Zac Brown Band – My Old Man (Lyric Video)

(Music Playing) He was a Giant And I was just a kid I was always trying To do everything he did I can still remember every lesson he taught me Growing up, learning how to be Like my old man (Music Playing) He was a lion We were a fathers pride But I was defiant, when he made me walk the line He knew how to lift me up, and when to let me fall looking back, he always had a plan My old man My old man Feel the callous on his hands and dusty overalls My old man Now I finally understand I have a lot to learn From my old man Now I’m a giant Got a son of my own He’s always Trying To go everywhere I go Do the best I can To raise him up the right way Hoping that some day he wants to be Like his old man (Music Playing) My old man I know one day we’ll meet again Ad he’s looking down My old man I hope he’s proud of who I am I’m trying to fill the boots My old man My old man

Yvette Parker


  1. I love this song so much ❤️ we played it at my grandpas funeral😭❤️

  2. I lost my grandfather in 2011 July 16 and I’m now 17 and he was my father cause my dad left before I was born and my grandfather was my old man and a Vietnam vet

  3. Man when my old man Is gone. Idk what I'm going to do… it breaks my heart thinking about it . My whole world is my family. This world will be nothing without them

  4. Was a perfect timing for this song to release nearing my graduation from highschool.

  5. This song was in loving memory of Ben the guy who drove Ben jamin at a tractor pull

  6. this song makes me really sad thinking about what could happen. my dad has diabetes its scared be sense i was born. i really love him and always hope he is there for me and if not i will be there for him. i will never let him down. Love you dad

  7. I love this song so much I miss my Dad in heaven it's been 15yrs since I had to watch you slowly slip away from me and it never gets better , at least I will always have the gift of music and my first guitar you gave me .

  8. Lost my dad yesterday he was 57. I’m 26 he was taken from me so unexpectedly. Cherish you’re loved ones people, tomorrow is never promised I’ve got a lot of life left to live if the good lord allows it and idk what I’m going to do without my dad.

  9. My daddy just passed away with a three year battle against pancreatic cancer . He was ….. Is my hero. WE WILL MEET AGAIN 😊 REV CHARLES D WHITMER SR AKA RONKER IN HEAVEN .

  10. My dad has an illness and he's got a couple days to week if lucky a month I cry rivers when I listen to this song

  11. Dad i hated u when u was alive but now i miss u so much plz forgive me dad! Ur stupid son !

  12. They played this song at my pop funeral today rip pop love you all way see you soon xoxo

  13. There are a lot of people in this world who don't and never will have the luxury of a mother and father. For those of you who do, please be grateful. Respect your parents, and grandparents. Millions would kill to grow up with that experience and I'm one of them. Instead we're raised up into foster homes being physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused by our so called "guardians and/or caretakers" until we're eighteen. You have something that so many of us want and will NEVER have. The real love and nurturing of a loving mother and father.

  14. When they with time it gets easier I’m here to tell u it don’t. I lost my Dad on November 11th 2018. Dad I’m sorry I wasn’t a good son at some point but I just tried my best to make u happy and u did the same I really miss out conversations u have really missed out on a lot but I know ur up there looking down on me but I miss u so much, so much to the fact I almost drunk myself to death because I miss you so damn bad I’m just needing a hug from u but ur up there in the family in heaven and I hope ur a at peace love and miss u dad I can’t wait till we meet again. To all you guys that have lost there dad I can truly express this heartache it’s never ending but remember ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. Fly high dad 03-14-1979-11-11-2018

  15. my step father taught me everything i know about being a good person and about what you give you will receive…. i hope he gets better so i can say what i want to say to him…

  16. This song hits home I lost my dad in December 2018 and every time I hear it and I can’t help but reminisce and cry about our memories

  17. I just lost my grandfather on the 8th of this month, and I used to call him old man. He was like a father to me since he and my grandmother took me in when I was 15. I was a stubborn teenager and he tried to keep me on the right path. But with his guidance, I've been one of the dependable ones for my Grandma. (Myself and my dad are the ones she depends on for help with everything). I'm planning on getting his hand tattooed on my shoulder with the line about being defiant and him making me walk the line and him being my old man. Until we meet again, Grandpa. You'll always be my old man.

