Your Next Big Adventure: Parks, Recreation, & Tourism

[MUSIC] I’m a visitor use Project Specialist for
the National Park Service. [MUSIC] I did not think I would end up working for
the National Park Service. I started my PhD program
at the University of Utah thinking that I wanted
to work in the academy. What I discovered at my time with
the University of Utah was that there’s a whole world out there of
public service that’s available. By working through land management
agencies, I get to provide support to the public and provide these
high quality visitor experiences for folks that visit our national
parks across the United States.>>I work for Salt Lake County
Parks and Rec, and my main job duties are the director
of corporate games. And I officiate basketball
on my spare time. We’re here at
the Salt Lake County Ice Center. It’s in Murray. This is where I get to work every day. It’s fun to be here every day. I started officiating high
school basketball in 2010. And I wanted to be able to still do that. And not a lot of jobs facilitate
the flexibility that you need in order to officiate. I was talking with a counselor and
they said, look at Parks and Recreation. A lot of their jobs are flexible. So I kinda did it so
I could referee basketball. But I fell in love with it when I
started doing the programming and working part time, and
just have loved it ever since.>>As a student at the U,
I had great climbing opportunity. The Parks, Recreation, and Tourism program
at the University of Utah still is one of the best programs in the nation. And when I went and
visited the department, I was like, wow, these are my people. This is where I belong.>>I am the co-founder and chief executive
officer of Wasatch Mountain Arts. PRT students see the world
in a different way, and we want to use our time and
efforts to better the world. I took the sustainable tourism path,
which that was the path that allowed me to understand
how to run an organization and also make a positive impact on
the environment at the same time.>>I’m Matt Brucker,
sales manager for the Grand and Little America Hotels and Resorts. I represent 1,625 guest rooms, roughly
125,000 square feet of meeting space. I majored in Parks, Recreation, and
Tourism, and I’m the T, I’m the tourism. Most of my classes that I
took I’m utilizing today. I have to know the front
office management. I need to know how my resort functions. I need to know the food and
beverage element. And all those were classes
that I got to present to my interviewers during the process and
say, I’ve already studied this. Once you become a student of
the university, you’re part of the family. I still wear my cufflinks. And not only are you part of
the University of Utah community but you’re part of the Parks,
Recreation, and Tourism community. And we take care of our own.>>I’m the director for
Utah’s Office of Outdoor Recreation. Some say it’s the best job in the state. And we’re housed within the governor’s
Office of Economic Development. The favorite part of my job is the fact
that I get to promote the greatest state in the world in outdoor recreation. There’s 122,000 jobs just in Utah alone
that revolve around outdoor recreation. And that’s anything from working lifty
at the ski resort to running and owning your own business,
to something like myself that’s running the Office of Outdoor Recreation
for the State of Utah. I am confident I wouldn’t have this job or
a number of jobs in the outdoor industry if I didn’t let people know that
I had a degree in Parks and Recreation and Tourism. [MUSIC]

Yvette Parker

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  1. sounds like a great program. wish it had been there when I had been. go utes.

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