good it’s not too buttery either it’s really nice.
Great first time trying this. As you can see, it’s night time. We are heading to our last stop Well, may not be the last. Heading to our next stop. Which is Singh’s So we’re – Sybil’s was Guyanese and now we’re going back to Trinidad and
Tobago once again to Singh’s. Yes. Singh’s is a long time favorite. First place I tried Trinidadian food way back in the day 15 years ago we’ll say. My mom introduced
me to it she heard it from some friends. So this spot is great – they have awesome
dhalpuri roti. Gonna get that with some goat curry. And we’re gonna get some
doubles the classic Trinidadian snack. The two pieces of bake – the fry bread
with the chickpeas inside. Similar to the aloo pie we had earlier but without the
aloo – without potato. We have our first dish from Singh’s this
crazy double right here. It’s packed to the brim with channa, the chickpeas. Though it’s
similar to the aloo pie we had earlier, except there’s no aloo in here – there’s
no potato. There’s just the bake – the two pieces of bake, the fry bread on the
outside with the channa (chickpeas) inside with tamarind sauce with pepper sauce,
cucumber I believe, carrots. Chickpeas for sure Let’s take that bite It’s a nice switch up from the aloo pie
because the potato doesn’t block out the flavor of the chickpeas and you taste
more of the bake as a result. As much as we love aloo pies and we do, the doubles are
very nice too. They’re both so delicious and the channa was exploding
out of that bite. Trinidadian food Guyanese food – some of our favorites because you get
that Indian and that Caribbean fusion. It’s beautiful. Ahh I love this place! First, we’re gonna tell you how big this order they gave us. With potatoes in curry. So much curry in here. And the dhalpuri roti – look at this thing!
It weighs about a pound or two you know it’s heavy. It was all under ten bucks! Alright so the first bite is gonna be of this potato It’s so soft. Some potatoes can be
underdone, tough. This is really soft it absorbs all the flavor of that curry.
It’s been stewing in that curry in the front for hours. And, now that it’s been
in this container with the goat for a little while, it’s absorbed some of that nice goat flavor too. It’s great. Let’s actually get
to the goat meat. Look at this big chunk of goat You have some bone-in, but this is a
boneless piece right here. Let’s take a bite It’s nice that the goat is chewy in a
good way but a bit of tenderness. It’s not like
fall-off-the-bone melt-in-your-mouth tender, but it’s got that good combo of
chew and tenderness it’s really good. It’s very meaty We’re not done. We’re gonna go to another spot. This spot called Veggie Castle. Do a lot of vegan Caribbean food but they
also have a juice bar. We definitely got napkins. Look at all the napkins we got. Napkins for days, for years, for centuries. Oh my god this is a lot a lot a lot a lot

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