  18. This song reminds me of both my grandpa and dad.
    My dad died earlu so my grandpa became sort of a father figure in my life. Everything i am now, i owe it to my grandpa. This song really hits home and doesn't fail to make me cry every damn single time. This song, to me, goes to both my old men,who I've come to love and lost. "I know we'll meet again someday."

  19. played this at my Dads funeral,and I hear ya , love my boy,miss my Dad ,we where truck drivers,bought his truck before he passed,and so hard to drive his truck, but must carry on…

  20. this was the song my dad chose to play at my grandpa’s funeral. whenever I’m having a rough day, I listen to this song to remind me that my grandpa is watching over me and will help get me through everything. miss you lots grandpa❤️

  21. Solo necesito 2 segundos y ZBB me saca miles de sentimientos….

  22. Today my dad would be 74, not a day goes by where I don’t think of him and miss him with every fiber of my being.

    He helped make me into the man I am today, I was so truly blessed to have him as my dad and share so many memories with him.

    Just wanted to share a story today….I am on the bus on my way to work and took out one of my ear buds….set it on the empty seat next to me…in hopes he could listen to this song with me in spirit.

    If your dad is still here, even if you don’t talk much or have been indifferent for some time…I hope this message finds you and please reach out to him. Take a moment to say hello, let him know you love him, give him a hug for me. I hope you all have a blessed day.

    I love you dad…we will meet again

  23. Lost my Dad 12 years ago, I was 11 still think of him everyday. Its funny how something as simple as this song can bring back so many memories and emotions.

  24. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  25. My old man by zac brown band is for father’s and son.
    My little girl by Tim McGraw is for fathers and daughters
    I love it

  26. I am only 10 years old. My dad moved to Florida when I was 8. I still FaceTime him everyday. I miss my dad so much. He is now horribly sick in the hospital with the exact same thing I had when I was 4. Bacterial Pneumonia. He held my hand and stayed there the whole time. He refused to go home and slept in a chair next to me.he always made me tuna sandwiches and Mac and cheese. I haven’t seen him for 2 years and he is gonna miss my 11th birthday that’s coming up next September. If I had one wish I would wish for my dad to come back home and for my parents to get back together. He was so funny. When we played doctor his name was “Dr.Justchopitoffandscrewonanewone because when I said “Doc my foot hurts!” He would say “Just chop it off and screw on a new one!” I love my dad with all my heart. I just wish I had him back in my life.

    ~A girl with a dream

  27. I love my dad and he is always on my side and for a 16 year old I appreciate it

  28. I’m 18 but Past December of 2018 lost my uncle and was Paul bearer at his funeral sat up there with my 2 cousins his boys and they played free bird and this and this made me get a lump in my throat I couldn’t imagine what they were feeling through this kept glancing over to look at them but no tears cause were real country so we try to stay strong through things but ik they were hurting I still have my old man around I live with but we ain’t got that strong of a relationship but I love him to death and when the time comes God give me strength this will be played I tear up just thinking about that time will come eventually

  29. As a kid who never got to know his dad because he died when i was 3, this hits wierd, because i’ve always wanted to have a dad. But i guess thats life :/

  30. My pops had me late in life.. folks always thought he was my grandad. He was in a wheelchair, but man did he do a lot for me. He was a veteran, told me stories of his time in service. But, he taught me to play baseball, football. I remember I wanted to go swimming one day and my mama was feeling sick. So I wouldn’t go alone my dad pushed himself in his chair 1 1/2 miles to the neighborhood pool while I rode my bike. I can’t imagine how bad his arm and leg ached. We lost him in 2010 and I still grieve for him. I lost my mama in 2015 and now, I feel alone. I loved to take care of my folks. I was a welder and I know it brought them pride to see me work hard and be proud of my craft, but I was hurt terribly at a job and can’t do it anymore. I hope they aren’t disappointed in what my life has become. I love you pops, tell mama hi for me.

  31. I never really got to meet my old man, he moved to north carolina when i was 7, im 16 now and he has a 6 year old son. Which is my little brother. I hope i get a picture of him when on my birthday. I love my oldman. I have a stepdad, hes much rougher and more firm, but i love him cuz hes my dad. My dad taught me to never be satisfied. My stepdad taught me, and is still teaching me how to be a man. I l miss my old man, so much.

