WHAT'S IN MY HAND LUGGAGE? Travel Essentials

hey honeys and welcome back to my youtube channel I hope you are all well so I'm very excited because I'm going away for just under three weeks with my boyfriend and it's our first trip away together we're going to Dubai for four days and then then to Bali for just under two weeks and I literally cannot wait it's gonna be like a mini honeymoon he keeps telling me to stop saying that but I'm gonna keep saying it anyway today I am filming a video that is probably my most requested video purely because I've been fortunate enough to travel quite a lot in the last three or four years and I've become a bit of a pro at packing so I'm just going to show you some of my essentials that I take with me on a plane in my hand luggage so I'm gonna start with the hand luggage video and if you guys enjoy it then I will show you what is in my massive huge suitcase actually quite proud of my organizational skills I have a list of everything that I need I'm just gonna take it off as we go probably should note the fact that snacks is at the top and passport is fourth from bottom it just shows where my priorities are really doesn't it I'm gonna start with snacks now basically I always take snacks when I'm going on a plane because I never know if there's gonna be a vegan option I never know if the food's gonna be nice and I just always want to make sure that I have things in case of an emergency but this flight I am taking my favorites locust oven bake now I've got the sea salt flavor I know you may think that plain and boring AB I swear they are so delicious I'm taking five packs with me wish I knew know if you're gonna gatecrash the video get in the video no thanks Triton alright take your pack then boy bye nightmare you have to leave two three oh wait please make shut the dog I will thank you this is what I live with anyway the second lot of snacks that I take are the vegan my protein cookies just because when I'm traveling I never know how much protein I'm gonna get in a meal I never know what I'm gonna be eating I do also take protein powder away with me so I have I bought a little 250 gram sachet that I put in my main case just because they thought of me going through customs with a suspicious bag of powder makes me a little bit nervous so I put it in my main case rather than my hand luggage what is on my list next oh ok so for me a flight is paradise because ok yes sometimes now you get wife on a plane but most most of the time you don't get Wi-Fi and I try not to use it just because you can Zen out I'm ok I do take a lot of tech so I'm not gonna pack that until the morning so I'm gonna be working tonight but I'm gonna take my laptop my camera my GoPro my charges and all that kind of stuff in my hand luggage just because and I think it actually allowed it in your main luggage so I'm gonna put that all in my hand luggage and I will be doing a bit of work whilst I'm up in the sky however I make sure that I always change my phone this is a jet lag hack change your phone to the local time as soon as you get on the plane so ever you're landing to change your phone times at that time and then go straight into the sleeping pattern so I know tomorrow I know that I land at 7:35 a.m. to buy time so I need to sleep on this flight to make sure that I'm not super jet-lagged and I don't actually know what way jet lag goes but that's basically how I learned to go about it and to help with that I have a few essentials so I have a nice little eye mask that I always take with me I like to take my own one just because it's a lot softer than the ones they give you and I'm a bit of an eye mask snob this will actually try I've got for me my boyfriend as well so it's really cute so I take that with me I also take might as well go into toiletries now because this kind of comes on the toiletries so along with my eye mask I also take some lavender oil just some essential oils just because it smells amazing it makes me really calm I'm not the most confident flyer in the world but a little drip on my pillow and a little bit on my eye mask and all that clothes or whatever and it just makes me very calm and sleep also another travel hack is pack your liquids bag before you get to the air box there's nothing worse than having to rummage through your bag putting it all in the plastic bag to then put through the scanners and stuff so I always have that ready to go and it's on the top of my bag so when I open my suitcase because I've got a little cow sized suitcase when I open it it's bare so I ditch go boom laptop liquids go that's the first in that my little lavender then I take my sensual vegan supplements I do take a daily vitamin b12 oral spray from by better.you and there's also a vegan health daily oil spray by the same company which is really good so they're going in there I also take a face wash I rarely wear makeup on a plane just because I'd rather just be a sloth and just have a clear face and stuff but if I do I always like to make sure I wash my face I've got my 4 e eye which I speak about quite a lot which is my PO sating face thingy but like you can hear it's really really freakin good and then my freshly rose quartz facial cleanser because it's the best thing I've ever used my life it's not like sweets that goes in there and it's only 100 mils so I can take that your skin gets really dehydrated on a plane so I always make sure I'll talk about water and stuff in a minute but I always make sure that I have a face mask of some kinds this is by origins I don't actually think this is cruelty-free but I've had this for so long that