World Trip 4 I Dubai to Russia EPI – 1I Dubai Dream Traveller I

Hello, everyone. Happy new year.Welcome to another video of Dubai Dream Traveler. I’m in a beautiful little town called Ivanovo, Russia. I reached here yesterday and I came here specially for the New year’s celebration. This is Alex’s house and he is Mr. Ivan (Alex’s son).He will take care of my travel plans here. When I arrived yesterday, I saw a lot of good views. But the weather was so bad I couldn’t shoot anything. Ivan and I went out this evening. You will see its sights now. Please click the like button and subscribe my channel. I came here with a normal jacket from Dubai. But it was only after I landed in flight that I realized that this jacket was not enough to withstand the cold. I got a new jacket and a winter cap from here. which helped me to survive this weather and shoot my videos much better. I will go to Moscow after couple of days. Yesterday was the New Year celebration. I slept a lot late and I woke up late in the morning. The sunrise at this time in Russia is about nine and a half o’clock in the morning.
Likewise the sunset is about four and a half in the evening. The duration of the day is shorter and the night is longer. The New Year was celebrated very well. Long gone. Another attraction of the place is the sunrise and sunset view from one place. Driving here is a tough task. Every time the weather changes, the tires of the vehicles change. This is a difficult experience. Traveling in the snow for the first time.

Yvette Parker


  1. Bgm sound koodathal ullath kond narrattion vyakthamayi kelkkan sadhikkunnilla

  2. Njanum cheythitund machaneeeee… Thirichhum predikshikunnuuu

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