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in New York’s Chinatown you see change you
also see continuity Chinese people tend to be very communal Chinese food is not about
just eating to fill up the stomach it is about the location where people share that
joy aid the memories the stories it’s a place where people keep that connection
there really isn’t a particular dish you can use to describe Chinatown because Chinatown is so
diverse in many many dishes I have in mind I came here off from Hong Kong 1966 we so
mostly in multi cultural a product Philippines Thailand Indonesian quite a bit and a little
bit of from China the people in Chinatown they’re smart they’re witty the lifestyle
he is really high so fast go go go go I like Cantonese food Cantonese food is one less
straightforward no gravys less gravy let’s put it that way in the very very beginning
decades ago chop suey egg foo young was something that was actually imagined when you ask Chinese
people they actually never try these dishI never tried one! This restaurant has been
around since the twenties in the early part of the century we were a hard for people coming
in from China talk about the old times and taking packages here my uncle while you start
working here as a dishwasher in nineteen seventy four he became the owner of it it takes a
dim sum chef decades to really master all the dumpling making all the marinades all
the steaming and the buns in Cantonese dim sum tradition the whole notion of Yum Cha
It means drinking tea when you go to a dim sum restaurant you don’t eat those teeny
little dishes you sit there for a period of time to savor the tea reading the newspapers
sharing stories in the neighborhood it is a conduit for people to hang out with one
another Chinatown has changed a lot there were a lot
of gang wars back in the 70s they ran through the streets with guns and at one point Chinatown
was very quiet because of that nobody want to walk through Chinatown at night in the
years after nine 9/11Chinatown Palais got closed off from the outside world because
we’re so close to ground zero Chinatown is always ever-changing I think Chinatown has
adapted over the years I love Chinatown it’s my home China town remains China town for
very good reason if I have to describe China time we’ve only just one word resilience

Yvette Parker


  1. Should get more narrated and lead by this guy. Stick him in an Infiniti and drive him around chinatown to the best spots. Get to it, Eater!

  2. The many Chinese neighborhoods of the outer boroughs, especially Flushing, Queens greatly dwarfs Manhattans Chinatown, aka Tourist trap.

  3. Manhattan Chinatown is dominated by people from Fujian province. There are 2 other Chinatowns in NYC: Flushing Queens (mainlanders, Taiwanese, Koreans) and Brooklyn (Cantonese). Check them out!

  4. Chinatown in American is like ghettotown in China. Basically Chinese living in ghettos in China decided to go to America to seek a better life but ended up building Chinatown there.

  5. Overall visuals are stunning but that damn car is annoying. However, if it brings the $…

  6. This was a great commercial for the car maker Infiniti great car great commercial

  7. Actually most of the food in Chinatown Manhattan is Americanized, if you want the real deal then you should go to Chinatown Flushing

  8. Oh this video is sponsored… Really… I wonder which auto maker was sponsoring them… Lame

  9. I know this video is sponsored by Infiniti. But it really turn me off from buying one seeing the car in random shots of the video.

  10. of course no chinese will eat chop suey, the name by itself is "mixed bits" like leftovers…..

  11. My eyes are wide open the moment I saw those stack of Indomie at the Asian supermarket!

  12. The Portuguese Egg Tart in Taipan Bakery Chinatown NYC is the best, that taste is the meaning of my life:).

  13. Should show fong inn too (super old place to get doufufa and grass jelly) and hop shing (always crowded with locals)

  14. This a super subtle and artistic way of telling us locals in Chinatown don't eat anywhere. They run off of nuclear energy. Excellent video. 👍🏻

  15. Hi, Eater! In 1:44, actually that man said ”烧鹅(which means roast goose)“ but the subtitle and the restaurant in the next cut is a Roast Duck shop…
    Is the rice noodle rolls seller's mistake?
    BTW I still pretty like your videos!!

  16. Why do Chinese Americans and Italian Americans always feel the need to tell everyone that we are eating their food wrong…

    You rarely get people of Japanese, Thai or German heritage harping on and on about how we really are supposed to eat something. Actually, you don't even get actual Italians or Chinese tell you that you can not do this or that or how it is not "authentic."

    Stop ruining everyone's lunch!