I'm just using it up before I find something that I can use instead of I also have a sham knees moisturizing face mask which is a sheet mask I'll probably get some funny lips on the plane but my skin is a priority more so than my ego so yeah that's coming with me then obviously toothbrush toothpaste and I have a bamboo toothbrush and then I have a Zen diem toothpaste which is like good for sensitive teeth and stuff it's really freakin good this is actually quite a big recommendation so obviously the air you breathe on I don't know if this is true but I believe that the a breeze on a plane is all kind of like filtered through the air corn and stuff like that so if a person's poorly on the plane likelihood is you're probably gonna catch their cold so I always take some Vicks first offense nasal spray and just before getting on the plane as a few squirts about in each nostril just in case but you never know then for the same reason I'd always take some sanitizing and then because you are stuck on a plane probably sweating because planes always get cold so you wrap up in layers and then you get too hot and then get your cold and just I don't smell when I land on land feeling fresh so it was I always make sure I take some deodorant in my hand mortgage now at the moment I'm trying to use more natural deodorants just because I feel like when your pores opening your armpit if you're putting chemicals straight in there like it's so close to glance I'm very conscious about like breast cancer and all that kind of stuff I'm just super super safe when it comes to things like this I don't want to ever risk putting harmful chemicals into my body where possible so now that there's so many amazing natural deodorants and things like that I'd usually take one of the ones that you rub on but unfortunately in hot countries they turn to liquid and if that Lynx or in my bag that would not be pretty so I'm gonna take the pit rock crystal which is fragrance free but it's pretty much all natural it is not black paws it's got no aluminium chlorine or aluminium zip zirconium which i think is good I will just say as well that none of these products are sponsored I'm not being paid to say any of this in this video however I have worked with them previously on Instagram and just because I love them so much I kind of want to shout about them a little bit more so yeah just trying to be as transparent as possible with you guys most of these products are gifted but I use them everyday because I actually love them so that goes in that and then I also take some magnesium before bed because it helps me sleep oh that means duty it's my best friend when traveling I bought this is a panic purchase when I was last at the airport the girl that I was traveling with her neck pillow and I was like our neck pillow oh my god that looks so nice oh my god this is a sleep life neck pillow and it's memory foam so it's can you see that it like holds the imprint of my fingers so it's so cozy I usually just hook this around my suitcase so it doesn't actually go in the case it just hooks around you can also take the cover off to wash it and stuff so if ever you've used it for loads of long haul flights you can actually wash it I think if I just make that up now you can you can take it off the pillow wash it to keep it clean and stuff with a good thing about this is you got on obviously you do look like you're in a neck brace but Comfort over looks I think in an airplane situation and you do the setup so that if you fall asleep and you like nod off and strive for your head falls forward these bits don't pull apart so you'll never like wake yourself up it's really good see what I mean about the neck brace thing anyway so that then hooks around my suitcase just before I leave it's really hard when traveling to be a hundred percent sustainable it sometimes you have to use things out of plastic for hygienic reasons the countries that I'm traveling to Dubai and barley I don't buy I don't know if the water is safe to drink there however I'm hoping that in cafes and things like that they'll have big water machines that I can refill up my reusable cups with I try and take things with me so that I can try me a little bit more sustainable and save the planet a little more whilst I'm away obviously I know flying that long distance isn't ideal and I'm very aware of that and I know that I'm not a hundred percent perfect but I am trying to do little changes here and there to kind of do my part and be the best that I can be if you know what I mean also on an actual plane they come around with tiny little cups about this big plastic cups that they'll then pour water into so I'd much rather than pour them into my reusable cup even though it's coming from a plastic bottle at least I'm saving like a little cup here in there you can take these on board with you but you just have to make sure they're empty so if you have one full up on the way there make sure you drink it and then empty it and then put it in your bag I'm going to take two with me because I have this overwhelming fear if you know when something smells like stale water all right you got to drink and it smells because it's like not been washed properly so if that happens at some point through the holiday I don't know make sure I've got a spare bottle because that literally pains my soul so I have this one from chillies which is bright green and super cute and then I have this one from champ knees I don't know what I've scheduled is I don't know if we're always gonna have the chance to like sit down and have a coffee I'm also taking two reusable coffee