  32. I lost my Dad on Dec 15th of 2017 . I went to the house that morning to take him to a doctor appointment. Just another day. Except that it wasn't. 15 minutes after I got to the house, he died in my arms. The last thing he said to me was.. "Steven.. help me". That will stay with me forever. I'll be turning 55 years old in 2 days. Everyone keeps asking me what I want for my birthday.. The only thing I want in this world is to have him smack me on the back and say "Happy Birthday Son". It aint happnin . I was lucky to have him for as long as I did

  33. Great song! Hello type in "Ron Howard Palace" listen to Opie sing "Lady"! Also type "Ron Howard cover" listen to "The Dance"! To all of us who have lost ones life goes "that fast" and we will see them again "that soon"!

  34. my old man (grandpa) passed away of a heart sickness before i was born. Im pretty sure he was served in one of the armed forces-(can't remember wich one) but when i think about him i cry knowing that he was the security of our country
    i miss you, my old man. i know we will meet again soon. watch down on us, my angel😔😔😇😇😭😭

  35. Every day I tell my dad I love him.. I’m not ready for the day to come. He’s the world to me.. I can’t bear the thought.

  36. Everytime I hear this I cry, but they're tears of love and memories. ❤😅👨‍👧

  37. i lost my old man when i was 11 im coming to my teenage year in dec 🙁

  38. I lost my dad 2 years ago from a construction accident and I loved him so much

  39. After my Dad's passing yesterday I finally understand how deep this song is, he sure was a giant and a great man he was never sad and were always smiling and joking around, I'm not ready to be a man I'm just 18 but I'll have to be
    Papa help me take care of Mom I love you and will miss you forever

  40. Lost my dad in 2009 I was nine yrs old and I would do anything to see him and tell him I love him one more time

  41. It's Father's Day today here in Australia, I wish to thank my dad, my step dad and both of my late grandfathers that they were all loved and I appreciate your love and guidance <3

  42. My grandpa just passed away and I miss him it is so hard to listen to this song I cry every time I listen to it I love you grandpa so much fly high

  43. My dad just hung him self one month ago and I loved him more than anything . I love this song

  44. I really gotta stop listening to this song at work😭😢😭
    … My co workers are concerned

  45. I love this song so much and I love this video so much to and I'm crying 😭and I'm still crying 😭

  46. we played this at my grandpas funeral and i feel like i’m with him when i listen to this

  47. I can't number the times that something took place and I couldn't wait to tell him, just to remember he was gone. I sure do miss him

  48. My dad Died to stage 4 lung Cancer and told me when I was young to always follow what I believe and never change my belief even if someone wants it to change. I miss you Dad

  49. One of their best… saw them in Hershey about a month ago and they played too many cover songs

  50. 2 years ago my dad died and I’m finding it harder now than I did 2 years ago

  51. He was a lion beat up 11 of my uncles to win the youngest daughter and i was born.

  52. These lyrics and video are absolutely kicking my ass. As a man, I terribly miss my father. I'm now 56 and he passed away in 1980 at the age of 73. I wish he was here to work with me in my new business. I'm single, never married, and never a father. God, if it's your will, please guide me to being a husband and father so that my son can listen to this song and think of me.

  53. Its been 8 years since my dad passed and i still feel the pain as if it were yesterday. I was 16, so much of my life i would've loved for him to experience with me. Today's his birthday and i just miss him so so much.

  54. This song made me rethink how I treat my Grandma and I feel like she is my mom And my Dadddy i love him and i promes I'll treat you better from now on I am so sorry how I treated you my hole life 😭😣 and im sorry

  55. lost my dad almost two years ago and could not have had a bigger hero then him I miss you very much dad

  56. Daddy passed away almost 20 years and I miss him dearly. I cherish all the memories that I had 😢😢😢

  57. I never met him until it was almost to late, but the final years of his life I was in it this song it’s home hard hard ever since finding this song I listen to every day

  58. I lost my dad 3 years ago he past at 57 I still try to num myself every day caus I miss him so much but playing songs like this just bring me to tears he was best dad ever and best friend but alcohol took the best out of him and he fell and had a brain bleed and I had to pull the plug on my BF and great father life is sure tough sometimes

  59. today makes 9 months since i lost my father and it feels like yesterday id give anything to hear his voice beautiful song

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