  17. I love 'yum cha' aka dim sum. Chicken feet in black bean sauce, tripe, shrimp dumpling, pineapple custard bun….

  18. The production value of your videos are amazing. You guys deserve wayyy more subscribers!

  19. Chinatown only serve authentic chinese food. If one doesn't like it, go to a burger joint. Its also within the chinatown or Canal street.

  20. You want a truly Chinese dish? Ask your Chinese friend. They will definitely treat you well.

  21. So where do locals really eat? I must of missed it, no wait, they never showed us.

  22. So true, as a son of a Asian Immigrant (here in These United States since 1898) eating is sharing with Family and Friends. Keep up the good work Eater. If given an Opportunity will stop by New York "Chinatown". I bid you Peace.

  23. Manhattan's chinatown have shrunk significantly in size and I can see the area being gentrified. That area is a large expensive chunk of real estate waiting to get taken over. I wouldn't use the word resilient because you don't really see the 2nd generation Chinese Americans living there.

  24. Beautiful video and information. Thank yoU! I really enjoyed your video

  25. Wonton Noodle w/ Chinese Broccoli is my favorite food all time. 1/4 a sz. pepper oil. and a glass of ice water. Whoooooo! The best!

  26. The guy said he liked eating roast goost not peking roast duck. Both are bloody delicious though!

  27. at 1:45 I believe that he said shao e which translate to roasted goose not roasted duck.

  28. Trust me. Chinatown in America is nothing like china right now.Not even close.

  29. Hop Kee is the place, until Anthony Bourdain went. He was probably a WoHop guy all his life, until someone told him better.

  30. That old Chinese man narrating is better spoken than 90% of Americans. Just the way he articulates the relationship between food and social culture was awesome

  31. It would be good if there's a video show how Chinese eat in China… btw I lived in Guangdong I literally used to eat those for breakfast

  32. The product placement is really intrusive. Take a lesson from Jerry's Comedian's in Cars Getting Coffee. Place your product once or twice and speak directly to it. If you can be funny, all the better. But the constant tight shots of hood ornaments is boring and distasteful. Who would buy a car from a company that's so clumsy in their advertising?

  33. Soooo… a really long ad that doesn't actually have anything to do with the title.

    good work /sarcasm

  34. China town used to be a lot more fun and dynamic, now it's just commercialized and boring.

  35. Love it! Keep up the content 🙂 & feel free to check out mine if you'd like, just starting out

  36. i just subscribed to your page love it check out my show and subscribe if you would The Empire Plate thank you

  37. 燒鵝 then you cut straight to duck? What kind of translation is this?

  38. Chinatown ain't what it used to be, just came from down there and it has changed dramatically, I couldn't find a simple herb if my life depended on it lol 😆 the fish markets dropped dramatically, it seems like every year two or three fish markets vanish into thin air, not only the fish markets butthe mom and pop stores as well. Today was my last day of shopping in vanishing Chinatown NYC. What a waste ⛩️😠🖖😁

  39. This felt like an extended car commercial. Also you where do they eat?

  40. Too many containers . Big mess , big mess .Too sloppy .I want to stick with the calzones from Pisano's

  41. Ask a New Yorker where to find a casual spot that is authentic and reasonably priced to slurp down a bowl of piping hot wonton noodle soup in Manhattan these days and there is a great chance you will be pointed to "Noodle Village". Set in the heart of Manhattan's Chinatown, this place dishes up comfort food to those who grew up eating Cantonese/Hong Kong style cuisine – a cuisine that focuses on harmonizing the flavors of the primary ingredients through a well balanced and non-greasy preparation and the minimization of spices and sauces.
    Link: https://youtu.be/80J32_Dplyo

  42. Really great speakers on here, but no where in the video it indicated where the locals eat?

  43. Video was so good and interesting that I completely forgot the title and by extension forgot what the video was SUPPOSED to be about! 👍

  44. I wanted to know if someone important was going to come out of the car, but then it just became a car commercial

  45. So we need to drive a Japanese car and solicit opinions from people that never grew up in New York City and actually went to Chinatown to eat. Talking to shopkeepers and store owners hardly reveals where the locals really ate. No Yin Luck on Doyer Street? No Cam Fung on Elizabeth Street? This video is a joke.

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