cups with me one for me and one for Trev because I don't think he's gonna remember to bring his I'm obsessed with these reusable coffee cups let me show you them so these were actually gifted to me they're called Stowe Joe sto Jo and the best thing about these is obviously a copy cup a copy cup a coffee cup is quite bulky wait for it it folds down so I'm going to lit up tuck that in there and then the coffee got goes from this size to this size so it takes up even less space how clever is that cuz I've a lot of people make excuses I don't have enough space in my bag for you to pour coffee cup so I am going in there as well and like I said even on the plane if I want a hot drink it can go in there rather than a little plastic one obviously sunglasses I don't want to go in my main suitcase because they might get crashed and stuff so I'm taking three pairs of sunglasses because I'm extra just because I have different sunglass needs I've got false eyelashes on at the moment not false eyelashes eyelash extensions I'm gonna tag the lady that did them because oh my god she was amazing this is like a little eyelash brush and that just keeps them untangled and keeps them on for longer so I'm gonna just put that in my sunglass box and then that goes in the bag too I also take a change of clothes with me because I get really cold on planes and I need loads of layers to kind of cover me up to make me sleep like I have to feel like I'm wearing a duvet to sleep hence why I've got a massive jumper that I'm packing as well I'm gonna be wrapped up in so many layers or so I'm sleeping I might be sweaty and I need loads of layers so that I don't freeze on the plane and then if I'm landing in like 38 degree heat or something ridiculous like Dubai is gonna be I don't to be in a really thick tracksuit so I've just got a change of pants because hygiene change of socks and then just a really baggy kind of shirt dress so that goes in there too that's always everything I'm so guys then obviously my passport is a number one priority I usually take a side bag just like a little purse on a strap basically that I'll put in my passport my wallet my phone and my earphones just so they're things I can grab really really quickly I always take a spare battery pack so this is one you just plug a USB into to charge my phone nine times out of ten on flights longer than like four hours you usually have an input to charge your phone in like the little TV screen but just in case I don't I would never want to kind of land in a foreign country without knowing where I was and not being able to contact either the hotel or the transfer or a taxi company so I always make sure I have a spare battery pack to make sure I have a hundred percent for when I land I always take a hairbrush a few other little bits that I take with me I always take some sweets I can suck on because when you're taking off and when you're landing my ears always pop so I always make sure I either have cherry or Strawberry Fields Tic Tacs these are the go-to I am taking all the medication because my boyfriend has a nut allergy and if for some reason there's some kind of traces of nuts or a nut in his food by accident I don't want him to die on the plane so I will be taking one of his epi pens in my hand luggage because he's a little bit rogue with his allergy I'm not going to lie to you I'm just gonna make sure that all basis basis is is scissors are covered so I have piracies benadryl Tesco's own all the different variations of antihistamines and an theologies just in case the last thing I will say that I'm taking if there's room in my main suitcase I'll put them in there but if there's not gonna put them in my hand luggage it's something that I'm really into at the moment and you may think I'm like a spiritual rule but it's gone as cards and Angel cards they may be absolute rubbish they may be not real they may be just a myth but for me if everyone feeling anxious or nervous especially before flights and sometimes I just look to them because they're always positive and it's nice to have a little bit of guidance I was going to do a separate video showing you how to use them how I use them and why I like to use them so if that's something you're interested in then comment below like I said if it's not your vibe that's totally fine but I just think it's a nice little way of looking for some guidance and finding a little bit of positivity if you can't find it for anywhere else so it's kind of everything that I put in my hand luggage so I just make sure that I always have my little side bag with my passport earphones wallet and phone when I pack it as well I put all of the clothes on the outside and then all the tech stuff on top of the clothes and then just before I do it up goes my laptop and my liquids just so that when I go to scan everything is literally open ckase boom stuff stuff scan gone you just want your airport experience to be a swift and hassle-free as possible really I mean I hope you enjoyed this video I enjoyed making it and like I said if you do want to see what I take in my main suitcase I'm happy to film that video as well so just comment below and let me know if you want to follow my holiday in a little bit more detail I will be vlogging but I lost em but they'll probably be coming like once but if you want to see kind of day-to-day what I'm up to follow me on instagram at healthy chef Seth and I literally can't wait because I'll even let's do one sleep but yeah thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys soon bye

Yvette Parker


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